Monday, 23 March 2009

Swoopo - PS3 for 20.30 Pounds?? Got onot..

Hmm, since I'm now in the SSC block a.k.a holiday or got-stuff-also-lazy-to-do block, I started spending more time infront of the computer.. 

I started by selling stuff on ebay lo..then hmm, sudenly let me come across this site:

So ..what is swoopo?
Its something like ebay la..a site where u can bid for ur stuff..and alot of their items (PS3, Wii, Xbox, laptop, computer, pendrive, etc..) all sold at a too-good-to-be-true price..I saw a PS3 sold at price of 20.30 pds..wahh!!!!!..n many more la..

So i go research abit lo...Where got so big golden egg jumping on the road rite(direct translation from chinese saying)..

To see a company legit onot, have to see whether logik onot they sell at so low price, how they earn?

Owh, so the catch is, u have to buy your bid before bidding.. 50p for 1 bid and each bid u place will raise the price by 10p. So if stg is sold at 40pds, the company actually earned 200 pds the 40 that u r paying for the item.. 

And, unlike ebay, the bidding doesnt end if the time gets to zero..if some1 bid at the last 10 seconds, the time will increase by 15 prevent last minute snipers..which is advantage to them too.. tipu 1 ka? doubt got ppl win stuff la..but if u cincai bid its like gambling in casino lidat.. so have to berhati-hati di swoopo..

Another fella pula go create they got kasi afew tips on youtube aa..
I've been trying 2 collect datas, like wad is sold at what time, n wad day, wad price..etc.. (if only I can do this as my SSC4 project) 

Takut takut also, 1 click 50p oredi lei..i see some fellas win with thousand over bids 1..So what is my first winning???

Tadaa... worth 24.99pds, i belik for 1.70..

hehe.. good first try..i din go try the big stuff like monitor or wad yet la..haha..the more money u bid, the higher the tension, some fella oredi bid berhundred-hundred, have to win the item, even though the price might be higher than its worth..

if u think u r ready to bid, think twice..sure got some1 else bid 1..even if din win also nvm, still got so many 2 bid on..noneed 2 try n catch that particular item..

Peringatan: look before you bid..dun throw money into salt water sea.. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Introducing the new member of the flat:


Jenn decided to get a cat for the flat..hmm, to be honest, I'm a dog person.. but after few days living with Oscar, cats actually quite cute also la..

Everytime i opened the door into the flat, he'll be sitting there waiting for me..

Accompany me to the kitchen, into my room, ...

I walk he also walk, i sit he quickly climb on my lap..

Once u sayang him abit, he start to manja so manja n malas..haha.. 

u put ur hands on him nia, he start to golek golek on the floor, asking for more..

Jenn had some allergies 2 cats..hmm, supposed 2 give him away, but haih, so sayang.. see how it goes..


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

All England Birmingham

Jus 2 days after back from Msia, our semangat patriotik is too strong that we had to support our Msia player... hence, ALL ENGLAND... (not many sports that we can actually support malaysia

With all the ka changs supplied by james (flags, flags and more flags), off we go to make Malaysia 'proud'... (cheering and shouting till the ang mohs also pekak)


Strictly no photograph in the arena... the next minute... 

flash flash from least i tutup flash la..

We startted with quarter finals (partly bcos incase Malaysia din make it to the semis)...
Semangat berkobar-kobar.. China Vs Denmark, cheeer for China.. Korea? Cheer also la.. Japan, can la cheer...  Before our Malaysia player come out, oredi no voice..

Semi finals have to save voice oredi.. On our way to get food, eh, y ppl bergegas out 1? folo la..

Ohh.. Taufikk.. arrr..he wana chao oredi.. Nvm, tumpang ppl's picture first la..

Keke..sempat pun..

Eh, now oni we noe..players come out from here 1... 

Like paparazi, we stood there in the cold, waiting for Chong Wei... We got berita dalaman say he interviewing..then after 30 mins, mandi... afterdat tukar baju.. then ehh..still tak keluar..ciss..

See Tine Rasmussen so kesian no fans, took picture with her la..

Bao Chun Lai came out..muka constipate cos kalah...


Ei, dis budak smoking at the side is who? erm erm..ohh, Korean coach..can la..since ntg 2 do.. 
He is actually very nice n sopan..

Haih, after awhile we putus asa liao la..

On the way back, mata burung hantued James spotted: da da da dang...
First thing..."KEEP THE FLAG... KEEP THE FLAG..."

I gave him 3 tix, wanted him 2 sign the top 1 nia, he go sign all 3..where my Chong Wei gona sign laterr?? Nvm, save tomoro's ticket for Chong Wei oni..

Waa..hands on my shoulder sumore.. so yenggg... Thinking that we're from China...

LinDan: 明天还会来吗? (Will you guys still come tomoro?)

We jus angguk angguk... (sure, but soli, not to support you..)

Next day... still tak puas..attempted to wait for Chong Wei, although he kalah, we still peminat setiaaa..

Rashid.. at first tak semangated 2 take his photo he win Thomas Cup b4 lei.. take take..

Men's doubles, Zakry and Fairuz

Misbun try 2 run from another exit..but..hehe..kenot lari also till dapat..

Lin Dan came out after winning.. again, keep the flaggss..
(sumore he ask us Hua Ren ma?
at first i tot y he ask.. after analyzing..ohh..he deciding wana put his thumbs up onot..


I practice so susah how 2 ask for his signature oredi..

We had to give up at the end..haih..
Nvm..still happy..

Pinjam ppl's racquet bag take picture.. 2 super fan stood there 2 days collect all signature oredi..


The indoor market..

Tickets... Finals ticket still unsigneddd..

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Hmm.. In order to make sure that ppl dont spend too much time reading my blog, I have decided to make it detailed and concise... 

1) I went back to malaysia for holiday
2) I eat alot in malaysia
3) I came back to UK oredi
4) Now I have diarrhoea 
5) Class started a week ago
6) I am going to Birmingham next week for All England...