Thursday, 17 February 2011

O & G

Tomorrow I can start saying:

" Hi, I am a second poster, completed O&G posting"...

Yeah.. proud to survive O&G as first poster.. those who have gone tru, u will agree..

Part of the reason y I have been MIA for full 4 months.. cos in this posting, sleeping and eating is luxury.. you have totally no time for anything.. I only have time to turn on my computer once a week in which I fell a sleep even before the computer reach the homepage..

Before starting with Hows O&G, lets start with hows Kota Kinabalu.. well.. with working 6.30am to 8pm everyday and oncall twice aweek, i still manage to squeeze tru mini trips to Kudat and Kundasang.. which is nice.. islands, no chance yet.. food wise, KK food is not that great.. will continue my food blog nx time.. haha..

Rule number 1 to pass O&G... enter quietly, leave quietly..

Well, I failed that.. did not manage to enter quietly with the big "Edinburgh" behind my name in my chop.. (btw made a new one with a smaller italic edinburgh, hopefully less noticeable..)

Rule number 2: dont be a hero.. hero die early..

Rule number 3: Be very careful till the very end.. u might get extended at anytime.. haha..

Today when I walked tru the Likas door, herm.. i somehow felt abit erm.. sad to leave.. after 4 months, I've already gotten used to the life there.. and getting close to the nurses, midwives, MOs, collegues..

Cant believe I have to start tagging again tomorrowww...

Anyway, Im going to Orthopaedics next.. From hell to heaven.. hope I dont get lazy there.. haha

having flights of ideas now.. cos too long din blog, dont know where to start and what to write..