Friday, 25 November 2011

Precious... Life...

I realised today that life is too short to be pondering around, with no direction...

Life is too short to rush everywhere, never knowing when its gonna end...

How many of us go to work everyday thinking about what to do after finish working?

How many of us get to do what is planned?

Why the rush?

Take a minute, wait and look around.. enjoy the moment.. for life is too short to rush by...

What if one of us go to work one day just to find out that we are never gona return after work..

How would you spend your last day?

We'll never know when is the last day... till it comes..

So live everyday like its your last day...

If only we know that she is gona meet with an accident and never to return...

If only we had a chance to bid farewell.. or to return her last message..

if only someone was there earlier.. if only...

But God loves her more...

Rest in Peace..

For a dear friend that just passed away in a car accident today.. a very dedicated doctor.. an angel...

We will truly miss you forever...

Friday, 7 October 2011

Flight Delayed

This is when I get time to blog.. yeaii..10 days holiday..coolness..
After the shift system, our department actually freeze our leave..( so unfair..).. leave that we've been keeping for the end..
But finally after much effort, here I am at the airport waiting to fly..10 days of noneed to workk..hohoo...

Ok..back to the flight...delayed for 2 hourss!!! I think its a komplot.. who earns from this? The 3 muskateers..the restaurant, the duty free and the bookshop..

What to do for 2 hours in this tiny airportt?
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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Off contacts lense Week 1

Firstly, let me expose you to life of a contact lens wearer..

The first few months of wearing contacts, you will be struggling, only putting on from time to time cuz takes to long to stuck it in ur eyes..

Afterthat, you will be damn used to it and its like your second eyes, till you refused to go anywhere without it.. As for me, from the moment i wake up till the moment before I sleep.. and the earlier times i remember sleeping with it on.. those days are gone now..

After 1-2 years of neglect, your eyes will start to suffer from redness from time to time (complications from contact lens)... occassionally need to stop wearing for few days to let things cool down and oxygenate the eyes.. haha.. and worried everytime you cry or rub your eyes etc, cos of contact lens..

Alwiz having to carry a contact lens solution in handbag, even more important than tissue paper.. incase suddenly stg gets into the eye etc u'll end up having to clean it.. Nightmares during trip.. now with the 100ml limit on flights rule.. have to look for those 100ml solution.. Weirdly, some brand says 'travel kit' but 120ml.. zzz... have to bring lens case, n xtra lenses.. etc..

After you eyes really couldt take it anymore, you'll upgrade to daily lens.. which is what i am using now.. more hygienic but still cant wear for long hours.. glasses? stopped wearing them since 10 years ago.. so whats next???

Have to lay off contacts for 2 weeks... booked my appointment with so called the pioneer opthalmologist at optimax.. yee.. see how it goes.

wish me luck!!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Blog Revive...

I know I have said this so many times to start blogging again.. and almost

90% of the time it will be another 3 mths later before my next blog..

10% of the time i blog another time tomorrow;
and then another 3 mths later..

Working life as a house officer really changed me to a boring person.. with boring lifestyle.. Everything is about work..
the friends I meet are from work..
and when we finally sit down and talk, its ALL ABOUT WORK... at first you feel excited to talk about patients, MOs, specialists, gossip gossip.. but after some time..

ITS... ALL... ABOUT... WORK...

Due to the long working hours and 7 days a week, we only have time to talk to those at work.. the short lunch break, while waiting at the radiology counter, etc.. even if we do go out with non-work people, they will end up be bored to death cuz.. ITS ALL ABOUT WORK all over again... then i realise I reeli have nothing else to talk about.. shytes..

Since I am already full of working life, the last thing I want is to come home and BLOG about work againn.. shytess.. but most of the time i wun have time to blog.. And some times when I am less boring and have bloggable ideas, I realized that I've lost touch and 'malasted' to blog already..

Even holidays etc also, high chance is I'll come back to working the next day or 1-2 xtra day to do laundry clean room etc..

Now you know why I DONT BLOG ANYMORE... shytess..


1) I blog about work

2) I dont blog

3) I blog about non-work aka nothing..

4) I do more non-work stuff and blog about non-work stuff.. hehe...

sounds like a plan..

Friday, 6 May 2011

Lost and Found...

I noe its been long since i update my blog.. but i reeli have to express my gratitude to MAS Airlines...

The story goes like this..

I was in KL... My flight back to KK is 5.30pm..
Smartly we decided to go to the busiest part of KL to have breakfast aka lunch before balik.. plus shopping n window shopping... My last agenda was dapau-ing Beard Papa to eat in the airport..

Our initial plan was to take KLIA express from kl central..
Being typical Malaysian with 'aunty' syndrome, we went back to semenanjung with 1 bag but return with 2.. so had to check in, means have to be at the airport atleast 4.30pm...

We somehow had the impression that we have loads of time.. whose fault???
Blame it to KLIA express punya advertisement, promise to get us to KLIA within 28 minutes..

So leave at 3.30pm, reach kl central 3.45, then take the 4pm klia express, sampai 4.30pm..ngam ngam.. set..

The moment we leave Pavilion, shits.. JAM..
We were going at the speed of 2metre /mins.. even someone with ilizarov van walk faster than that.. we saw the time tick tick tick tick tick... how.. nearest tube also not very near lei.. By 4pm, we start to lose hope already.. how to get to KLIA by 4.30??

That crucial moment we decided to jump out of the car, (leaving my beard papa behind to increase the speed)... rushed for the nearest monorail, bukit bintang..
Everything surprisingly went smoothly.. got our tickets in 30 secs, ran in, a monorail approached us immediately.. packed with ppl but we managed to squeeze in...

5 stops from Kl central.. 4 stops.. 3 stops... 2 stops...
Suddenly it crossed my mind, probably I should check in on-line first.. previously we thought, just check in at the airport since we have luggage.. but last resort, bring all luggage onboard n get charged at boarding gate.. haha..
So we smartly checked in and then i realise we have the super barcode technology, noneed to print our boarding pass anymore..

i noe i noe, im abit outdated..

ou.. not forgetting the monorail station is slightly off the main KL central building..

Looking at the watch... 4.35pm

In our minds we were thinking its impossible for us to make it.. But in our heart..


We ran with our extra baggage to the KLIA express counter, bought our tickets in less than 1 minute.. at the announcement board, train arriving in 2 minutes..

We ran in and feuh... sempat.. At least they stick to their motto, 28 mins to KLIA...

Reached KLIA at about 5.05pm.. ran to the baggage counter.. 5.10pm...

man: pukul berapa flight?

Us: 5.30pm..

man: Huh!!!

man: okok..masuk masuk..

Surprisingly he allowed us to check in!!.. Thank You MAS airlines No1

Afterthat, the next day, we realised that our 60Gb Ipod left on the flight..
The usual Malaysian mentality will say:

"Aiya.. no more oredi one la..."

I just try the airport.. n.. da da da dang..

Managed to find!!! Sabahan's are so kind...

Thank you Mas Airlines crew No 2...

Thursday, 17 February 2011

O & G

Tomorrow I can start saying:

" Hi, I am a second poster, completed O&G posting"...

Yeah.. proud to survive O&G as first poster.. those who have gone tru, u will agree..

Part of the reason y I have been MIA for full 4 months.. cos in this posting, sleeping and eating is luxury.. you have totally no time for anything.. I only have time to turn on my computer once a week in which I fell a sleep even before the computer reach the homepage..

Before starting with Hows O&G, lets start with hows Kota Kinabalu.. well.. with working 6.30am to 8pm everyday and oncall twice aweek, i still manage to squeeze tru mini trips to Kudat and Kundasang.. which is nice.. islands, no chance yet.. food wise, KK food is not that great.. will continue my food blog nx time.. haha..

Rule number 1 to pass O&G... enter quietly, leave quietly..

Well, I failed that.. did not manage to enter quietly with the big "Edinburgh" behind my name in my chop.. (btw made a new one with a smaller italic edinburgh, hopefully less noticeable..)

Rule number 2: dont be a hero.. hero die early..

Rule number 3: Be very careful till the very end.. u might get extended at anytime.. haha..

Today when I walked tru the Likas door, herm.. i somehow felt abit erm.. sad to leave.. after 4 months, I've already gotten used to the life there.. and getting close to the nurses, midwives, MOs, collegues..

Cant believe I have to start tagging again tomorrowww...

Anyway, Im going to Orthopaedics next.. From hell to heaven.. hope I dont get lazy there.. haha

having flights of ideas now.. cos too long din blog, dont know where to start and what to write..


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

MonSTer is BACK!!!

Wow.. 3 months of working can really change people.. Me from a 24/7 internet/blog/msn/torrent addict to a 14++ hour a day workaholic...

I only got my streamyx after 3 mths... so not me rite.. but I have my desire to entertain me dun reeli need internet on com.. but stillll... the old me wud have gotten internet the minute i step foot here.. i din even turn on the computer till about 2 weeks ago..

Life as a doctor.. haihh... reeli din see this coming la.. Nyway, just to announce that

MONSTER is now BACK!!! is revived... haha... (hopefully)

Have to go sleep soon..tomoro 6.30am sumore.. I now only see the head of the sunrise and the tail of sunset.. oh, no, thats actualy the moon..