Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Job-seeking Classified

Position: Locum Chef
Location: Edinburgh/London
Education: MBChB (in process), International Baccalaureate, SPM, PMR, UPSR.
Experience: 3 months experience in Sushi King, 4 years experience in Tevot Place, 3 months experience in catering..
Abilities: Good oral and interpersonal skills
Ability to travel extensively to anywhere to cook
Able to work overtime
Able to help eat as well..

Job Scope: Cater for asian chinese cuisine, abit of nyonya kuih, able to do some italian, malaysian dishes, diet, gluten free, low GI meal, vegetarian and diabetic as well. + pre-exam high brain food meal..

After my first locum job in the malaysian foodfair, I have been head-hunted for a job locum job in london. This new job description:

1) Celebrate employer's 24th birthday...

2) Eat dinner and lunch with her + surprise partys + give her surprise present (Which berjaya!)

3) Do groceries, laundries, and accompany her study for exams...

4) Most importantly be her chef for 2 weeks : high nutrient and healthy food for exams...

This new job is quite challenging as it is new to me and I have to come out with a simple food plan that she would be able to follow herself once I finish my parttime job..

1) Tender Loving Care
2) Recomendation for a new job.. yei, cos she exam so i do her parttime job when I'm in london too..hehe..
3) friend and company... (since monster is famous for having no friend 1)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

I'll stand by you

For my fellow friends who are having a hard time:

I didn't know my own strength


Tuesday, 20 October 2009


My tutor still sick la.. so another my favourite GP do my assessment consultation today.. morning oredi sat with her in her clinic.. not bad la, not super good but not super bodoh..

Lunch time, i went n look at the reception clinic book-in, to see who are my patients this evening...

3 patients.. dono y they come in for la..

First guy 4 days ago went into A n E, sudden onset occipital headache while playing football.. no trauma.. they do all the CT n lumbar puncture, all no prob.. send him home.. so i guess he sure come today with the headache kot..

SO I rush home, go n read all i noe about headache lo.. his 1 probably Tension Headache kot.. so read from aetiology to management plan n all..

The other 2 patient not much 2 read la, cos no history, so taktau.. 1 refered from optometrist with haemorrhage in her eyes..

This headache guy came in:::::

'Last wednesday, i had this headache...'

Yes liaoo.. Tension headache.. i oredi prepare to explain to him liao, reassure him, say due to stress, neck posture, etc.. can refer physio, rest, bla bla...


He got this other headache on thursday totally different from the wednesday 1..

babii.. kausai betul.. patient clearly read from internet liao n come in with all the info, i pula bodo bodo dono wad to do..

Luckily Mrs Nice tutor help me out n acknowledge that it was a difficult case la..

2nd Patient:
Ok, ada haemorrhage, check BP n all lo.. simply ngap the lifestyle change bla bla.. ask her got take alcohol, smoking, bla bla.. that 1 also kantoi treatment abit, cos supposed 2 refer to nurse to monitor bp, but i terus discuss with patient how she feel about taking medication..haha...

3rd Patient: some bodoh rash...

Feedback: Paling lawak statement:

' There is 1 technique that I think you use very well that I myself sometimes cant...'

WHOAA... i so kembang laa.. i tot wad..

' U r good at appropriate silence, giving patient chance to talk and tell u everything.. I notice you manage to get alot of info from them this way.. '

WAKAKKAA... lawakss.. I sometimes memang look at patient let them sendiri tell 1 ma, or I sometimes memang dono wad to say n buy some time to think ma.. din noe it was an 'effective technique'

Memang some of the GP's problem, like to potong the patient n talk too much la..haha...

Overall quite ok la.. got some kritik n some good points also.. I puas liao..hehe..

Monday, 19 October 2009

What if I fail medical school?

Since I am continuously told that I dont know any medical stuff, I've decided to make a contingency plan to sara hidup if i reeli drop out of medical school...

Me n my business partner decided to set up a stall at the Tourism Malaysia Foodfair (which is very kantoily promoted..) However, for now he is more like a manager and I worked as a 'locum aka part-time' for him cos his full time chef is on holiday..

Lacking experience in producing for such a big target,it took me about 5 hours... but big improvement compared to the previous foodfair 2 years back.. n that 1 is unpaid sumore..

flashback---> 2 years ago

Menu of the day:

Main course - Loh Mai Kai

Dessert - Pulut Tekan + Seri Kaya and Seri Melaka a.k.a kaya kuih

(Seri Kaya is kaya la.. Seri Melaka?? sendiri create 1..haha.. simply coconut with gula melaka..wakaka)

Process membuat Loh Mai Kai wrapped in lotus leaf..

Pulut Tekan and Kaya..

The specialty of pulut tekan is it is made from tekanan of medical books so that all the essence meresap into it.. Finally found a use for medical books...

Siap dibalut hoho...

On the day...

Hari yang ditunggu-tunggu telah tiba...

Our Gerai:


Me n business partner...
First sale!!

Was quite worried at the beginning cos tarak business.. but at the end, all SOLD OUT!!! n my stall is the only 1 that all sold out..hehe.. of course saved 1 for my housemate.. but yeiii...

Monday, 12 October 2009

Looking back the years...

I was just reading my old blog posts.. There are so many posts that I dont even remember typingg... Back in 2007... whoa.. the nada and the thema and the gaya bahasa all damn happy n cheerful 1... I read back i also feel I am so funny back then.. even when I missed my flight , i also sound happyyy... I laff n laff also when i read back wad i type..

4 years down the line...

erm.. the nada become more n more melankolik.. 50% complains, 20% emo, 10% random stuff, 10% lain lain.. oni 1 tiny portion is i happy 1.. see the transformation UK/med school made us... grr.. i dont know how many times i start my blog post with the word 'haihh'.. if u notice.. countless times.. ( i started this 1 with haihsss also..but deleted it b4 i post..haha)

even this blardy post.. also doesn't sound happy...

am I really that not satisfied with life? or when happy things happen i forget to blog about it?

Thursday, 8 October 2009


Me: What can I do for you today?

Patient (with weird name): I come in today bekos I am feeling kold..and last wik abit of sneeze...

(baby cries)

Me: Ok, any cough, sputum, fever........ etc?

Patient: No, I juz feel cold and cant sleep..

Me: Ok, when u r cold, do u shake or shiver?

Patient: No...

Prescription - Heater 2kW, on every 3 hours for 1 hour... (effect after 10 minutes)

Siao 1..cold pakai baju la... I everyday also cold till like siao la.. winter coming wadd..

Today did my own consultation... as in the appointment book reeli put : medical student..haha..

With my garang GP sitting in with me and what also dowan to say.. let me mati sendiri...

But lucky cos the patients that masuk all ok ok 1 la.. nasib takda testicular pain or wad like last time..

After ngam ngam cham cham abit,

Tutor: Actually u did better than I expected today...well done

but... i mean...

start ngam ngam cham cham about the previous patients that he see n ask that i dono again..

but I choose not to take in..

" U did better than I expected!!!" yeiii.. cukup liao la..


Monday, 5 October 2009

An example of a bad day...

You just know its not a good day when u wake up in the morning with a bad headache..

When your eyes are watery and can barely open.. my eyes dah la 30% smaller than the normal population... Trying to fit a contact lens in is almost impossible.. This resorts me to wearing glasses, which i know will make me dizzy in 30 minutes time, especially if i walk on the streets.. + headache+ walking 50 mins to clinic = not good...

Timetable says : PN SH 8.30 am... apatu??? oh, practice nurse, sarah something...

As soon as I entered her room, although i super attacked by gelombang mengantuk (even after 2 caffeine tablets), i try to kasi her a biggest smile and good morning.. she balas with a 10% smile and 10% of a normal warm greeting that ang moh alwiz give.. n ask me go minum kopi cos she got stuff to do..

Sit in first patient : had to take 3 tubes of blood... ok, first 2nd tube ok..after third tube, as i pulled out, he start to bleed..ohh patient is on warfarin... great.. nurse tried to help compress, i try to reach for sharps bin.. dono how ter-cucuk her abit... GREATTT... the famous Needle- stick-injury..

huhuhu...sorii.. but muka masam campur masam.. ask me to type in what I did..
afterthat ask me go for kopi again.. I went this time..haha...

2 mins later, I walk on the hallway, ppl all look at me 1 kind 1... then another nurse came n say my tutor will take me this morning.. huhuhu..

Went in, sat with my tutor, haih, alot of questions i cant answer lo.. at least not in the way that he is thinking of.. I tot mayb he is not gona mention about the needle stick injury liao..but can never escape 1 la..

Towards the end kena abit of lecturing... haih, dono what to say.. the same same

'what is ur main problem?'

'y cant answer question?'

'y when sit in with other consultant also cant answer..'

I DID answer waddd!!!

' when I ask you to take a full history n gave u time, u seems to be doing it well, but why when u r sitting in its as if you don't know anything??'

and of course the : 'LANGUAGE PROBLEM'..

n then he say but speaking to you i don't think you have.. errr...apanii

THe problem is i dont know what my problem is.. Till this morning I still think I did quite well.. of course I could't think as good as u think..

U have been doing this for 30 years.. as soon as the patient walk in u know if they got tahi stuck in their rectum onot.. But i dont know 1 ma.. 3 patients with same symptoms, u kasi all 3 different management.. I dint develop that kind of judgement skills yet what..

2 patient with rigors 1 u kasi antibiotics 1 u do tests first..apanii..

Cough kasi sputum culture u say primary setting not effective.. then lecture me cos i cant tell u do chest x-ray.. buuutt so many patients come in u dint refer for chest xray alsoo.. I ask y, u say cos u dono what is wrong with him n u r worried.. but err the other patients also u dono wad is wrong wadd.. just that the level of the 'dono wad is wrongness' is higher in this patient?? n kan me for not saying ESR.. what can ESR tell u??? that stg is wrong??? but we already know something is wrong somewhere..

Haih, yah, I am just PLAIN stupid.. or mayb because of the needle stick i cucuk a hole already, then they start to dig in deeper n deeper...

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Mid Autumn Moon

I din even realise it is mid-autumn festival again until some1 tole me the moon is so round today..

And funnily, i alwiz tot that Mis-autumn festival is the way ang moh call Mooncake festival.. Never crossed my mind that the 'Zhong qiu jie' that i know actually means mid-autumn.. haha..

When I was young, Zhong qiu jie super happy 1, cos can play tanglung.. not those fancy got dragon got snake use battery 1 la..

- the 20 sen for 1 small 1 use lilin 1.. dono wads so fun about that..haha..

Then after the tang lung period over, is the moon cake craze time.. soo happy getto eat mooncake.. even up to last 2 years I still tried to make mooncake here.. but i think this year moocake doesn't impress me anymore.. I guess thats the end of that era..

The new era: I somehow feel impressed by the beautiful moon..haha. Feel like berpantun pula:

Mu yun shou jin yi qing han.
Sunset's clouds gather together, flowing pure and cool

Yin Han wu sheng zhuan Yu Pan.
The Milky Way, making no sound, circles the Jade Dish (the moon).

Ci sheng ci ye bu chang hao
This life, this evening: it cannot always be so good.

Ming yue ming nian he chu kan?
The bright moon: next year, from what place will I see it?

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Snatch burger

Hahaha.. I saw this in the papers:

' A man who stole a hot dog from another man sitting under a tree in a park has been sentenced to 18 months in prison. ...'

Wakakakakkakaka... need to so tham jiak onot.. I hope i dont do that..

Police reports say he then grabbed the hotdog, and immediately began to devour the hot dog in front of his victim, spilling mustard all over his shirt.

n guess how the police identified him?

by the SAUCE on his shirt!!!

damn lawak laa... curi makan also lap mulut la..