Monday, 28 September 2009

Badluck come in chunks?




Thats what they say..

Yamaha was left there for quite some time oredi, cos tayar pancit and kenot start...road tax recently expired sumore...

n WE JUST DIN BOTHER...although it is technically not mine, but legally is still mine... so feel bazir alsoo...

Last week as i walk pass I saw some clamping lori near that area already... discussed with the owner of the scooter about the prognosis of the scooter...

Problem list:
1) kenot start
2) tayar pancit
3) no road tax, no insurance, no MOT...
4) have to find buyer

Management Plan:

Immediate management:

1) Remove the bike from road first, cos no road tax...

Further management:

1) Settle the battery to start first

2) Then take to kedai see how much can trade-in..

3) If not try listing on Gumtree...

After that conversation, I went to DVLA website to declare SORN (off-road).. Then, went to research how to sell and fill in quote forms, etc online...


Din bother bout the immediate management..din remove it off-roadd!!!

Its like managing a patient with heart attack.. kasi medication for hypertension, kasi advice on liefstyle change... BUT forgottn about the oxygen, the CPR... n patient now brain damaged due to lack of oxygen and paralysed...

Huhuhu...the scooter owner decided to Unplug the ventilator.. euthanasia... huhuhuhuhuhu.. Shall I save it? is it worth it? Could there be better treatment in the future if i try n prolong its life?

Tomoro 12pm if i dont decide to save it, it will be taken away to palliative care for 7 days and wait to die..

1 scooter... 1 life.. should I save it?

sob sob..

BYE BYE Yamaha...Forever... R.I.P

Own Hair Cut

Hehe.. I have been telling ppl I need a haircut..

but then, have to pay 20++ pds to just trim it, abit sakit hati.. cos i plan to keep the long hair...

plus the ang moh alwiz cut the back 1 straight line 1..dono y...


Solution is: go to

search for how to cut own hair.. haha..

then agak agak la.. bahagi hair to 6 bahagian, slowly cut..

but long hair is easier la..cos can pull tot he front n cut..hehe

Friday, 25 September 2009

The Series of unfortunate event Again!!

Conclusion : Now safely on the train...

1 month ago...

Bot ticket to go Manc today...
Me,Helen n Peilian have this birthday tradition to visit each other for their birthday..

Guess what, Peilians bday!!!

Birthday need bday present rite... ( will tok bout this later..cos din give her yet)


1 week ago...
Due to exam sienness, tot I'll make some kuih bring to manc la..

Plan: thursday study no time...friday morning exam, (take day ticket paling berbaloi liao), 1pm take bus to hingsing buy banana leaves n pandan..drop by collect missed parcel (maximise day tix) reach home 2.30 make kuih till 5.30 (sambil pack),mandi and leave around 6 for train at 6 stg (dono exactly wad time,lazy check)..ok set!

Actual: Thursday 10am - 10pm..makan,tido,dota,td... study- < 5%... go hingsing some stuff no stock can't get all bahan..go royal mail depot,oredi tukar place! cis.. yesterday found out 2.30 pm got lecture actualy..attend? no?

I somehow sense stg very not right oredi..better make a simpler kuih n save some time to pack..later miss train susah.. the whole journey think wad to make..

Manatau..check ticket time: 16:11... aiyaaaaa..16 is not 6 oclk laa.. so abort kuih mission..sori kawan sekalian yang dipromise kuih..

Instant pack n ran although still early... (since I sense stg not right..) sampai train station, cieh..3.50pm..still got 26 minutes la.. go lepak beli snacks..oredi at train station wad can happen rite..

Kausai..after beli see watch 4.08..train 4.16 stil got 8 mins..slowly jalan lo...

(brain undergo thinking process)

Kausai!!! it's 16:11 not 4.16 pm..arghhhhh


GUSHhhHh.. signboard platform 9 turn right..ok.. ran down stairs.. WRoNG Turninggg!!! shit shit.. ppl rreeli gona laff at me if I miss train like this mann...

Ran up again..( with my bag n badminton racquet sticking out...)

yess..finally sampai..train damn damn damn packed.. and got tanda- tanda its gona move soon..don't care squeeze in first..

click...sound of door shut behind me...

Time to blog...

At this instant my racquet just drop on my head...arghhhh..

Syndrome of kehabisan luck after exam..hopefully I pass at least...

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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

How stupid can you be, Monster??


Monster went to tesco...

Monster walk every lane in tesco...

Monster choose her food...

Monster spent 30 mins in Tesco...

Monster went to pay...


Kausai.. have to return the stuffs..

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Geriatrics a.k.a...Study of theAncient

Study of the Ancient (S.O.T.A) ...

4 weeks of geriatrics medicine... what did I gain?

apart from weight;

1) Fear of getting old..

Nothing much I can do about that rite.. luckily i alwiz look younger than i am.. now i dont mind ppl thinking that I am a 'Fresher'..

2) Fear of getting old and sick...

From now onwards, I wana start a healthy lifestyle.. Eat vitamins, minerals, n calcium!! after 35 yrs old ur body start to lose bone liao.. If i am gona get old anyway, better get old healthy.. Plus exercise 3x a week...

3) Fear of my parents getting older..

I see the old ppl in my wards, so depressing.. no family, no frens.. remind me of my parents back home.. I normally dont have the habit of calling home often 1.. but in 4 weeks, i called home 4 times..

4) Fear of getting bored when old...

What to do when I am old? I see them reeli no activity 1.. everyday wake up sit, then eat, then sit, then watch tele (if they are not too demented to understand)... nobody visit, dont go out..
1 word... scaryy...
2 words.. very scaryyyy.

I have to start physio on my fingers.. so that I can maintain my dexterity to play D.O.T.A when I get old.. But ofcourse there are some patient that I reeli wana be like them..97 years old still fit n healthy..

One of the patient told my consultant:

' One day it'll be your turn...'

P.S: For any1 that reads this post, take about 30 seconds n think of your dear parents at home... call them if u have not for a long time.. (not every1 like me i guess)..

Monday, 21 September 2009

Dot Dot Dot

Kenott..I decide that I must blog about thiss...

I today sudenly semangat to cook bihun n eat... put chicken, put egg, wah, cook so susah..

FInally can eat Dr House waiting for me, slowly watch slowly eat, enjoy life abit...

MANATAUUUUU... sudenly ... dono ataxia or wad la.. the whole plate drop to the floorrrr..


haih... left about 20% still safely on the plate.. cut my calorie intake to 1/5...

plus 1 apple..


To be happy or to be sad?

Since I am one of the few hampir pupus Final Year medic student still in edinburgh at this time, I joined some juniors to play badminton...

For once, i mean for ONCE, I actually feel old..haha.. in fact I am the oldest in the group of 11..

I see them full of life, full of the glow that we once had when we were in 2nd year..

Just came back from 3 MONTHS summer holiday...3 MTHS!!!, starting their life as 2nd year medic... wah... I was there once.. When will I get 3 months holiday again?? probably never in my life again..haha

But anyway, not all agree that I am old.. one of the 2nd year medic, after I intro myself, said:

'Oh, hi.. U fresher isit?'

I burst out laughing... Not because I am happy.. but I am at the other spectrum of Fresher.. I am almost reaching my expiry date already, still ter-mix in the New Arrival shelf..haha..

But some stuff if u don't go n look at the expiry date reeli kenot tell if gona rosak onot rite..haha.. That shows that I don't have any kemek on the can, or kulat on me to tell.. haha..

Plus yesterday as some1 reminded me, I still had to hide in the toilet when they check ID at the pub.. Back to the question, what makes me look young? I'm sure not my height.. cos I'm too jumpy? Too happy? mayb old ppl are not supposed to show happiness.. haha..

Will I still be like this when I am 30? Thats just 6 years from now.. wil I change alot? What differs me from the ME 5 years ago?

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Raya Special...

Sempena Hari Raya, saya bercadang utk berblogasi dalam bahasa melayu...

Hari ini, aku menghadiri rumah terbuka Abang Faizal... dah lama tak pakai baju kurung biruku..

Semalam, aku terasa bosan sekali..ah tolongg.. teramat bosan kerana rakan serumahku semua tak balik..( aku rasa ramai rakannku dah dimaklumkan tentang ni..hehe).. susah payah habiskan portfolio pada sabtu pagi sedangkan tarikh hantar berakhir hari jumaat..hmm.. terimalah surat amaran warna merah di Eemec.. takpa la.. panjang ceritanya.. dan aku dah tak tau maciam mana nak cerita dalam bahasa melayu yang pro..haiih...

Dalam mood yang tak baik ini, hariku dicerahkan oleh pasukan bola Manchester United punya derby..whoa... amat menarik sekali.. aku tidak tersangka tonton match yang menarik boleh menggembirakan ku..haha..

Seluruh pub yang aku tonton tu memberikan suasana yang amat mencemaskan dan menambahkan keseronokan menonton.. terima kasih...

Monday, 14 September 2009


FloWEr MOnsTAR ... says:

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:

FloWEr MOnsTAR ... says:

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:

You have just sent a nudge

FloWEr MOnsTAR ... says:

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:

FloWEr MOnsTAR... winks:

Play "사랑해요"

FloWEr MOnsTAR... says:

The following message could not be delivered because you have exceeded the maximum number of messages per minute. Please try again later.

Wadd?? since when msn have the maximum number of messages per minute??

and all my previous messages were not delivered!!

Just because you ran out of ideas? and my winks work fine, so u create stg to prevent me from keep trying to yoyo???

Friday, 11 September 2009


It has been said that the sunset in Santorini is the best in the world.. don't know how true is that..

BUt i seriously think santorini would be a perfect place for honeymoon..hehe..
shit..why did i go now???

This is Santorini..

We took a ferry from athens to santorini, which took us about 5 hours.. b4 that, I was worried about being bored or having motion sickness on the ferry.. but actually it is not bad..

luckily we decided to take the 7pm ferry and reach at 12am at night.. because then, we can enjoy sunset on the ferry.. nice relaxing moment..

not bad right, instead of feeling dizzy or vomiting, i got this in exchange..haha..
everything was so n lee yan listening to music, so relaxing.. here comes the spoiler..

Babi gays decided to take their chair and put directly infront of us.. not only blocking the view, force us to see their rabaan and kemesraan ..argh.. no choice but to look up:

Finally reach santorini.. the ppl from the resort came to pick us up..nicee.. memang every resort pick their ppl up noneed to worry reachin at night..hehe

The place we stayed in:
Cheap and nice..hehe..

We just realised on the second day that the swimming pool that i took picture of is actually not ours..haha.. ours is abit smaller, but we curi curi masuk also, cos its all connected..
Some1 trying to be artistic..but complained the model not pretty enuff...

Outside the resort: (Perissa Beach)

But 1 disappointing thing is the beach is not sandy beach.. its the black volcano debris.. nice to take picture but not nice to swim in..

We rented a car to drive up north to Fira and Oia for sunset.. (our super driver managed to overcome the right sided driving and left-sided driver seat..)
This is Fira i think...

Santorini is famous for its blue and white dome shaped churches.. In fact the whole island is blue and white... There are 450 churches on the island itself.. but.. we din go into any of them..haha.. merely drive pass and see nia..The 1 that i took picture of, alwiz in postcard view 1..

There are lots of theory y blue and white, but i like the 1 that says bcause during the ottoman time, they are not allowed to hang their flags, therefore they paint their houses the colour of their flag as a sign of defiance..

By 4pm we are already in Oia, waiting for sunset.. which is err...8.45pm?? But too hot!! just too hot!! I think I drank more water in 1 hour than I would normally do in 2 days..

Dog also dehydrated...

Donkey climb stairs...
So hot that we were craving for water to jump in.. 2nd day in Santorini and we din getto swim yet!! went searching for sandy beach, came to this 1:

errr..not sandy also..haih, gave up..

Went and just lepak and wait for sunset:
I need a filter for my camera..alot of pics (jau kwong)..too much light..hehe


We sat and booked our spot at the perfect place for sunset view..


Saja wana take picture of lenglui.. (including us of course)

Met a new friend while waiting...

Haih, waited for so long, over in 4 minutes...

I still prefer the sunset on the ferry..haha.. mayb I need a better camera..

Monday, 7 September 2009

Monday Bluess

Here comes monday again.. the day after Sunday.. the whole weekend just zooooomeed pass..
It was just less than 24 hours ago, we were havin fun eating instant noodles because one of my housemate smartly say no to 'KUNG PO KAI TING'... n decided that we r hungry at 10pm..

with mah jong and movie followed by chor tai di till 2am..

SO so so reluctant to go to bed..because i know that as soon as I close my eyes, it WILL BE MONDAY!!!

Saturday we celebrated Jenn's bday...

hehe..actually its not her birthday yet... just cos weekdays folks will be out in some ulu place..

and afterthat... we went for PRAWNS!!! err..not in the restaurant, in the cinema..

Its actually not bad.. weird movie, and beware if you're intolerant to movement or prone to dizziness.. cos the whole movie is in news form, so damn dizzy...but farny..haha..

Din notice this when I walked into the cinema..haha

and NOWWW.. home alone, and it is MONDAY!!!

Saturday, 5 September 2009


Took me 3 months to transfer the foto from Greece to UK... haih...

Time to blog... hoho..start with Athens la.. we spent 2 nights there

1 picture to summarize Athens:

Got archeological site, got alot alot of leng lui, got the Olympic stadium.. Wah, no joke bout the leng lois.. average u see on the street also body chun maciam super models.. face also rating 8/10 punya. Hmm, I tot its sparta that they kill all the ugly baby 1?

Some ppl see leng loi till nose bleed: wakakakaa

Oh, n not forgetting the smart cars:

and the Taxis...

Spot the taxis.. more than 50% of ppl in athens part time taxi driver ka??

and some place that I forget the name...because..

Food Food Food...
Cheap n okok nice la.. kebab everywhere, n their 'jiu pai choi' is Greek salad, mousakka, n this yogurt with honey.. super sour..but after makan actually quite nice la..
n of course, road side icecream..hehe..

2nd day morning...
Go jalan jalan at the archeological site.. some theatre of herold articus, n a bunch of other stuff in the same area..

the paling popular 1, of course the Akropolis.. on the hill 1..

Bird feeding..
Err....actually pretending to feed, cos some stupid ppl buy the seeds from the penipu, feed, take picture oredi, chao oredi n the birds still there!!! so tumpang take lo..

Waa.. tot I was in MATRIX ... Every1 in Athens also buat gaya 1, wear sunglasses..


Another delikaten is seafood lo.. but this 1 all deep fried.. until the tulang also can eat that kind..

Some chapel in the city..or mayb it is toilet..forget oredi..but too tired to walk, so sat down to take picture..

Tadaa..the old Olympic Stadium Panathinaiko.. kononnya the only major stadium in the world build from marble wor..

finally, night view...

to be continued....
Santorini, the mother of all Islands..

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Why do I have to lie?

Why can't I be myself when I am with them? Why can't I just tell them how i really feel?

Is it because i am afraid that they won't understand? or I just KNOW they won't understand?

I was asked if I am gona go back to msia or stay here after I grad. The answer is I want to go back home!!.. Normally i would just say not decided.. or might go back, might stay...

But today, my 'not sure' as answer already over the allowed quota.. so i had to give an answer...

Y did I not tell the truth? Y did i feel that somehow I am gona be taught less if i say i am gona go back home after I grad?

Y can't I just say I am just here to 'steal some knowledge, and then go home to serve?'

I dont know.. I can lie all I want..

Nobody will know anyway... even when ppl ask me what did i do yesterday, 80% of the time i just made it up.. cos either i couldn't remember(partly due to my early onset dementia), or couldn't bother remembering, cos I know they ask just for the sake of asking..

A friend of mine describe them as GOLD FISH.. One moment ever so friendly, the next moment, short term memory loss, pretend that they dont even know u..

I am like a chicken amongst a thousand ducks.. unless i quack, they wont understand me..
but do I need to quack?