Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Back in Melaka...

Hehe..2nd day in Malacca... have been stuffing myself with food for the past 2 days..

Mission in malacca : spend time with parents n eat... n tomoro go temple pai pai
as expected, malacca at this time memang kosong 1, cos jus finish holiday, ppl all balik liao..huhuhu..

keke..made a list of food that MUST EAT b4 i go back to haggis land..

will update fotos soon la, cos smartly bring 2 camera bck, forget bawa 1 charger..n abit the weird to bring slr to hawker stall rite.. but if no choice have to la..wakaka

er, any1 in malacca, mari des..

Friday, 6 February 2009


YEAHHHHHH... finishh...

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sad + shocking wake-up news

Heaven must be a better place now..

they have just recruited a great person..

so unfair, they alwiz get the good guys..

although i don't know him well enough,

but enough for me to know he's a great man..

enough to make us thousands of miles away to cry...

a picture that I din even get to post on facebook..yet..

will miss u, Marcus

Monday, 2 February 2009

What is the trend?

From my 2 years of research which involves comparing several related randomised controlled trials some double blinded, some single blinded, some not blinded, i have come to a conclusion that ppl nowadays like to read EMO blogs...

The blog b4 dis  ( I am stupid again) oni contain 30% of unsur keemoan but get 80% response..with 95% confidence interval...

Those that i susah payah spend hours blogging with the aid of illustrations and a zest of colour and humour sprinkles, end up..hmm..dapat 1 - 2 % response nia.. hmm..looks like the new trend now is EMO blogs..the more emo u get, the better it is.. 

n the thing bout pictures, ppl tend 2 scroll n look at pictures rather than baca..hmm...(cos i do that)..
kwa kwa.. but if no picture depends on the intensity of the words..if whole page full of words, i also tend to err be blinded.. 

anyways..I am talking crap cos its the time of the year again, for EXAMS...

... and now that I notice a frens nick on MSN yang berbunyi "I bet every1 is blogging about white London/Manc etc etc.." 

I jus remembered that i probly shud be blogging about the heavy snow today (which by the way doesn't occur very often in edinburgh, incase u were thinking snowing in edinburgh very common wad, so high up north) 

Picture of Edinburgh Castle in snow...
No, we dun get much snow here, infact hardly any snow.. Even today, the snow is as thick as the rubber base on your shoes.. 

When u step on it, the snow is so thin that even the little heat from your body that escaped through radiation is sufficient to melt the snow underneath your feet and also the 2cm radius around it. (the calculation is only accurate with the assumption that u r wearing rubber based shoes therefore less heat is passed on through conduction.. what about metal shoes or golden boots?

Conclusion: it snowed in edinburgh... 

p/s:  if u google edinburgh + snow, that's the picture that u'll get.. n it was dated 2006..