Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Crunchyroll the savior

"Boring Cutiiiiii"
(quoted from ihsan_huhu)

I totally agree with that phrase...When there is no holiday, we are alwiz hoping for holiday...when holiday comes... What to do??? Feels like a small boat in the middle of the sea, floating with no direction...Before holiday got so many things 2 do 1..y now nothing??? My ski trip nx Wake up everyday, brush teeth twice, prepare 2 sleep again..pajamas oso noneed tukar...

A - HAH!!! This is where Crunchyroll comes in...Some of you might be wondering what is crunchyroll?? Food?? Book??

No..its , a website where u can watch all the Drama - TVB, korean, japanese, etc..

Day n nite crunchyroll, till dono wad drama to watch already..Even watch the Romance of Three Kingdoms (an old 1995 war movie about the famous Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Zhu Ge Liang, etc...). The actors all atleast have 299 white hairs..

So to contribute to the website that saved me from boredom,

It is people like me that keeps Crunchyroll going...i kasi 1 star supporter la...All this while if you just watch larger, its free 1..for a normal screen, tak rasa, cos larger oso cover the whole screen liao...but...

When I watch crunchyroll with my new 20 inch screen, the larger becomes small..n people all laugh at me... "Whats the point of big screen??? "... haih..true oso...

After i become supporter, i can now watch high quality full screen...hohoho...
Which means I now have the account..any1 interested?? I can kasi password..wakaka..
Dengan syarat, must kasi comment on my blog 7 hari 7 malam..wakaka

Friday, 14 December 2007

Last Day Of School...

It is officially the last day of UNI today...
What impact would it have on other students?

Last day of uni = indication that holidays coming...other people would be relaxing and taking the day off..they have been busy throughout the holidays, so..time to rest...

For me : last day of uni---> Oh no, so fast over dy?? arghh...I din get started yet!!!
This is the day I am gona try and do everything in 1 day...cos i have not been doin anything anything b4 dis..
8.00am x-ray meeting (gona miss)
9.00am Operation theatre
12.00pm X ray interpretation
1.30pm clinics
5-9pm A n E..

More than what i do in a year cumulatively..

sien...(rather sit down n blog than catch the earlier bus to hospital for xray meeting...

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


What would be the greatest news in the morning?? "Dont have to go OT"...
Actualy, more to after I have decided not to go class...the happy aura start to spread from my brain to my heart to my toes, back up to my stomach and finally to my mouth...

When it reach my mouth, it will send an innate signal to my brain, telling me to Ali, the Malaysian food stall would be a great choice..But who to go with??

Due to the cold weather, takes 5x more effort to go out and also get ppl to go out..Other ppl have no problems goin out for classes, but when comes to eat, don wan la...
As for me, go class?? cold lei...But when comes to eating, restaurant got heater food will warm u up...

ONLY 1 person have the same ideology as me...THE FATTY!!! (except that he is fat, i am not)...he so fat, sure wana eat 1...but due to his fatness, his inersia oso very high...

Normally he wud say " come come lets gooo..i am ready dy..." (on the fone)
when i am fully changed n go find him,

his normal posture wud be:

Haih..have to wait for him to make-up half an nowadays i am smarter dy.."when u r fully changed, buzz me"..hoho.. is different...

He come and buzz my house..ei?? so good??

"COME...lets go eat.."

Yeai...dengan hapi wana go take my bag..cos i am always the black cat..


Huhuhu...kena tipu...fat fat fatt..

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Hush Puppies..

I was looking tru food online..then i saw 1 list got 'hush puppies'...
Wad is that??? Got ppl eat shoes 1 ka??

Setahu saya, Hush Puppies.......

Ini dia..
Maybe it is dog food??
After wikipedia..oo..its reeli a type of american food..

Speaking of hush puppies, I just realise Mr Puppies looks like a friend of mine, named Hypergonadotrophic Hypergonadism...we simply call him Gonad..

This is how gonad lookes like...

n his girlfren, Miss Wo-wo

To contribute to their species that is nearly extinct,

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Shop Online?

Nowadays, with the advance of technology, wad also can do online..with just afew clicks, goods are sent right to your door steps..from flight tickets, bookings to shoes, clothes, handphone, laptop, even underwear oso can buy online...Dats y people are getting lazier n lazier, fatter n fatter...Some ppl even shop for groceries online...whoa..

Unlike back home, here I seldom see got rotten apples, pears, oranges sold in there is no need to go picit picit to see fresh or not or ketuk-ketuk to see crunchy ornot..(kerja aunty aunty sekalian)..just read the lable, if it says sweet and crunchy, most probably IT IS sweet n crunchy..haha... dat is y ppl can buy online...

Unlike back home...apples with big 50 cent size indent oso still put on got clearance section, so make sure all going-to-rot stuff get sold off...

That is y eBay, amazon n stuff can bermastautin in this country...ppl are generally more 'trustable'...Not to say there are no penipu..i oso kena tipu b4..but lesser kot..even if kena tipu ebay, insurans relatively safe la...

Groceries all those can settle online, see picture, but baju lei??din try how 2 know can fit onot?I was looking for my ski wear online, due to kemalasan to go out in the cold to shop...then i saw this..H&M store online..

They even have this Sims 2 thingy for u to create your own image online to try on clothings..
Can put ur face, adjust body shape, height, etc..

See..working baju..

Casual wear..

See..underwear oso can hygiene problems..
(p/s: the above picture is not the real no unsur-unsur lucah..)

Din purposely make myself thinner to tipu sendiri oo..

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Oh noo...just because I went to Nottingham Games for 2 days, i missed the 8888th click of my blog..I have been waiting for few months now for it to reach that number. As a typical chinese, i believe that 8 (in chinese has the same pronunciation as prosperity) will bring me prosperity...with 4x 8, lagi full of $$$...

Haih, now don't know have to wait for how many more years to reach the rate I am going, after 1 year oni get 8888, need another 10 years oni get to see 88888...By that time i would have graduated, time to make planning..

Whoever that remember seeing 8888 that day, please step forward to collect your mysterious price...hehe..