Saturday, 26 May 2007

Kebodohan mendadak..

SPM: 10A

IB 1st sem: 39
2nd sem: 40
3rd sem: 33 (changing point for Flower-monster)
IB: 37... i getting stupider n stupider??? HOW CAN I MAKE SUCH MISTAKE???
Its too memalukan for me to reveal here...Dun even wana think about it...arghhh...

tukar topic:::

when there is no exam:
keadaan tenang...hidup tenang..makan, tido, berak...main game, jalan-jalan cari makan...

3 weeks before exam:
All the things in the world interests me..even some stupid 2D tower defence can attract me for the whole day...feel like learning music, drawing, martial art, wana buy basikal, wana melancong seluruh dunia...go tesco oso feel happy, as long as noneed study..

During exam:
Cant wait for it to be over...wana go fulfill my dreams...wana learn all the things, watch all the drama, play game whole day...YEAI...freee for 4 months afterthat...

yeai...dats all..back to keadaan hmm...later martial art?drawing? apatu??wad oso dun feel like doing..just feel like doing something big after exam...but WHAT???

I've grown up...

Monday, 21 May 2007


Face red and itchy plus abit swollen..

Mata bengkak with the visiblility of my eye ball reduce from 50 % to 23.5%

still have abit of itchyness on my legs..

I shall make this entry short, cos can only see half of the screen..

Friday, 18 May 2007


1 word...

2 words...
very sien...

3 words...

After i write down my final noktah (full stop, incase alot of ppl find that word unfamiliar oredi..), i have a mixed feeling in me (like ABC)..happy la, cos its over..n its gona be the last WRITTEN exam ever...after this all MCQ oredi (according to a very reliable source, prof Hey, so called the pride of JPA)...but..haih..

Looking back on the things I've done,
I was trying to be someone..

Dr House? Dr Cameron? Tabib Lee??

Haih..after come out, as usual, suffering from severe trauma, with temporary loss of memory..

Think think..did I do well ka??

After a while, my memory came back..NOOOOOOOOO...The question so killing Cytotoxic T-cells..aiming at any1 it sees...Mayb they only want 10 out of 200 to be doctors kot.. Or the expect all of us 2 be like Dr.House.

They pick from 1 tiny bits of DNA from learning objectives, and do a PCR, amplify it, and there goes 1 question...MANAGUA TAU!!!..Then i think the lecturer is a big fan of House lo..all the question: What is the differential diagnosis??? What test you order to rule that out?? What? What? Then this, then that...a cascade of questions...once the top salah, GONEE...

So what is the most environment friendly and economical way?? RECYCLE...recycle the answers..hopefully one of it is correct..sometimes I already answer for the first question..then the second question..ei..y sounds the same again??? Haih..Copy back the same answer, n paste it on the next question..wud b much easier with microsoft words..

Argh..tomoro another killing moment..a 10 minutes anatomy spot test..dun remember when is the last time i went for anatomy..ou no ou no ou noooooo......

Monday, 14 May 2007

PRofessional PENIPU

WOW...This was a close 1..If I bodo bodo first time use amazon n never experience b4, sure send the item oredi...

Baru bangun tido, went n post the phone dat i sold dat day...then, cum back saw this..

I happy for a while..notice the email address, amazon lei...shud b real 1...:


Normally the name in front wud b Amazon payment bla bla..but the email address is some 1..n the email very unprofessional n go spelling mistake n stuff 1..


Dis 1, huiyo..i read oso i tot realli sold off oredi..copy EXACTLY the real email...
After analysing, spotted sum kecacatan:

1) As me to send amazon the posting referance, then oni gime such thing wun even specify that you have to send via recorded delivery..

2) They put link to amazon website, but the link kenot shows that they cut n paste 1..

Liddat if reeli not careful, can get tipu 1 man..I went n check my amazon website, not sold off oso..huhuhu...Then i start to takut..the 1 dat i just post duno real onot 1..



WOW..see the email address...same they get amazon email add??mayb got canggih technology or they hack amazon punya email ka..giv me all the correct listing ID n ISIN...

Saturday, 12 May 2007



"Online shopping from the earth's biggest selection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, shoes"

Relating 2 my previous post on Con on EBAY...I just sold off another phone, dis time on AMAZON..(wana try new market..) The phone that I sold, NOKIA 6300

Has just won the title of: "MOST POPULAR PHONE IN TEVIOT PLACE"
(where penghuni-penghuni teviot place either own it once, still using it, or planning to get it)

This phone might not look stunning in picture, where b4 I bought it, i still think its jus "SOME PHONE" ..with just 2.0 mp camera, ntg much..But once you hold it in sleek n solid..+ gaya...EVEN the fatty that din buy phone b4 INSTANTLY bought it online...

But...ofcourse my love for my N73 cannot be beaten.."incase my N73 jealous". SO ..sell the phone..Back to my amazon story..

COMPARING AMAZON 2 EBAY: got pros n con la.. Amazon can get slightly higher price, n more trustable + they got template ready for u, so noneed 2 go promote your phone, just put a fixed price...BUT amazon charge 11.50 % of your selling price..hmm...but saves lotsa trouble and higher market.

The next day:
Despite the trustable amazon, still got ppl trying to connn...First thing in the morning oredi got alot of email from "potential buyer" asking me for details of the hand phone..When i receive the first 1, " reeli ganas i send picture to him, front, back, on, off, 30 degree, 60 degree dengan semangat...even thought of sending a video..but din la..After that, a fake email came..I have paid la..bla bla bla...

Then the next hour, the intensity of the email increase by 200%..every 10 minutes got ppl email..then say they pay oredi bla bla bla..sum even email me "please sell to me" WTF??? its amazon lei..if u wana buy jus click buy wad.noneed my permission 1..

I oredi semangat 2 reply them oredi oso..then i decide 2 go back 2 my old ebay..cos i got reviews there ma...

sejenak selepas it:
(di celah-celah berdozen-dozen fake email, got 1 real 1, and in the <...> oso amazon 1..ei..i pelik..cos normally they put name amazon, but the real email in the <...> is sum 1..after checking amazon webbsite, REELI SOLD OFF!!!..but 1 hour after dat, i still analyzing whether real onot..mayb amazon website it self is fake 1??

Alot of ppl reeli got conned n they send item without checking the amazon great advice" DO NOT SEND TO NIGERIA" they alwiz the same same place 1..jus diff story..sum the son study there la.., sum boyfren there la, sum atending wedding there la...haih..example of the closest to the real email is like this:

amazon forum

so bcareful, k..they alwiz warn us on their website 2 protect against fake seller..but as seller oso got high risk lo..but at least my fone sold off, at quite an ok price, n instantly..ebay have to wait till bertahun tahun b4 sold off..


Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Where do some people get their characteristics from?
answer: from their urine...

I am quite against this kind of behaviour: yi shi yi yang (meaning one moment think of one thing, seconds later think of short, a while want, a while dun wan). This is bcos i personally experience the difficulty of getting a decision from dis kind of ppl. eg:

anonymous: jom..lets go eat fish n chips

me: ok ok..

anonymous: abo dun wan

me: ok lo..

anonymous: close what time ar: cum cum lets go..hungry

me: jom jom

anonymous: money..dun want la..

me: haih..

see...see...frustrating rite..wan or dun wan say la..

(before the person that I am toking about get angry)

After i study the topic on the water and solute regulation in the body using several mechanisms.......(pendek kata, read about urine), i see the similarity between human and i dun blame them..

Urine oso yi shi yi yang 1..
a while wana absorb all water..then after absorb oredi, aiyo..too thick wana make urine dilute..absorb solute..then after awhile, too acidic, throw out Hco3..too alkaline pula..throw out H+..apani...

paling teruk is K+ wana cum out, then go in again..then go out tru back door..then cum in again...


y cant make it simple..all use same mechanism..count properly first..all that wana go out go out together..wana cum in cum in together..sekaligus..kan senang..duno negotiation skillsss...

use la dasar buka pintu..wana selit selit celah-celah..wana get connection to get in..(Cl- get connection from Na+ to get in)...Hco3 lagi teruk..have to kahwin, then go into cell oredi, bercerai..then lari with sum1 else..

arghhhh...dun wana read dis stupid stuff oredi...

Saturday, 5 May 2007


Date: 05 May 2007 (355 days after the previous visit)

Time: 4.50pm

Place: Unidentified

Follow up from last year's diagnosis:
medical record----->

Current Condition:

Most recent picture

Looks like all the treatment of ana-therapy and physiotherapy given last year is not working well...patient lack of understanding and compliance in taking the medication.

Regimens are too complicated to be absorbed by the patient. Since last year, patient refuse to receive "lecture" treatment..NOW, patient refuse even to take medication of pbl and tutorials. High level of confusion is identified..

Laboratory results:
1) Knowledge saturation continue to decrease to critical level.

2) previous bacteria infection of "cardiovascular" and "respiration" shows no improvement, and patient is now suffering complications of "genetics", "endocrinology", "renal"...and worsen by OSCE

3) the low knowledge level leads to increase level of laziness...With the increase of laziness, the negative feedback system inhibits the absorption of knowledge. As a result, a level of hyperlaziness is achieved.

Possible treatment:
Doctors have now done their best. Patient is now in comatosed state. It is up to the patients will power and strength. It might take her 1 day, 2 days, or even 2 years to gain consciousness...(WAKE UP!!!!!!!)

study study..haih..dis sem's exam includes all first n second year..jialat..