Monday, 30 July 2007

First Football match in UK

28th July 2007...Work 4 hours nia..9-1pm ...

Went for this Barcelona Vs Hearts (for those who dun watch football dat much, Hearts is a Scotland team, so the match is in the same stadium that I watch rugby dat day).

First of course have to put a picture of me at the stadium..hoho
Ini dia...

Afterthat put sum foto of the players running to the field...

Then some players playing on the field..
(p.s: the ronaldinho and rijkaard that i mark accurate 1, after using the greatest technology of photoshop : zoom in and mark)

Afterthat must put sum climax picture...

Ronaldinho taking penalty..

After kan jong abit, then anti-climax...
Some guy with his heroic act of running into the battlefield..put a cap on one of the players..haha

(knowing that he gona end up 3 days in jail...abo i oso do oredi la..can b in newspaper..)


Every1 waving the scarf when a song is played...quite syok oso..see the whole stadium with movement...I hampir tanggalkan my baju to wave as well...but finally decided not to attract too much attention..

Habis cerita..

Moral of the story: Don't simply run into the middle of the field..can kena jail 3 days 1..

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Recycle recycle recycle

All this while, I find it unnecessary to buy envelope when I go many times do we need envelope in a year? It all come in packs, sure kenot finish 1..But when I need it, aiyo.."takda"...nx time buy la..
but everytime sure go buy other stuff, where got ppl go buy envelope when u dun need it??


most of the time, I'll make my own envelope..senang..jus to cover the letter nia wad..I memang so free 1, jus take A4 paper, lipat lipat n tampal 1 envelope cum out oredi..noneed waste money go buy..Plus you can PERSONALISE folo your own size..haha

Yesterday I jus sold a jacket on ebay..normally the stuff that i sell i buy the envelope la, cos need the kalis peluru kalis air kalis koyak 1..but aih..75p 1 envelope..cis betul..

(haha, kena perli bcos of that name i put on ebay)

2day i sold another thing..1 headphone that I got free from a cheap oni...takkan wana go buy 75p envelope...


(look around the room..)

Correct Size liao..

Kasi tutup with paper, decorate abit, put boarder,theh..can oredi...

Stick 1 2nd class stamp at the corner..look perfectly alright..

SInce our government spend so much money wana encourage citizen 2 recycle stuff...I bcum a rakyat yang peka, fulfill their mission la..


*** N must not forget the "Thank You Mr Postman" so that if your postage not enough, postman still kasi belas kasihan...

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Post Office

I went to the post office yesterday 2 post sum stuff...

Then i discover they have this:

HARRY POTTER i bought all 7 of them...
the apek with his boge (tarak gigi) smile ask me to go tell my friends about it..

He sumore say : "oh..alot of chinese girl like dis aye.."

Jus a random photo that i find with the chicken backside

Monday, 23 July 2007



Cut inside looks like this...

IF tak Gosok GIGI Bcum Like THIS:::::
THis is when u'll have problems like bits of tooth falling of out of no where..
  • When watching movie: "eh, what is this? Krrk..krrk..teeth drop out"
  • When eating : Krrk..krrk..
  • When sleeping: Krrk..krrk...
1st 1 still ok, after sum time u start to scared oredi...this is when u start to make appointment for the first time after many many years..the last time u seen dentist was when they cum 2 school n giv u the green card..remember???

After you leave form 5, u tot u noneed to see the green card ever again...but now..its yellow here in uk..NOOOO...if malaysia go private have to pay sumore..

The treatment is ROOT CANAL TREATMENT...

Every time i go see her, chair oso not yet hot, 1 leg still on the floor with part of my hair still standing, this 1 datang first:

Nowonder ppl dun like dentist..

After doing some investigation, i finally noe wad she is doing to my teeth...
First time i go, she korek korek korek..duno what gold she trying to dig in my teeth..

After that i saw her coming with a big gerudi...gerudi gerudi my teeth..I was thinking,

" Jialat dun feel pain nia, later anaesthetic gone mah kau peh kau bu.."

Feels like she is trying to reach my heart from my mouth...

Second time i see her, she start to poke many sharp sharp needles into my teeth..around 6-8 syringe...although i kenot see very clearly cos my vision blocked by the huge goggles that she made me wear, but i could see she use alot of " ka chang" (like a plumber buruk baiki tandas)..spanar pun ada..playar pun ada..

B4 i go back, that she tell me its gona be abit tender after that..ABIT!!! I go back see mirror feel so glad that my mouth is still intact..

3rd time finally she tell me its done...feuh..

So the gerudi gerudi thing is actually her trying to reach the canal by widening the hole, like this:
but she really do drilling oo dat means.i din hear wrongly..

Then the needle needle thing she is cleaning my decayed tooth..trying to clear of all before putting root filling material..
After she make the lubang so big oredi, she tutup with sum stuff in the mean time..

dat STUFF!!!..macam chewing gum..I bite kacang, kacang stuck there..i bite apple, apple stuck there, even tofu oso..nola..

After sumtime, got indent into the teeth..dats when sakit..huhuhu....

BUT now finish another teeth start falling again..apaniiii

Kesimpulan dan pengajaran: Brush your teeth...

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Sushi Report...

Haha..budget time wrongly..end up VIP all sampai with wine, i still din finish making..

No time to decorate oso..cincai do oredi..

Picture oso tak sempat take..lapar oredi, so eat...but while eating got take afew pics aa..

My favourite is still thisss:

KIN JIO MAKI (a.k.a Pisang Goreng Maki)

The aroma of the pisang plus celah celah got the batter garing and sweet-sour kiwi..huah...not bad not bad...

2nd Place:

One bite can taste he crunchiness of the sushi plus hot cos just came out of kuali...together with salmon on top...bes bes..

3rd Place:
GO CHAM BAK MAKI (a.k.a luncheon meat maki)

A good choice of ingredient: luncheon meat...goes well with sushi and sweet egg plus moist from cucumber..

The sesame seed 1 oso very wangi, cos toasted..


After makan, VIP very puas hati with the sushi, although not enuf preparation and look not dat super, but taste nice n " ALL WAS WELL" (dipetik dari last sentence of Harry Potter). After dinner diikuti with rancangan wine tasting and karaoke with VIP..

Everybody happy!!

After few days..newly updated!!

Gatal feel like eating again..haha..saja make..giv jiran jiran..

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Harry Potter Last BOOK ReLeased!!

JULY 21, 2007...11.00pm
Edinburgh Princes Street,outside WaterStone..

A dear friend James decided to line up for the release of the Latest

Kesian him oso if line up alone (due to the crazy cold weather in summer, sure got bladder distention 1)...HE ReeLI wana go I oso go see "lau juak " la..

LOOK at the queue!!!

Semangat betul...

People really lining up for J.K Rowling's last book ei...
Btw, I heard the ppl call her traitor..haha..cos she is in London to give signature instead of Edinburgh (Birth Place of Harry Potter)...

Everywhere I go, can see shops claiming that she ever write few chapters here n there...
  • elephant house where she first got the idea
  • balmoral hotel where she completed her last book
  • even buffet king there put a papan tanda say she wrote in the previous oredi change to buffet king..

Ppl even bring chair and sit while waiting..

After awhile, we got company...

Dis 1 lagi..afew nuns ran out from convent just to buy...

Alot of ppl dressed up as Hogwarts Students in those witch robe n stuff...
Syok la the environment...

There is 1 teenager that got halau by the security because his father has been on the phone for very long, asking him to go home..haha..But he said:

"No way..I gotta get the book.."


This is how different ppl's taste can so semangat, another group of ppl on a bus passing by, shouting :


But not as semangated as London..heard they have been lining up for 3 days to get the first glimpse of the book..

Hehe..finally door open..but still need to wait 30 minutes to get in...

Professor Snape..hehe I was looking at the book, "He who shall not be named" sudenly cum n cuak me...

This guy lagi..he has been performing from outside the door before opening...Later on promoted to inside..I tot Waterstone invite him 1..manatau:::::

Sum fella pretending to be Hogwarts student...

Four of us were lining, up, but actually only James ordered the book..haha..We were then thinking of stupid ideas:
  • What if we go in and buy Enid Blyton, or Siri Hadi (Hardy Boys)..
  • Maybe can go to the counter and ask for the Philosopher's Stone..
  • Take a loud speaker read out the ending for them all..
but since oredi line up, I decided to buy oso, cos din book oso get half price..haha

FINally Got the book!!!

This two fella din buy, syok sendiri..

N y i got time to blog?? Supposed to work full day..

wake up at 6am..
----->cycle 30 minutes first super cold wind..
----->then super hot with sweat..
----->go work..

aih..dun have my name on the list..she ask me jus stay first, she settle..cis..kerja for 1 hour, then ask me balik, cos reeli no shift n no where else need ppl..

----->cycle 45 mins back..


Friday, 20 July 2007

Under Construction

"This blog you are visiting is currently under construction. You may still view but it is not of the best quality. Our graphic designer and quality control expert are currently trying to fix the problem..."

ARGHHHH....Tangan Gatal..

I went n change the template to 3 columns..I think under the "3 column Spell" i jus confirm confirm all the way...Till i realize ALL MY SIDE BARS GONE!!!!!!NOOOOOOO.....Although most of it added back, but still feel weird weird..The title like too close to the margin n argh..pelik..pelik..

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Master Planning Day

Tomorrow is the Tarikh Keramat for Sushi Day...(bcos the chinese supermarket has been closed for 3 weeks now and since then we've been deprived of asian food stuff)

Tomorrow (19th July 2007) is the BIG day where 'AI HUA' the chinese supermarket is finally open to business again...To celebrate berakhirnya darurat, I'm putting up a Sushi Dinner...

Guests Invited:
Flower Monster (which is me)
Pak Chi Jai (James Koh Boon Leong)

VIP Invited : Leng Lui senior (Ooi Li Yin)
Perasan Super Triceps (Loh Siang Ling) - a guy's name btw..

B4 the important day, alot of planning must be done. Toughest being ' thinking of the menu'.

But due to 3 days 3 nights of hard work, it ahs all been done:

This is part of the planning..

Shopping List:
  • Sushi Rice
  • Nori
  • Crabstick
  • Inari if got
  • wasabe
  • ginger (oredi got)
  • jellyfish
  • bacon
  • prawns
  • kiwi
  • avocado
  • salmon
  • kippers fish (oredi got left over dats y it is in the menu)
  • egg
  • cucumber
  • spring onion
  • banana
  • tuna
  • etc..etc..

Menu List:

  • California Temaki
  • Tamago
  • Ebi-ten Maki
  • Nigiri-kippers
  • Nigiri-sake
  • Chuka Kurage
  • Inari
  • Tuna Mayo Maki
  • California Maki
  • Ebi Temaki
  • Prawn Inari
  • Egg Mayo Maki


  • Cream Cheese Maki
  • Custard + Peanut Maki (got left over custard from lai wong pao)
  • Go Cham Bak Maki
  • James Maki
  • Pisang Goreng Maki
  • Crunchy California Maki
  • Kiwi-Kippers Maki
  • Flower Monster Caplang Roll
  • Nigiri-Ice-Cream
  • etc..etc..

will add more if i thought of any..hehe

Monday, 16 July 2007

Kampung Ah Lee

People always say:
"If you choose a profession that you like, then you wudn't be working at all"
So i keep thinking..what i like to do lei?? AHAH!!!...I like to eat..

Good oso if open a stall, kopitiam, or better still a restaurant. Every day noneed worry what to eat, sambil jual sambil makan..ada lebih makan, takda lebih tetap makan..hohoho...

That's y I am practicing how to cook now, incase i drop out of medical school, at least got planning abit..must got misi and visi..

After survey survey, not bad oso if open 1 kopitiam kacuk with mamak here in edinburgh..sure got business if not from ang moh oso malaysian sure masuk 1..I oredi write proposal semua oredi, manatau dis celaka fella go curi my idea:

USE MY NAME SUMORE!!! (duno got discount for Lee onot)

Can't wait for it to open..hopefully sedap sedap oo..then can be hang out place..Holiday can part time chef oso..

Saturday, 14 July 2007

(Lai Wong Bao) Deep Fried Custard Bun

I was introduced to her by my beloved friend, Lim Ai Ling in Manchester (cheap n nice dim sum shop). That day it self i tasted her. Ohh..n I fell in love with her right away (now I believe in love at first taste). However, I din manage to get her name.

When I went back to edinburgh, I started to miss her..more and more everyday. Not just me, my other friends as well...We went seeking for her in every dim sum shop we go..(great wall, Rainbow Arch)..We were guessing what her name was...alwiz known her as sweety..with brown skin..This time she make up abit..but i noe its her:

But we always described her correctly, so we get to taste her..I now finally know her name..Its Lai Wong Pao in cantonese...meaning deep fried custard with condense milk 1.

The more we taste her, the more we want her...kenot tahannn...I have to have her with me everydayyy..don't wana share 1..every time order 1 plate, have to share with ppl, not enough...

SO ...

I decided....

To make her...

Lai Wong Bao Recipeee...(after modified)

  • 340g all purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 45g caster sugar
  • 1 teaspoon instant yeast
  • 2 tablespoon butter
  • 160ml milk
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 large egg (lightly beaten)
  • 10g shortening

Custard Filling
  • 20g melted butter
  • 240g sugar
  • 25g flour
  • 25g custard powder
  • 25g corn flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 180g coconut milk
  • 105g condensed milk
  • 105g evaporated milk
  • 85g water
  • 2-3 drops vanilla essence

  1. Mix every thing for the bun (except shortening) and knead dough till smooth. ( i cut short la..the explanation very long 1..put this, then put the end all masuk oso..)
  2. Now add shortening n knead again..
  3. (be careful of your yeast, make sure get instant 1..i bodoh bodoh get traditional yeast need to activate 1..after mix in baru tau...)
  4. Leave it for about 1 hour or more to kembang. (if dun want so strong yeast smell, add lesser yeast n leave longer).
Custard Filling
  1. Mix all together.
  2. Some recipe ask to boil it, some ask to steam it. I personally think steam it better, to avoid chao ta at the bottom, and to thicken it.
  3. So..steam for about an hour till thicken.
Making Bun
  1. Noneed to say, take small dough, roll it put filling and seal..senang..
  2. oh..and i glaze abit with egg yolk to make it more shining..

Since i now in experiment mood, I made 3 bun, 1 steam, 1 fried 1 bake in oven..Guess which 1 is this??

Nyum Nyum