Friday, 6 May 2011

Lost and Found...

I noe its been long since i update my blog.. but i reeli have to express my gratitude to MAS Airlines...

The story goes like this..

I was in KL... My flight back to KK is 5.30pm..
Smartly we decided to go to the busiest part of KL to have breakfast aka lunch before balik.. plus shopping n window shopping... My last agenda was dapau-ing Beard Papa to eat in the airport..

Our initial plan was to take KLIA express from kl central..
Being typical Malaysian with 'aunty' syndrome, we went back to semenanjung with 1 bag but return with 2.. so had to check in, means have to be at the airport atleast 4.30pm...

We somehow had the impression that we have loads of time.. whose fault???
Blame it to KLIA express punya advertisement, promise to get us to KLIA within 28 minutes..

So leave at 3.30pm, reach kl central 3.45, then take the 4pm klia express, sampai 4.30pm..ngam ngam.. set..

The moment we leave Pavilion, shits.. JAM..
We were going at the speed of 2metre /mins.. even someone with ilizarov van walk faster than that.. we saw the time tick tick tick tick tick... how.. nearest tube also not very near lei.. By 4pm, we start to lose hope already.. how to get to KLIA by 4.30??

That crucial moment we decided to jump out of the car, (leaving my beard papa behind to increase the speed)... rushed for the nearest monorail, bukit bintang..
Everything surprisingly went smoothly.. got our tickets in 30 secs, ran in, a monorail approached us immediately.. packed with ppl but we managed to squeeze in...

5 stops from Kl central.. 4 stops.. 3 stops... 2 stops...
Suddenly it crossed my mind, probably I should check in on-line first.. previously we thought, just check in at the airport since we have luggage.. but last resort, bring all luggage onboard n get charged at boarding gate.. haha..
So we smartly checked in and then i realise we have the super barcode technology, noneed to print our boarding pass anymore..

i noe i noe, im abit outdated..

ou.. not forgetting the monorail station is slightly off the main KL central building..

Looking at the watch... 4.35pm

In our minds we were thinking its impossible for us to make it.. But in our heart..


We ran with our extra baggage to the KLIA express counter, bought our tickets in less than 1 minute.. at the announcement board, train arriving in 2 minutes..

We ran in and feuh... sempat.. At least they stick to their motto, 28 mins to KLIA...

Reached KLIA at about 5.05pm.. ran to the baggage counter.. 5.10pm...

man: pukul berapa flight?

Us: 5.30pm..

man: Huh!!!

man: okok..masuk masuk..

Surprisingly he allowed us to check in!!.. Thank You MAS airlines No1

Afterthat, the next day, we realised that our 60Gb Ipod left on the flight..
The usual Malaysian mentality will say:

"Aiya.. no more oredi one la..."

I just try the airport.. n.. da da da dang..

Managed to find!!! Sabahan's are so kind...

Thank you Mas Airlines crew No 2...