Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas Glitter Graphics

Just got back from Oslo n Stockholm, heading for Turkey on Boxing Dayy...

This Christmas is somehow the most Christmasy Christmas that i had..haha, mayb cos I'm celebrating in London with my frens..n with all the Christmas songs, christmas trees, cards, presents, turkey... yeahhh

and also meeting up with an old fren that I've not met for 3 Yearsss..
Sarahhh.. the last time she came was 1st year Christmas...

All the Banting memoriess came backk..
KMB fellas...

Laughterrrss... on Christmas Eve..

Hmm..the fire alarm went off..hmm Sorry brother firemen... We're just too hot..wakaka..

Merry Christmass!!! Crackers crackers..

Merry Christmas again...

Sunday, 14 December 2008


One and a half years ago, I stayed back here in Edinburgh..all alone.. doing my summer project, when I could go back home to Malaysia.. just to get some working experience (err, actually for the money la..)..

That was when i met my new friend..

He would bring me to work and send me back home safely everyday...

Even in the rain and n strong wind, he'll still climb the hill with me, walk me through the whole journey without fail..

Even after i went home, he would still wait patiently outside my house, reluctant to go home..

without me, he don't even know where he belong..

He would just stand there whole night by the lamp post, so dat i could see him through my window..

I still remember the first day that I saw him..

He wasn't perfect..but still, every time I held his hands, i felt safe..

n us together...

After 1 year..summer..i stayed back again in this lonely land..
I know its not his fault, but I got tired of him.. I met new friends.. Powerful friends..

I start to forget about him.. He's not fun n cool anymore for me..
I see him standing, waiting outside in the rain, cold and alone.. Sometimes he gets into trouble with the neighbour gangsters..they shake him about, kick him..

I dont even care..

let him stand, let him rust..

Days and days he stood there..waiting for me to at least hold his hands (handle) again.. but I never did..

1 day..I saw him again..but this time..he was limping...1 of his legs was injured..but still I did not care.. How could I be so heartless?

Only now that he is without a leg n can't be saved anymore that I feel...

I walk towards him slowly..

Looked at him..He looked at me with hopeful eyes..

I reach for my phone.. n snapped a picture of it..

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Life without EXAMS...

This is the time when u can wake up and dont have to worry bout anything..wohooo...

1 week of lecture week..then neurology for 3 weeks (supposed 2 be very free) then Christmas Holidaysss!!!

Everyday senang lenang, dinner, play till late at lifestyle in so long..
B4 dis either ppl stuck in kampung place, or busy with exams, or portfolio... haiz, hectic..

Christmas market!!! christmas cake n yummy pork burgerr.. n fried potato (Garlic Flavour hmm)

Another night Jenn cook for us all...yeah.. FOOD = HAPPY!!!

Hehe..since I half host also, contribute starter/dessert:

Another highlight of the week:

Cute cake souvenirrrrr

Tak sampai hati eatt...but at the end also finish all..hehe

To be continued...

Look out for:
Life without EXAMS 2 - Journey to the ZOO..