Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Mooncake Festival a.k.a. Mid-Autumn Festival

Hah...sempena Mid-Autumn Festival..more biasa call Mooncake festival...wana blog stg bout mooncake...
Bak kata pepatah:

"Kuih bulan, kuih bulan..lepas makan, muka bulat macam bulan"

One fine night (few days before I balik UK)

I lepak with my friends n went back home quite late...My parents oredi tido..hoho..if not sure bising me...

When i went upstairs, my mum woke up n call me...I tot..
"jialat liao..sure wana say y i cum bek so late...hmm"

When I go down, she nicely say,
"Pei, mooncake...jus now I make 1...dis 1 special de Shanghai mooncake.."

Awwww... so relieved and touched...although dat time baru finish mamak dengan kenyang, still makan dengan syok..
THAT is when I realise mooncake is makable 1...

After Balik Edinburgh,

I curi recipe from this site : wai sek hong at my link there ada...

But as usual, sure tak cukup ingredient and ka chang(alatan) 1...kasi abit of festival mood can dy la..


Got draw bunga sumore...the paling top 1 fatty draw 1..tak sangka its the paling cantik 1..ahha

First TIme Kantoi Bake..notice the small 1 actuali is a smiley face, but kena bakar cacat oredi..

2nd Time jadi abit liao..

Got the bentuk rite...use hand kasi mekap 1..

After that oni i read the last line of the recipe...yang berbunyi:
"store it for 2-3 days so that the skin is soft and shiny and then it is ready to serve..."

APA BARANG!!!..I wana eat liaooo!!!
End up cut up the big 1 n eat ..but true enuf, the skin abit crunchy, like eating biskut abit..hehe..take it as eksperiment control la..

Keep the rest for few days see how..

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Venue: Elderly Ward

Nurse A: Pei, can you go n make sure Mr X wakes up and get ready for breakfast?

Me: OK...(since I more pro abit dy, get patient up no prob la..)

When I see the patient, he oredi nicely sitting on the chair n look cheerful...
So I started the conversation as usual:

"Good Morning, Mr X, how are you feeling today?"

He smile sweetly to me...

Nowadays I like to talk to patients 1...since I wana break out of this gelaran weirdo, dun dare to tok 2 nurses, tok 2 patient la..i wun see them again wad..cincai tok oso can..haha

"The weather is very good isn't it? U feeling fresh today?"

He smile politely again.

"I'll give you a basin to wash your face, ok?"

bla bla..I help him cuci muka la..cukur misai la..and along the way i tok n tok to him la..he keep smiling nia..I understand la..some old ppl seldom tok least he got response..

After I habis settle him, when I was about to leave, he finally spoke up:

Mr X: " Nurse, could you pass me my hearing aid in the locker?"

Me: ...

CIMAKAN...Nampaknya I syok sendiri...

Monday, 24 September 2007

JPA allowance...

INcrease no Increase??
How Muc increase??
When INcrease???
60-40 still on??
Berbaloi ONOT??

we've all been asking those questions...haih...SASPENS...

I receive sum news from sum fren, berbunyi:

Dear all,

I have just been to Putrajaya to confirm this news. Apparently, we will get the email notification some time soon, but I am writing to let you know first.

Starting from this September, our allowance will be changed. (you will know if you read the Budget)
There will be 3 kind of rates:

1. ppl studying in London, Oxford, Cambridge -- GBP950
2. ppl in Bath, Surrey, Edinburgh, Bristol -- GBP 800
3. the rest -- GBP 650

and for that allowance, we have to pay for our own accommodation/ deposits / etc etc

That means the 60:40 or the 20:80 scheme has been stopped.

Duno correct onot..if reeli lidat, can go sembelih ayam oredi...(wanted to put sembelih (~@~), but bulan ramadhan...)..Guess we'll noe end of oct then...

Heroes Season 2

HEroes Season 2 Revealed today!!!


Saturday, 22 September 2007


Selepas malapetaka yang melanda, all the penghuni-penghuni of my room bergotong-royong for 3 days 3 nights...

Semua ahli menyumbangkan tenaga pekerja...termasuklah:

My cicak that was just resusitated,

wo wo (my dog) and gonad (my another dog, full name hypergonadothrophic hypergonadism)...

rooney and beckham decided to help out as well:

Even David, baru lepas mandi tak sempat wear clothes yet..

Oni this chimera, die oso dun wana help..

send a guard to warn him..

other penghuni-penghuni kecil take group foto la..:

from left to right: mooo, Mr tortoise, Miss Penguin, Jiao Jiao, 2 naked ladies, Ayam Jantan, pinochio, n HIPPO....

After much hard work..

Friday, 21 September 2007

BACK to kesienan...




I chat with 10 person online, 9 person describe coming back to UK with one word : "SIEN"
Haih, no more mamak, no more hokkien mee, no more wantan mee, no more satay, no more duck mee, no more ... no more...(to infiniti)

Ideologi before balik:

Penuh Semangat and Confidence..."This year must change liao..wana study more...wana make more friends, wana be like Dr Cameroon, wana LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!"
Level of semangat :
50% --> (50+10)% --> (60+10)% -->(70+10)%...100% (janjang arimetik)

Ideologi selepas balik:

no ideologi...zzz...tido tido tido...malas..malas..malas...
Level of semangat:
100% --> (100-10)% --> (90-20)% --> (70-40)% ...on going... (janjang geometri)

Worse come to Worst, my room diserang TORNADO + Puting Beliung + Terrorist..

My cicak oso terkorban...

Ops..tertake my foto with bikini..


Solution: Take 1 day off to clear la..hoho...(finally got time to blog liao)

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

London Bridge...

When I mention London Bridge, what is the first thing that come to your mind?


"London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down..."

stg like this?

Or like dis at night??

In Search of London Bridge...

Me n my 2 sisters decided to go london bridge, (paiseh to say 2 years in uk, i din go to london bridge i noe y my friends never brought me there)

We took a tube to the stop "London Bridge" Shudn't be that hard to find rite..since the name oredi on the tube map..

We walk n walk n we came to stg like this:

Where is London Bridge? The sign board point to this direction ei..

We look across and we saw this again:
"That ka? no la..dat 1 is Tower Bridge..that day we went wad..."

Bak kata pepatah: "Malu bertanya sesat jalan"

so we went n ask an apek the smartest question:

"Ekskiu me...where is London Bridge?"

He pointed behind us:

He added: were you expecting something like that?


Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Makan Makan with Family..

Got ppl complain i blog on Paris, dun sound like I balik Malaysia oso..haha

Main Event iN Malaysia..MAKAN!!!

GO penang find my sister: First night--- Tambun Seafood...

Eat till halfway liao...

New dish tried: fried mini sotong with black sause n ginger..( i think..but quite nice..)
Cos i normally either sambal or batter fry ma...


Satay Celup...( abit paiseh take picture, dis is the best i got..haha)

Childhood Favourite: Teochew Moay...
Last time b4 tuition always eat here 1..rindu..

Simple dish nia..but still nice..
NUMBER 1 dish: Kiam Chai (sayur masin)

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Makan- Makan in Paris..

This trip punya makan event abit different from my other trips..

bCOS: I go with my 2 kurus sisters..

Normally: After break fast oredi start looking for place to eat lunch..after lunch between eat snacks...

This trip is more to see see see n no time to eat type...which is really a challenge to my stomach's daya tahan...

However, I manage to grab some food on the way:

Famous Crepe in Paris...(savoury sumore..nyum nyum)

My second day in Paris, beli 3 roti from our favourite patiseria..then makan 1 breakfast 1 lunch 1 dinner..haha..

But Thx to our Lonely Planet, we came to this special place..(on one of the days)

We cari cari for 30 minutes the place..when reach: "WAD??SO SMALL!!!"

We intip intip inside, nearly dun wana masuk liao..looks old n not nice..
but got alot of ppl wor..hmm..

Once we masuk, oni see 2 long tables..all full with ppl..

Have to panjat masuk to the little space at the side..

Go in nia they serve this..appetizer...

Afterthat this:
Haha..Wine in baby bottle (leng kan in Hokkien)

So long din drink from bottle, syok oso..

The glass punya wine coated with sugar 1..
Ngap ngap..

They noneed menu 1..jus tanya either meat or cheese...we oso blur blur..
See other people eat:
All the same same pot 1..apatu??looks like steamboat..

I tak makan beef i order cheese..then my sister beef..i wana order kokokai pun tarak..

1 pot cheese, 1 pot minyak for the beef..

The cheese makan with bread 1..the beef dip inside the oil n masak..



New Fren Found...

Not forgetting the desert...yummy..after that go coffee n tea summore...

PRICE: any1 goin paris soon..Highly Recomended!!!

This is the Berthillon that my senior recomended..go there tutup..sedihhh

This 1 is another normal restaurant that we went to..malas to blog bout it..haha

Sunday, 2 September 2007


Still remember my first few trips to europe..Waahh..wana go in all the museums..spend alot of time looking at arts, (although tak berapa faham)..after some time, we start to:

"Museum? Famous onot? Not famous? NONEED"

Although I am not a big fan of Museums, but at some place, sure got some this De Louvre in Paris...(Da Vinci Code 1 lei..have to go la..)

What is in this Museum?

"There are over 30000 Sculptures and Paintings in this Museum that you need at least 1 month to thoroughly look through everything...The way is to highlight the few sections that you are interested in and pretend the rest of the sections are at the other side of the city" lonely planet

Doesn't affect me..cos i oni noe got Mona Lisa...and 1 Venus de Milo (always see the miniature in those restaurants in Edinburgh)

Sori not dat clear, but the best I can take..

Venus de Milo..looks familiar??

I tot Mona Lisa sure kenot take picture 1..Mana tau..

But after awhile..they put up the sign no pictures aloud oredi..cos too crowded..haha..

This is the Code Of Hamurabi that we learn in Sejarah Dunia Tingkatan 4 last time...(at least something that sounds familiar)

Posing Bodoh..

This 1..huiyo..we saw the picture like very chunted..look like Shaolin punya Sami walk all the way to see..manatau...

Some famous Interpreter...

Tomb Raider...

More interested with the outside view..haha..

This is the famous Champs Elysees in Paris...We walk there to cari makan..I tot like some Chi Chiong Kai alot of things to eat 1...walk walk walk macam highway ni..till the end oni saw civilization...

U see this road leads to this:
Arc de Triumphe...

P.s: if got spelling mistakes, sorry...malas to check..