Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Late for bus??

Since ppl comment that my blog tahap 1, I have decided to naikkan tahap to Mr Marco Polo... Equipped with my new panasonic camera, I follow buddha's footstep to leave home to seek the truth.

Leaving my ever so comfy double bed, my snacks that r positioned an arms length (not just any arm's length) from the table so that I could reach it without having to stand up, water bottle, tissue, most importantly my COmputer that followed me with passion for 4 full years...Y am I still not satisfied?? Bcos I dun have this:
Still have to get up to go toilet...
Argh, back to story...

As I walk, I came across this:
(Snap snap..actualy this is the reason I miss the bus dat day..)

Wow..guess wad building is that??

With pintu macam A Famosa and the building macam castle...even the flowers oso looks like hobbits plant 1..

kasi clue is same category as this:

My beloved Mara College Banting...(notice more than 50% of the photo distribution consist of pokok kelapa sawit aka palm trees)

So..the first picture is the George Heriot's independent primary n secondary school (2 in 1)...tot it was sum museum or wad, wana look for tanda entrance fees oredi..

cut n paste from wikipedia

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Saja wana blog

I created this post just to increase the number of posts so that my ugly picture from the airport post can be pushed down to the next page...

FYI, that is actually not me..its sum nenek kebayan pretending to me be...

Idea to blog??

I woke up today with the mission to search for the idea to blog. Abit unlucky yesterday. But everyday blog bout my unluckiness, boring oso...Wana create some happy aura in my blog la..
Then I got the idea to blog about the idea to blog...

Where do ppl get their idea to blog from?

Tahap 1 - least effort (target reader: close friends)
Miss Sentimental: She will blog bout her feeling n emotion at that time. Wadever she thinks, wad she experience, n most of the time bernada jiwang..(e.g: why do they treat me this way, why no one cares to talk to me??Why does the sun rises from the east? Why is my dad a male? Why? Why?Why?) Whenever u read their blog, can feel dark cloud folo u around and kids throwing stones at u...

Tahap 2 - requires abit more effort (target reader : from friends to long lost friends)
Miss Happy go lucky: She blog about her happy times, good things that happen, party, events...when theres ntg happening, she ketandusan idea..that is when she'll start commenting on articles, jokes or anything funny she read online...Dis type of blog macam light n easy..simple n happy 2 read..

Tahap 3 - can bcum trip advisor
Mr Marco Polo: This fella will have more of a photo blog... He often goes out with just a camera, in search of the true idea to blog. He'll write about his journey to the west, snap snap snap...what he see is wad u'll, hotel room, toilet, etc..ofcourse he'll leave out some blackout he see shal remain a mystery..or his hands r too occupied 2 hold camera...

Tahap 4 - lawak blog ( target for any1 dat likes jokes)
Mr Joker: He Jokes bout anything..everything can be funny. sad oso can bcum funny, die oso he tok till alive can be funny, articles can be funny, jokes oso he'll say till super funny..

Tahap 5 - ultimatum
Mr Blogger: This fella higher level 1..can blog something out of nothing, somewhere out of nowhere, someone out of noone..This fella doens't need anything to happen to blog, noneed pictures, dun need to go out insearch of idea, dun need to read others blog, noneed to scan tru the internet to get idea. This is the mastermind...nobody knows wad he blog is tru onot, but ppl just read..haha..cos its funny...

Tahap 1-5 is blog for commoner...not forgetting the political blogs..not light n not easy..

Neutral: Blog with an interest and talent: recipe blog, technology blog, gamers blog...
this kind of blog is by those that are good at something n decide to write about it..targeted for ppl with same interest...

Which 1 is my blog??

Monday, 29 October 2007


I am still having the Post-London Syndrome...

Symptom: depression, more than 12 hours sleep, kemalasan...
Aggravating factor: have fun in london, go london, sometimes even occur in other destination, such as manchester...
Relieving factor: go london again ( use poison as cure)
Treatment: no known treatment that can fully cure. Give palliative treatment to improve quality of life.

I tot mayb i should try n overcome this, by goin to tutorial since i oredi berhibernasi at home for 2 weeks...

Haih, in between my house n the free bus stop ada 2 traffic light..if the bus jus zoom pass, still has to stop at 1 traffic light, giving me light..then i putus asa dy..mana tau the front oso red light..wah..RUNNN..can feel the haba from the bus light..babai tutorial...takdir..

After kepasrahan miss shuttle bus, balik room n look tru pictures..

Last day of Italy trip..
Bcos wana save money on accom, we decided to tido airport:

Abit like homeless la..

Due to keboringan, we play 1 childhood game: DONKEY...(avoid picking the joker)

Whoever bcum donkey will get this:
(the joker is donkey)
In one of the game,

Hmm..the man thinking which 1 to pick...Me have to show POKER FACE..

This one??


My turn...Ini kah??

End up..haih..kenot lari..

Serangan bertubi-tubi...


Notice the pope sleeping at the back...

Thursday, 25 October 2007

LAKSA kantoi...

Hm..there are just some day of the week, when u feel so lazy...tired...dun feel like doin anything...n THAT coincidentally has to be the day that ITS ur turn to COOK...

ARGH...Y me again??? Din i just cook last week? hm..a week pass jus like dat..Cooking is just like blogging, when u have no idea, means no idea... usual, I'll go to my favourite blog site... waisekhong...scroll..scroll...

Hah..sudenly feel like eating this:

Although dikelaskan sebagai laksa gagal, but still edible la..(jus dun tell ppl dat its laksa) n some nice soul say its better than the first time i make liao...explanation: bcos i have this from malaysia:
Ofcourse I dun folo all la..hard to get stuff here oso..stuff like mint leave, sell sejambak 1...whole kampung oso can use dy....anyway, folo as much as I can la..hehe..

-beyond this line, members only area... (only for those who wana cook..if not, post ends here)
Ground spice ingredients
15 fresh red chillies
15 dried red chillies
150g shallots
10 cloves garlic
40g galangal (lengkuas)
2cm knob fresh turmeric root
1 tsp belacan stock granules

4 tbsp tamarind paste (asam jawa), mixed and strained to obtain tamarind juice
300ml water
10 sprigs polygonum leaves (daun kesom)
3 pieces dried tamarind skin (asam keping)
3 stalks lemon grass, lightly smashed
1.8 litres water

1 kg mackerel (ikan kembung) or horse mackerel (ikan selar kuning), cleaned
1 cup water
1 kg fresh laksa noodles

2 tbsp sugar or to taste
Salt to taste

1 wild ginger bud (bunga kantan), halved and finely shredded
1 cucumber shredded
1/2 pineapple, sliced and shredded
1 onion, finely sliced.
2 red chillies, seeded and sliced
A few sprigs mint leaves (daun pudina)
Prawn paste (har koe), diluted with water to a drizzle consistency


Boil fish in just enough water. When cooked, remove the fish and strain the stock. Then flake the fish and set the fish aside.

Put tamarind juice, ground ingredients (A), water and fish stock in a pot.

Add polygonum leaves, dried tamarind skin and lemon grass. Bring to a low simmering boil for 10 minutes.

Add the flaked fish and seasoning to taste.

Continue to simmer for an extra 10 minutes.

To serve, put a handful of laksa noodles in a metal strainer and immerse in a pot of boiling water to scald the noodles for half a minute.

Drain and put into a bowl.

Pour a ladleful of laksa soup or gravy over the noodles and garnish with a little of each garnish.

Drizzle a little prawn paste over and serve immediately. You can also serve the prawn paste separately.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Tahun Kehilangan Wang...

I tot ever since this, this and this...i can start a new year with no Kesueian... Sumore aiming 2 jadi buddha dis year..

be free from all problems
be free from all suffering
be free from all pain

I am alwiz very thankful 1 lei..for example, on my envelope, I alwiz put
"Thank you Mr Postman 1"... (so dat if postage tak cukup, postman still post)

WHY??? WHY??? WHY they still tak puas?? y wana go on strike??

isit bcos of this??
i kasi small request oni lei..
Dun like me call u Mr postman?? write down ur name, i kasi personalised message la.dun lidat la... bill all tak sampai, cashback stuck, have to pay bill for 12 months dei...
sure postman pakat with phone company 1..sekaligus kill all innocent ppl

ebay item oso tak dapat..the seller sure got lots of stuff stuck oso, now larikan diri liao...
dat day baru kena bank charge sumore...argh..

look out for headlines tomoro " pelajar JPA mati dikejar ah long"

Friday, 19 October 2007


It was a moonless night...everything seemed so dark and was so fact..too quiet...i can feel the night calling me...
" Go bathe la...."

I ignored the call...

"Go bathe laaaaa..."

Again i ignored the call, this time with a stare, as if saying " Mai Kacau la.."

"uuuuuuu.....GOO BATHEEEE"

Itook the towel and balut go into the bathroom n bathe...The evil aura surrounded me..can feel bulu bulu ketiak oso naik dy...

Eh, everything seemed fine...the water is still warm...bathtub??tak pecah oso...
hm...chuak sendiri kot..

after mandi, balut bek 2 room then settle..

"where got so easy.."

open door....OPEN SESAMEEE...sum1 change my password oredi...door kenot open..

trapped in the toilet...with only 1 duno enuf oxygen onot..later hungry??

PASUKAN PENYELAMAT came 2 the rescue..

They are too noble to be hands oni

Tempat Kejadian...

Have to go skru the door knob out from outside, then pass me tools n skru from inside...

Finally..buka lah..take out the besi to prevent future accident

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Ketandusan Idea

Waa..dis few days reeli no idea to blog at all..

go out oso lazy to take picture...
take picture oredi oso lazy to transfer..
transfer oredi oso lazy to upload..
upload oredi oso lazy to blog... (anafora or epifora forget liao)
so no update!!..

Isit because I am too old to come out with interesting ideas???

Isit because I realise that life is too short to waste on blogging???

Or bcos i realise blogger mostly fat 1 like this and my brain auto-shut bcos I am not??

To overcome this syndrome kemalasan berblogasi, one of my fren came up with the idea of combine blog..hoho...macam power ranger or captain planet...(with our powers combineddd..captainnnn...planettt)
all will have different role..some lawak, some sentimental..BUT...

What Role Shud I Play??? I realise i not gud in anything dei..

...lawak tak cukup lawak..
...recipe tak cukup sedap...
...sentimental..(haha) kenot lah wei...

so I shall make a poll to find my true weakness and strengths..

Persoalan: Why people read my blog??

A) Picture Nice?
B) Lawak?
C) Recipe?
D) Exciting?
E) Nothing better to do?
F) Interested in me??hehe...

Method of voting: post in comment, chatbox, sms, msn, post laju, merpati terbang...pls dont ship, it might take too long..

closing date: 10 days from now..
thanks for your support..

Sunday, 14 October 2007

How to be happy..

OK..ehmm..wana try blog sum not lawak bodoh blog...
I found this sort of list of things to do 2 be happy...

I then start to think think..what are the things that can really make me happy?
as i read tru the list, i find some of it true, but most of it abit untrue oso..maybe to me doubt the suggestions are things that can make some of us happy...

- laugh alot, smile alot

its good to smile and laugh, but there must be a dai bo ji laugh ppl think u siao 1... if you laugh n smile too much, people might not take you seriously oso...
u laugh when u r happy, but to be happy u laugh alot?? apa ni..

laugh, smile -------> happy-------->laugh, smile (vicious cycle)

- give lots of compliment
please give compliment yang berpatutan...if some1 is clearly not pretty, dun go try n convince her that she is pretty...people shud noe the truth about themselve so that they can improve wun wana go make some1 feel so good about themself but in the end its not true..

-Give small gifts to your friends. To give is even more pleasurable than to receive.

Sure ka??who dun like to receive present? sila angkat i dun deny can sometimes give you pleasure...i oso feel happyby giving small surprise gifts 2 frens jus 2 see their happy face.. but it is even happier when some frens give me surprise gifts..hehe..(hint hint)

-Wear the most expensive after-shave (usually men!) or perfume (usually women!!) you can afford. It will make you feel good.
Siao...sabun can dy la..not all ppl can take perfume wad.could be other's poison...

-Stay close to nature
haha..tried..plant mini ikea bamboo and ternak seamonkey...end up, bamboo mati, sea monkey from 30 bcum 1...happy?? not reeli....but if nature trips then different la..ehe

-Treat yourself often to something 'cheap and cheerful'
Hmm..dis 1 quite true la..have to sometimes pamper urself n buy stg for urself 2 be happy...

-Take lots of photos if can write a dis 1..

- keep a diary
better pray it is not read by others till u die...for those who have the habit of reading other's diary, pleasee...pleaaseee..dont...

-still got alot of bodoh 1 dat i lazy 2 quote...

-"However, if you follow all these suggestions and you're still not happy, you're either an android or an alien. In the former case, see an electronics engineer. In the latter case, go home to your own planet."

apani..what u think can make u happy doesn't mean it'll make others happy ei..what every1 look for is different...

things that can make me happy:

- buying gadgets..hoho...
- when i am right...
- doing some stupid thing that other ppl dun do...kepuasan...
- getting compliment that i myself think is correct..
- realising that some fela that i alwiz tot is better than me but is actually not..hoho...
- when i'm in control
- when i'm appreciated
- when everything i did is worth is...
- when i find ppl that have the same interest as me...(quite hard 2 find dei..)
- when i realise my friends care..

alot of ppl keep asking me how come i can be happy everyday n looks as if i have no worries at all??

- first u must WANT to be happy...some ppl prefers to be miserable..n kept blaming the world...the rest of the world dun owe u...(e.g, if a friend brings u to a party, she is not responsible for taking care of u the whole night jus because u duno any1 else...) u'll feel better if u can accept that..

- live life as it planning is good, but planning is not worrying..dun go worry about things that cant change or things that has not happen or cry about some results that are not out yet...

- care but don't care too part of something...most important keep in touch with ur friends..some ppl have the thinking (cieh, they oso dun keep in touch with me lo...) every1 lidat no1 will keep in touch dy..dun underestimate how friends can make u happy...

- be positive..think of what is the worst that can what if it happens..20 years later it'll just be a joke 2 u...

- find new interests u and find what u actually like to do...n do...

- although i kutuk jus now, but laugh n smile n play more can make me happy..haha..although sometimes ppl get irritated, but...sorry..haha..

- another method is to be saturated with problems..after u go tru alot of problems, not much things can make u unhappy liao..haha...i now higher level oredi...

there are certain things that alwiz fluctutate...such as relationship...can b super happy n super sad..(standard deviation very high 1).. dis 1 kenot advise liao..i oso kekantoian 1...

or relationship with frens n ppl around..dat 1 i kenot control n kenot guarantee happy 1..hehe..jus need 2 choose ur friend correctly or at least let the correct friend choose you.

- to be ignored
- to feel stupid
- to feel intimidated
- to not be in control
- to be lack of confidence

Sori if blog memboringkan..first try, sempena Hari Raya...maaf zahir dan batin

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Hari yang Boring dalam Sejarah

first productive thing i did for the day: blogging..

wake up at 8.39, supposed 2 go tutorial 9.35 bus..miss bus..10.20 nx bus, miss oso..

oredi tukar baju dy, just need 2o pakai kasut and go..
end up 11 am tukar baju back to baju tido..

so what I do whole day?
sit in front of computer..clicking the same same bookmark that i saved..but not reading anything on screen

after 1 hour...
after 2 hour..
after that tido..
then bangun,


1 hour..

2 hours....

thought wana blog..but duno what to blog..cos whole day jo bo ( do nothing in hokkien)
finally..come out with dis blog...
now back to


Monday, 8 October 2007


HAIH....( does dis expression conclude my mood for the whole day?)

Alarm clock ring: 6.30
Wake up: 7.00...a.m, by the way..

I feel like I woke up in a world where time moves u noe those outer space movie where ppl move very slow 1..

I did everything super brain oso works slower...took me 2 minutes just to switch on the lights, then 5 minutes sitting on the chair planning what to do next...even standing in front of the sink wondering which toothbrush is mine, at the same time trying to figure out which tap is hot water n which 1 is cold..


Shuttle bus coming at i walk out at about 7.18 i I was walking, I see the shuttle bus zoommmmmmm pass me...

me: 'ou'

but i jus continued walking like a zombie..duno what I was thinking oso..when I reach the stop oni i realise..ei..shuttle bus go dy rite...haih...

slowly i turn back n walk for another 10 mins home..(kiam siap, dun wana pay 1 pd to take bus where the stop is 10 mins away oso)

so reach home sit for 30 minutes wait for the next shuttle bus..i oso forget y i wanted 2 go hosp early 2day..dun care liao...


jialat...he start 2 ask question around..mana gua tau..better tunduk..
tunduk till got once fren had 2 call my name..reeli my turn 2 answer, kenot lari liao...

" what are the causes of finger clubbing?" gud gime such simple question..heard of finger clubbing since first year lei...

"ehm..." asking a taxi driver what will happen to the taxi when u press the brake...

after 1 minute
" heart disease, liver disease"...which is abit correct la..
so he lepaskan me..
he then listed out like 20 things that can cause clubbing...haih...

i then read this headline on metro
"Judge ordered back to lawschool"
bcause the highcourt say the judge dun understand basic law..hmm...will i b sent back 2 medical school 10 years later??? scary dei..

(for those that goes for Rengga tuition, his favourite i understand)

Friday, 5 October 2007


Picasso Museum was one of the first few museum that I visit in Barcelona last time...His paintings all weird weird 1...not like those superb paintings sebesar kanta pembesar that aunty go see oso will say nice 1..mayb i duno how 2 appreciate the "vibrant colour" or the "magical strokes" or the "unique colours that cant be found now"...(quoted from some1 that kononnya pakar seni)...

Anyway, r u wondering now if there's a typo error in my title?

Nope..there's this new painter Pricasso who is unique in his own way...
JUst because I am doing GI rotation, i started to notice this kind of news..


Guess what he paints with?
Can see in the picture kot..

Could this also be one of the cause of the penyakit i mentioned yesterday???
"Price to pay 2 be a painter..haha"...Sanggupkah??

He labels himself as "World's Greatest Penile Artist",
first discovered his talent in a party where he sort of ter-draw with his 'thing'...

I wonder how long he can tahan drawing..later get occupational injury ka? kulit melecet or tercabut or blisters??yeeeee or mayb berkulat if paint terstuck for too long...

Like normally brush if paint oredi din wash sure bcum keras wad...his "brush" duno can kena onot..lidat noneed watch porn oso keras liao...

Mayb he has to order some natural specially made organic paint and do therapy by rendam in milk at night to moisture it..yeee... some chef or artist buy insurance for their hand there insurance for penis in his case???

But anyway, its still a talent that not many of you can worth knowing..n praising...hehe

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Something interesting...

Now start 3rd year oredi...everyday go ward bersiar-siar pretend 2 b doctor...
I started with *GI rotation n getto learn lotsa new things, n 1 dat interest me is PR examination..

so what is PR examination?
Public Relation? no la...

...First you must ask patient can do onot..they sure say can can 1..(first time see ppl agree willingly)...

...then remember pakai glove...if not ur hand bleech oso no use liao...

...afterdat slowly touch the surface, see smooth onot..

...then cucuk ur hand in and turn turn press press as deep as possible...longer finger got advantage lo...

New things: 2day I saw 1 scrotum as big as our kepala...dat fella did an operation to memanjangkan penis few years thats the price to pay...

kesimpulan: dun simply go lengthen stuff...

GI (gastrointestinal) is anything from mouth to ka cheng (buntut aka back side) scientific abit anus...

Malas berblog la..but so many days din blog saja la..

Monday, 1 October 2007


ME n Helen decided to kasi our dear fren PEI LIAN aka SI TUA PUI a surprise on her bday by goin 2 manchester n find her...(alasan sebenar wana go eat dimsum la..)

After pakatan pangkor 1827, we reach train station at almost same time...BT (peminat setia pei lian) came 2 sambut us in the cold weather (thanx BT)...once we reach her flat,

we expect "oh my god!!!" from her oredi...sure she terkejut.hehe

MANA TAU...tak tersangka she:


Plus pukul pukul us till kulit melecet and hug us like ular sawa...n menangis like si tenggang's mother when see tenggang balik kampung...

Me n helen look at each other..."hmmmm"

Dat day she drunk sumore..n "make someone's hand berkulat" *wink wink*

ANYWay, we had a great weekend...away from all the kesienan in our hometown (london n edinburgh)....

THX Manchesterian for the food (although tak cukup) and Tua Pui for the SUPER MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKEEE THAT TOOK 2 HOURS TO BAKE
(look below for the cake story)

n juniors as welll..Plus BT for offering pillow (although busuk)...and ai ling (although malas cum train station), mei lin, etc etc...

sekian terima kasih

TUA PUI or simplified to PUI is EE PEI LIAN
BT is not the phone company..its KOAY BEE TI

Cake Story:

Due to lack of food, Pui nicely offer 2 bake cake..which she claim "very fast"
After she busy for 1 hour in kitchen, she finally came out..i tot settle liao..she say ya..
"I Put in oven liao"

oo..yei..45 mins ka? NO...its SUPER MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE..need 2 hours 2 bake 1..
pengsan..12 oclk oni can makan..haha..

picture nx time ok..malas..