Tuesday, 25 January 2011

MonSTer is BACK!!!

Wow.. 3 months of working can really change people.. Me from a 24/7 internet/blog/msn/torrent addict to a 14++ hour a day workaholic...

I only got my streamyx after 3 mths... so not me rite.. but I have my desire to entertain me la.so dun reeli need internet on com.. but stillll... the old me wud have gotten internet the minute i step foot here.. i din even turn on the computer till about 2 weeks ago..

Life as a doctor.. haihh... reeli din see this coming la.. Nyway, just to announce that

MONSTER is now BACK!!!

Flower-monster.blogspot.com is revived... haha... (hopefully)

Have to go sleep soon..tomoro 6.30am sumore.. I now only see the head of the sunrise and the tail of sunset.. oh, no, thats actualy the moon..