Wednesday, 28 February 2007


This is the first day in more than a year that I wake up at 7.00am..7.00AM!!! never in the MONSTER history, unless i din sleep the whole night.

Haih, seven early eight early (chi zao ba zao) have to take bus to the royal infirmary to meet my Director of Studies to get a letter of recomendation for an application of grant for.....bla bla..(a form which took me loads n loads of trouble 2 fill in and the closing date was yesterday)..

kesimpulannya have to go out early to met a doctor that I din noe how he looks like. Tall? Short? fat? thin? got mole? mata juling?

Smart of me, asked one of my favourite senior yesterday how he looked like.

Senior: hm..he is quite tall, white hair, abit big

me: fat?

senior: not fat but got abit muscle 1..

me: hmm...sort of got the picture of him in my mind
(must be something like Bill Clinton)

Reach the hospital at 7.50- batang hidung pun takda..DImana dia??

He said he is attending a ppl shud b coming in soon..
so i waited at the patient waiting by one, the doctors come in. I wanted to ask them, but...
All the doctors sort of have the same characteristics:::
1) Muka garang
2) no smile
3) walk in like wind, go out like wind. (chui fong yi lei, chui fong yi hui) Dun even have time to walk to them, they oredi gone from sight...

So many ppl walk in come din see Bill Clinton 1??
at last, one of the friendly nurse came in and asked me: R U ALRIGHT THERE?
(typical question)

she then pointed me to the meeting room , but the meeting has already i waited ourside like orang bodoh la..for 1 hour..
Smarter of me, i ask the nurse to point to me which 1 is Dr Croft.

The description given by senior is so accurate, except:::
---he is 3/4 bald, so cant reeli see if he has white hair..
---he is wearing a coat, so cant see his muscles..
---the mist important point missed out: he is the only one in the room with beard.. my eyes are half closed, so cant reeli see his height..

but luckily, managed to get his signature but comes in a package with a small lecture: " u musn't do this again to an old man.." cos i sort of get him to write it last minute..

anyway, SETTLED!!!...happy..go back sleepppp...

on da way back, as usual, i was sleeping on the bus. as i was halfway dreaming, one crazy apek hit me on the head with newspaper..feel like punching him lo..early early smash ppl's head..siao..
but then i turn n look, he looks like the ketua kumpulan kaki buli with tatoo tatoo on the hand 1..i straight away smile n just turn around..

what a day..n it is just 9 am..

since i have no picture to put up, i shall put sum pics on manchester tripppp

Gathering of KMBiansss

aiyoyo..tua pui hug me till kenot breatheee..

for prosperity..chai sen tau..

Lastly, me n les partner eating eggtart..

Wednesday, 21 February 2007


JUs wana post a superb dance by 21 deaf woman...
CHUNTED..looks millipede..


ONE of the things that i miss most about chinese new year is KUIH KApit...(kuei neng keng) those love letters with chocolate n strawberry flavour that are sold in the big big supermarket are still 1 level below kuih kapit made by those aunty aunty at home..without kuei neng keng, CNY memang no the biskut kacang, i decided to try making..haha...

annonymous: what is this medical student doing? jiak pa siu eng bo kang jo ar??noneed study ka..

me: haha..dats the thing..NONEED!!!

CNY lei..

Again, i go look for the kuih kapit recipe in one of my favourite blog makcik makcik...they never fail 2 giv me superb recipes..
MAJOR PROBLEM..kuih kapit without kapiter?

where 2 find kapiter here in uk? summore need the 1 with dragon carving 1..the only kapiter i heard of is the 1 own by my dearest fren helen ( a garfield pillow that she use 2 kapit her legs while sleeping, given the name Kapita)

takpa la..tak cuba tak tau..

first trial..
end up like pancake..super thick n super soon as the teeth in contact with the "kuih kapit gagal", can feel the kelembikan and got juice come out sumore...
NO NO NO NO NO..this is not the homely feeling kuih 2 make it crunchy?
TING...aha..on bigger fire..

2nd try:
ou no..the outer layer hangus..inner layer lembik..n it cook before i got the time to make a circle with the end up thick oso...FAIL..

3rd try:
smaller fire..TUNGGU SAMPAI TUA...the colour remain white white, not attractive at all..lack of the outer brown layer..hmm..but roughly there, cos if cook till sunset, shud b able 2 get the crunchyness..

4th try:- SUCCESS!!!
First, remove the pan from the that the pan cool down a little..but the hob remain super hot..then one hand hold the pan, depending in which is your dominant hand. then the other hand pour in the batter..One nanosecond after you pour in, turn the pan in circular motion at a speed of 120 turns/min. This is to get a thin spread out layer. then quickly place on the hob as soon as ur turning have no effect on the batter.

peep at the bottom part of the kuih 2 get the right colour. then flip it over. as soon as flipped over, turn the fire small, to giv it time to dry up ---> CRUNCHY!!!

Then, you can either fold it into 4 (for pemalas) or roll it (which will cause loss of epithelium in short term and long term effect mayb skin cancer)

soo..i only roll enough to take this picture...

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


BALLs AGAin!!!...I don't know whats with me n those balls..first Chicken Rice Ball, Now Peanut Cookies (bulat bulat)

ONE night when i woke up, I smell something nice...wahh..smell so homely 1..then I called my mother...She say, oh ya...She is making Peanut COOKIES...u noe, those round round cookies with a pimple on top 1...WAA...can smell from here man...Then i go out of the room, EI...MY MUM is in the kitchen with my sisters, all making peanut cookies!!! WAA...just like the good old days..I joined them n it was SUPERBLY fun...we roll n roll the balls, NO NO NO NO NO..this can't be true..I must be dreaming..


THis reminds me of Chinese New Year..Its just around the corner...How I wish I am home..2 Years din eat Thuan Yuan come i stil yuan yuan 1...
To bring up the CNY mood, I Decided 2 make Peanut Cookies...

I startes looking for the recipe online...Finally got it from one of the aunty aunty's blog..NO offence..It was of great help..(incase the makcik makcik decided to visit my blog..)

It was very simple but the kacau part is to remove the kacang skin..any1 knows the special way to seperate the skin from the kacang please tell me..

I even thought of using some enzyme that can make the skin soft (like what we learned in biology).When i attempt to make kacang soup, i tried boiling the kacang, but the skins are still a nuisancceeeee...

Now that i need to fry the kacang, the skin becomes brittle..which is easier to remove, but not separated. Then i remembered a song from primary school..

"Lihat jauh nun di sana tekun petani kerja,
Buah padi masak kuning istri kerja sama,
Potong memotong, membanting padinya,
bercerailah tangkai jerami...

OOOHHH...which gave me the idea to MEMBANTING KACANG!!! since I'm from Kolej Mara Banting, shud b pro in it..

I started to banting banting banting..wuhuu..the kulit really fly out lei..just like "Kacang lupakan Kulit"...
BUT...there's always a but la..if not i won;t be blogging..

It terbang at halaju of 8 particles/min...
N there are a total of 23 x 10 kuasa 23 particles of kulit kacang-kulit kacang sekalian mengelilingi kacang yang degil dan enggan dilupakan...

(p/s: isit kulit-kulit kacang or kulit kacang - kulit kacang or kulit kacang -kacang??)

Plus, the kulit kacang particles that left the kacang have no where to go..and start flying all over the kitchen..some even bunuh diri down the sink. then, NICK CHAN the Hongkie come in:

"Eii..What is MONSTER doing here clogging the sink???"

End up have to one by one remove the if any1 have a SUPERB method n unmessy method, please inform using relau gas or stg liddat..ok ok ..set..

However, the end product was cheap and nice...PLUS finished in 1 day..
If buy from AI HUA chinese supermarket, its 1.50 pounds for 15 miserable balls..

I sempat make 52 biji (lesser in the picture cos already masuk perut) with 1/2 a packet of kacang which cost 49.99 pence n flour less than 19.56pence plus mayb 35.67p for micellaneous...all add together less than 1 POUND...and can pass time sumore..hoho..

announcement: for those EX-prisoners, there will be a gathering in Manchester this weekend for chinese new year..Please be there sharp at watever time u like..

Monday, 12 February 2007


Talian 24 jam, sekiranya anda ada masalah mengenai kehidupan seharian, duit, pompuan, laki, atau mempunyai duit lebih utk diedarkan, sila talipon nombor ini: 07894992989
pelbagai perkhidmatan disediakan, sila telefon untuk maklumat lanjut.

perhatian: old number still in use...

Sunday, 11 February 2007

SAY NO to AberDEEn...


It all Started on thursday... I worked 4 HALf a day n earn 60 pds..supposed 2 b for my SKI TRIP... haih...

ou..i forget 2 mention..dis is da job dat I MISSED DAT DAY!!! I GOT a SECOND chance...they r still nice 2 me n belanja me lim teh...
I was nearly late bcos i stop 2 snap dis.
the NEW STEPS yang nampak tua macam sial..i was lucky cos i was walking = 98 steps..tambah satu jadi batu caves..n this is not all..after u climb to the top, turn ur body n u see another fleet of stairs..

dis taken after i cum back from work...
Despite the antartika cold atmosphere, n the eerie ghastly feeling till my micro-bulu roma all naik, i manage to turn n quickly snap the picture of the last part of the steps..then...RUNNNNN...luckily no UNidentified CRawling, walking or FLYing object in in the pic...

afterdat.. i decided to go aberdeen...(mayb dirasukkk)


1) nothing much to do cos my weekly badminton activity was cancelled.

2) To overcome my sadness of not going for a ski trip..all bcos of this FAT guy:

3) Din go aberdeen B4...

EARLY friDAY...(real earlyyy)

BANGUn PAgi..gosok gigi..

WEnt to the royal mail collection place 2 get my NEW HANFON!!! hanfone...i repeat new HANFOn...hanfon shou ji...sin tian wei... hohho..actually cud collect later..but due 2 my KETIDAKSABARAN, went all the way 2 get it b4 i chao for ABERDEEN...(back up if i super boring..)

THE last thing i remember was tapau bread n grapes n goin up the bus..
After reach aberdeen::::
NOW that I Gain my memories r coming back... THE weather in ABerdeen macam tahi...i was surprised no puting beliung..we only had TAUFAN...n my brain stopped working for 2 days due 2 hypothermia.. ITs better 2 jus stay at home..

we end up doin this...

using fireplace 2 barbecue marshmallow n sausages..(like satay celup.)

wahaha..the sausages use oven n bake 1..

DIS 1..hoho..So CAlled NO 1 FISh n CHiPS in UK..n this is a 1lb whale that if you finish this, they will give you another exact same 1 for freeeee...n if YOu finish BOTH, they giv u a CERTIFICATE...haha..LAWAK JOE>>>

b4 i go back, "TALIMA KASIH 4 the hospitality..see u again...but never in aberdeen..." but hav 2 thank aberdeen cos it makes me MISS EDINBURGH MOREE...I LOVE EDINBURGH...but ofcourse kenot fight MALAYSIA..

Tuesday, 6 February 2007


At CliniCAl Practice:

DR Patterson: Ok, this is Mr Daintley, n Mr Daintley, these are 2nd year medical students, they
are going to do an examination on your upper and lower limb for muscle tone and
bla bla...

(before the patient came in, we were warned that he is a big chap who will have difficulty to fit on the 45cm x 120 cm couch..n true enuff, he is)

We'll have 2 person examining the upper and two will do the lower...
Pei, is it ok if you do the lower limb on muscle tone and power?

Pei (me) : Hm..ok.. monolog dalaman (SI LIAO...Jialat..duno anything about lower limb..upper
limb ok la..but LOWER???

p/s: HE IS A BIG CHAP...leg super ELEpHANt n Heavier

than me even..kenot even lift up without my hand terketar-ketar..Looks like I'm the one that have spasticity rather than the patient..)

Dr Patterson: Mr Daintley, would you mind rolling up your pants and taking off your socks

(NOOOOOOOO...i remember for lower limb hav 2 put ur hand below da
feet so dat patient press on ur hand as if he is stepping the minyakkk..
no no no no no..

go back hav 2 rendam in dettol 2 days 3 nights 2 detox..)

(ok la..get over dat..after he tanggal kasut, i din smell anything still ok la..mayb cos i hav flu.. tak pa tak hal..)

Dr Patterson: So, Pei, do you mind demonstrrr.....

Pei : grrrrrrroujjfkkdfkkjkdj...kkjfdjd (spring sound) - SUPER DUPER LOUD SPRINGY LIKE MACHINE GUN SOUND FROM MY STOMACH...............................................

Dr Patterson: Hm..its okay, I dont think any1 else heard that..


afterdat, there are afew more not that super drilling sound where i manage to cover with intentional coughs...hopefully..

IS it just me OR...
I think my stomach growl easily here lo..N HUngrY all the time oso...
ANY1 else got same experience, pls tell i feel better..It happened many times b4, but not as loud as today's...till every1 turned n look, n 2 of the girls even laugh..ITS so LOUD that IT wud be too OBvious if they pretend they DIN hEAr...haih...

Sunday, 4 February 2007



"There's not much going on today,
I'm really bored, it's getting late, (actually its still morning)

What happened to my Saturday? (shall be explained later)

Monday's coming the day I hate (got PBL)

Sitting on the bed alone,

staring at the com..."


This is when i start to write my blog,

(song adapted from He Wasn't bu Avril Lavign)

Bangun Pagi, Gosok gigi, cuci muka, pergi badminton...
Cum back, eat, sleep..nowonder i dun remember my saturday..

Due to keboringan, I'll start thinking what to cook tonight..although its not my name on the timetable as i just jala-ed on thursday..due to sum unforeseen reasons, ITs my turn 2 cook again..YEAI...COOKING ...hmm...have to start planning again..


1) Ball Ball Chicken Rice (speciality of Malacca) + Blended Chilli Sauce

2) Back up normal chicken rice

3) Beggars Chicken ( Ayam pengemis)

4) SUper Difficult Majestic Turkey with groundnut and vege

5) Red Bean Thong Sui

Preparation time: 1 hour
Cooking time : 2 hour

Actually is: preparation + cooking = 3 hours (sambil prepare, sambil cook)

Guess what took me the shortest n the longest time to cook?

shortest award- SUPER Difficult Majestic Turkey with groundnut and vege (15 minutes)

Longest award-Red Bean Thong Sui (more than 10 hours plus rendam the red bean, but without any effort)

Most difficult - Beggars Chicken (marinade chicken, chop onion, chop turkey, mushroom, stir fry for stuffing, stuff the chicken, wrap and bake..mahuan)

Most surprising - Ball Ball Chicken Rice..(when my eating mate opened the rice cooker, no one expected 2 see so many BALLS...)

DUe 2 the sudden wave of study that strike me, I shall not include the recipe here..for those who want to try, please visit: (substitute with the name of food you want to cook)

I want to Study oredi...

Saturday, 3 February 2007


Due to my special interest in eating (tanda-tanda kegemukan), i've decided to try cooking new stuff dat a dear fren recomended..ROTI JALA, in inglish NET BREAD..
Before making, as usual, I'll picture it in my head how it will turn out..MONOLOG DALAMAN: First, cook the curry, chop onion, put curry powder, chicken, hmm..curry settled,oo.dun forget coconut milk, dun let the base CHOW TA..(that happened to my first try of curry in fraser court)..ok, while waiting for the curry to cook, prepare the paste for NeTTIng..shud b quite simple..add all together n mix then jus use the sieve n sieve into the pan in circular motion(as stated in the recipe..)


Stuffs all bought, chicken prepared, flour all got oredi..
Lets start make now..
It went quite well with the curry..(as I biasa cook curry oredi la..)
JALA JALA JALA...when i start sieving the batter into the pan:-

MANAtau...ZaRaH-ZaraH Jala Batter is too big for the small hole of the Sieve that I use to sieve my KOPI..cis...Nothing cum out..I Imagine a constant flow of batter that i can turn it in circular motion following the shape that i want...BUT all that came out is just DROPS of batter that end up burnt on the pan..


Dah la my precious eating mate the FATTY go AJAk down stairs MALAy NEighbour cum out n eat MY ROTi JALA.."I have faith in U..ur roti jala sure nice wan!!!"..cimakan..they all SUPER PRO PHD in JALA-ing 1..cum n eat my FIRST timE JALA not JALAish ROTi JALA..Sure they smile tersipu-sipu at the side..

Kenot..KeNOT..if TAk jadi WHEre 2 PUt MY face???Try again try again..
HMM...LOOK LEFT..LOOK anotHer sieVE That CHAN NICK FUNG use 2 tapis SPAgetti 1..hehe..dis time DA HOLE SUre big eNUF kua..
IT went well For THE firST 2 CM of the JALA...I TOT Happy Liao..HO seh..Manatau..after awhile, da fat batter start 2 clog up da whole again...STILL NOT big enuf...HMM...JIA LAt..

THEN MY Smart FLatmate gave me a LAdel with 3 batang hole in da middle...WAH>>>as soon as i put da batter in, ALIran batter too fast till i KeNOt control the halaju...BY Now, My JARING oredi BCum TMNEt..with NO HOle At all...haih..NVM..dat 1 oni first jala..


HEhe..the smart ME, "Aiya..jus use spoon la"..I jus take A Spoon n MAke circular motion on da pan..LIKE mosquito coil shape..THEN draw sum pig face SHape, write MY name, then sun pian Sign below..WAHAHA...then at least my JALA looked more like Jala..wuhuu..the more i make, the nicer it gets..wakaka..

ThEn 1 fat FElla think DAt it LOoks easy.."CUm la..i make la.."(after i oredi make 90% of it..) He pour in da batter (like making Pancake) then use da spoon to kacau making scrambled egg..HASIL KERJA: SHIt like ScramBLed JALA..

However, it all taste ok..BOleh makan..