Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Life of a doctor mum...

Was oncall yesterday.. so din see my daughter for more than 36 hours.. Yes we still have this ONCALL 36 hours thing.. means i work from yesterday morning till today morning (24 h) and continue to work like normal day til i finish work.

N today happen to be OT day.. means have to scrub for surgery till finish.. which happen to finish abit later at 7pm..

Rushed to see my daughter, have dinner and reached home at 8pm... All worth it when i see her happy face greeting me..

Finished my doctor duty, now my mummy duty.. reached home, fees my dog aka my fur-son who is also so excited because he hasnt seen me in 2 days..

8pm to 830pm brought both of them for walk and poo and pee etc.. (kill 2 birds with 1 stone)..

830pm to 845pm bath time.. tried to make it fun yet quick bath.. plus lotion and change into pajamas.

845 to 9pm.. zoe had recent playdough craze.. ok since have not played for 2 days.. just 15 mins..

9pm to 9.15pm.. preparing milk + hot water flask time plus zoe and milo ( my oversized fur kid) interactive time. Also vitamin time and cleaning milo pee and poo at the backyard time..

9.15pm.to 9.40pm... bedtime story... 1 book after another.. luckily today she was quote sleepy. So just 1 peppa story and 1 lady and tramp story in the dark (yes i have memorised the whole book so i can still read with the lights off till he sleep)

10pm.. finally asleep.. and my rest time..

1045pm.. made sure she is in deep sleep.. now fingernails with torchlight time..

11pm.. done..

11.15pm.. blogging now..

11.16pm.. time to sleep.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

10 minutes makes a difference? (Part 2)

Im sure u remember i had LASEK surgery few years back. Like 7 yrs back. Well my right eye power came back abit..
Over the years ive decided not to do anymore.. but jist last month i was thinking y not.. for a better vision. Cos i actualy need to wear glasses again during classes and contact lense etc.

Tadaa.. 2nd time today.. came for full eye check yesterday.. corneal thickness is actualy stil quite thick despite oredi did once. Luckily i did lasek last time not lasix which cut a thicker corneal thickness.

Seems like de ja vu.. just that this time i came alone. Abit scary. But i think i did better in terms of focusing on the green light. N this time only 1 eye. So i can stil see quite well now.

Next will be the recovery.. wish me luck..
Plus im working on monday.. crazy me..


Thursday, 9 May 2019


Was just reading a friends post on facebook. About all the travelling and all. I miss travelling.. miss all the carefree life.. wish i had travelled longer when i had the chance..
Time will come.. mayb ill bring my daughter with me.. hahaha
Everytime i wana relate my travelling experience, i realise that it has been a long time since i travelled. Like really travelled.. memories are fading...
Time will come..

Monday, 6 May 2019

Realization day

Human psychology is actualy a very important and interesting field that is often neglected and ignored. Ppl are afraid the deal with their emotions or are not sure what to feel how to feel or what not to feel. When they say its actually in ur mind.. its quite true.. if u know the techniques and have more knowledge about psychology it actually helps alot in managing urself and people around u.

This year has been a rough time for me.. after going through separation, death, moving to a new place out of my comfort zone with baby and dog, living out of a suitcase.. things was not easy.. but how did i survive.. would like to give myself a pat at the back..

Constantly be aware of what u feel and whether u should feel that way. Have an aim and work towards it. Everything i do i wil think is this who i want to be? What would the 10 yr later me want me to do now. Ur actions defines who u are..
How u react in situations define who u are.. if u can survive this u will be stronger.

Yet again today defines me.. instead of being angry, instead of complaining, instead of asking y these things have to happen to me, i choose to understand and forgive and look to find the solution. Even if there is no solution, u control how u feel and react. Dont do things that waste ur energy or effort or doesnt lead u anywhere near ur goal..

Like spilt milk.. u can either cry and whine, or u can wipe it up and move on. Think of good things. Mayb if the milk din spill something worse could have happened. At least its just a spilt milk..


Monday, 29 April 2019

E wallet totally made my day...

Been downloading many e-wallets.. boost, fave, tng.. u name it i have it.. but never really used it till today...

Forgot to bring my wallet as usual.. took loads of groceries in my basket..
Reached the counter to realise shit.. no wallet.. "we accept e-wallet.."
Lets give it a try..

Tadaa.. fast as ever.. out in no time

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Laparoscopic workshop

Abit of encouragement for me.. sometimes when u r lost God has his way of giving u encouragement..

Went for laparoscopic workshop, got prize for cutting clouds.. hahaa.. reminds me of the bowel anastomosis workshop years ago.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Big Girl...

Brought zoe for her last long overdued vaccination in the schedule. DTP at 18 mths.. she is now erm.. 20 mths.
Haha.. just realised i havent weighed her in a long time since her last vaccine. She is now 12.8kg. 84cm. No longer need to weigh on the bassinet scale. Or use the measuring scale on the bed. She can now use the adult scale with the standing height scale..
She is now a big girl...

Mummy nostalgia..