Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Crunchyroll the savior

"Boring Cutiiiiii"
(quoted from ihsan_huhu)

I totally agree with that phrase...When there is no holiday, we are alwiz hoping for holiday...when holiday comes... What to do??? Feels like a small boat in the middle of the sea, floating with no direction...Before holiday got so many things 2 do 1..y now nothing??? My ski trip nx Wake up everyday, brush teeth twice, prepare 2 sleep again..pajamas oso noneed tukar...

A - HAH!!! This is where Crunchyroll comes in...Some of you might be wondering what is crunchyroll?? Food?? Book??

No..its , a website where u can watch all the Drama - TVB, korean, japanese, etc..

Day n nite crunchyroll, till dono wad drama to watch already..Even watch the Romance of Three Kingdoms (an old 1995 war movie about the famous Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Zhu Ge Liang, etc...). The actors all atleast have 299 white hairs..

So to contribute to the website that saved me from boredom,

It is people like me that keeps Crunchyroll going...i kasi 1 star supporter la...All this while if you just watch larger, its free 1..for a normal screen, tak rasa, cos larger oso cover the whole screen liao...but...

When I watch crunchyroll with my new 20 inch screen, the larger becomes small..n people all laugh at me... "Whats the point of big screen??? "... haih..true oso...

After i become supporter, i can now watch high quality full screen...hohoho...
Which means I now have the account..any1 interested?? I can kasi password..wakaka..
Dengan syarat, must kasi comment on my blog 7 hari 7 malam..wakaka

Friday, 14 December 2007

Last Day Of School...

It is officially the last day of UNI today...
What impact would it have on other students?

Last day of uni = indication that holidays coming...other people would be relaxing and taking the day off..they have been busy throughout the holidays, so..time to rest...

For me : last day of uni---> Oh no, so fast over dy?? arghh...I din get started yet!!!
This is the day I am gona try and do everything in 1 day...cos i have not been doin anything anything b4 dis..
8.00am x-ray meeting (gona miss)
9.00am Operation theatre
12.00pm X ray interpretation
1.30pm clinics
5-9pm A n E..

More than what i do in a year cumulatively..

sien...(rather sit down n blog than catch the earlier bus to hospital for xray meeting...

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


What would be the greatest news in the morning?? "Dont have to go OT"...
Actualy, more to after I have decided not to go class...the happy aura start to spread from my brain to my heart to my toes, back up to my stomach and finally to my mouth...

When it reach my mouth, it will send an innate signal to my brain, telling me to Ali, the Malaysian food stall would be a great choice..But who to go with??

Due to the cold weather, takes 5x more effort to go out and also get ppl to go out..Other ppl have no problems goin out for classes, but when comes to eat, don wan la...
As for me, go class?? cold lei...But when comes to eating, restaurant got heater food will warm u up...

ONLY 1 person have the same ideology as me...THE FATTY!!! (except that he is fat, i am not)...he so fat, sure wana eat 1...but due to his fatness, his inersia oso very high...

Normally he wud say " come come lets gooo..i am ready dy..." (on the fone)
when i am fully changed n go find him,

his normal posture wud be:

Haih..have to wait for him to make-up half an nowadays i am smarter dy.."when u r fully changed, buzz me"..hoho.. is different...

He come and buzz my house..ei?? so good??

"COME...lets go eat.."

Yeai...dengan hapi wana go take my bag..cos i am always the black cat..


Huhuhu...kena tipu...fat fat fatt..

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Hush Puppies..

I was looking tru food online..then i saw 1 list got 'hush puppies'...
Wad is that??? Got ppl eat shoes 1 ka??

Setahu saya, Hush Puppies.......

Ini dia..
Maybe it is dog food??
After wikipedia..oo..its reeli a type of american food..

Speaking of hush puppies, I just realise Mr Puppies looks like a friend of mine, named Hypergonadotrophic Hypergonadism...we simply call him Gonad..

This is how gonad lookes like...

n his girlfren, Miss Wo-wo

To contribute to their species that is nearly extinct,

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Shop Online?

Nowadays, with the advance of technology, wad also can do online..with just afew clicks, goods are sent right to your door steps..from flight tickets, bookings to shoes, clothes, handphone, laptop, even underwear oso can buy online...Dats y people are getting lazier n lazier, fatter n fatter...Some ppl even shop for groceries online...whoa..

Unlike back home, here I seldom see got rotten apples, pears, oranges sold in there is no need to go picit picit to see fresh or not or ketuk-ketuk to see crunchy ornot..(kerja aunty aunty sekalian)..just read the lable, if it says sweet and crunchy, most probably IT IS sweet n crunchy..haha... dat is y ppl can buy online...

Unlike back home...apples with big 50 cent size indent oso still put on got clearance section, so make sure all going-to-rot stuff get sold off...

That is y eBay, amazon n stuff can bermastautin in this country...ppl are generally more 'trustable'...Not to say there are no penipu..i oso kena tipu b4..but lesser kot..even if kena tipu ebay, insurans relatively safe la...

Groceries all those can settle online, see picture, but baju lei??din try how 2 know can fit onot?I was looking for my ski wear online, due to kemalasan to go out in the cold to shop...then i saw this..H&M store online..

They even have this Sims 2 thingy for u to create your own image online to try on clothings..
Can put ur face, adjust body shape, height, etc..

See..working baju..

Casual wear..

See..underwear oso can hygiene problems..
(p/s: the above picture is not the real no unsur-unsur lucah..)

Din purposely make myself thinner to tipu sendiri oo..

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Oh noo...just because I went to Nottingham Games for 2 days, i missed the 8888th click of my blog..I have been waiting for few months now for it to reach that number. As a typical chinese, i believe that 8 (in chinese has the same pronunciation as prosperity) will bring me prosperity...with 4x 8, lagi full of $$$...

Haih, now don't know have to wait for how many more years to reach the rate I am going, after 1 year oni get 8888, need another 10 years oni get to see 88888...By that time i would have graduated, time to make planning..

Whoever that remember seeing 8888 that day, please step forward to collect your mysterious price...hehe..

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Happy Day

What can make my day happy??


Open this..

and found these:::

My favourite ben n jerry'ssss...tesco buy 2 for 5 pds..hoho..
THank YOU...
hopefully can tahan for 1 week...

Mathmos Lava Lamp

2 years ago, a friend of mine knock his head while playing squash..since then, he bcame...became....abit retarded...
He is also known as Mr Pak Chi..(cantonese, meaning retarded)..

Sadly, his birthday same as my les partner's 1 night celebrate for him, the the nx day cross the timezone to london celebrate for her...

Anyway, wad i wana say here is, i mewakili tevioters bought a present for him, which reach a month later...just in time for his 1 month birthday anniversary...
not my fault..postman onstrike..haha...
after investigating, found that the postman drop the gift, then send back n send another replacement...

the gift berbunyi: Lava lamp..
Apani...Its a lamp made from coloured volcano lava...

See the top..." Do Not Drink" haha..drink lava later esophagus melecet...

After pasang become like thiss:
(someone say macam incredible hulk sex toy)

Turn on n see..waaa..nice...

After 2-3 hours..

The bubble will move up n down 1...

Monday, 26 November 2007

Washing Disasters

1st Incidence:
I was trying to wash my nurse uniform. SInce might adopt alot of anak-anak germs back from hospital, i plan to stop their colonization by washing at 80 degree celcius (close to boiling liao). Although ppl say 60 oredi bacteria die, but to be safe...After washing, NHS id still hanging to my rosak, card can play jongkang jongket dy..

2nd Incidence:
Termasuk 1 baju baru berwarna hitam...all my other white clothes end up blue... But it was evenly coloured, so still pakaiable..haha..jus dat 4 of my baju all same colour..including the original blue that i already have..can bcome uniform oredi..even underwear also same kalerr...

3rd Incidence:
I tot i shud learn from mistakes... So dis time i separate my white baju n my black baju n wash...

1st batch: black baju..Open, got cebisan tissue paper..huhu..i tot black how kena warna oso wun show..manatau tissue white 1..cis cis..but still can diselamatkan...n my ID termasuk again!!!....since dis time wash 30 degree celcius, so cedera kulit oni...

2nd batch: white ones all masuk...tissue oso nevermind..When i buka, got 1 rock-like structure roll out from the door. Aih, wad isit?? its soft to touch...when I smell, ONO ONO ONOOOOO!!! ...its the COCOLAT that patients gave dat day...cis cis..all my white clothes kena chocolatttt...

wash again..hai..waste water, waste electricity, waste detergen...

kesimpulan: beware while washing...

Saturday, 24 November 2007

My life as a Sea Monkey

"Sea Monkey", that is what they call me. Its not just me, millions of my friends are called that too. Maybe its because there are too many of us, noone bother to give me a unique name. This is how I look like:
Our species have been living peacefully for 200 years now, till one day in 1957...

My great grandfather decided to swim to the surface of the sea with his friend, Nemo to see the world. A man called Harold caught him and he started to do research on him. He change our DNA and made us live longer (not sure if its a good thing). He even game us a new name. Our original name is Artemia Nyos, but he called us instant life, now Sea Monkey.

My great grandfather was very greatfull at that time. For once in his life, he is doing something big. He felt popular and he was treated well. There were so many articles about him on papers, evening news, internet, and even in a popular website called "wikipedia". Wow..he's like a celebrity.. The whole "kampung" of sea monkey look up to him...everyone wants to be like him.

Years later..the blessing slowly wear off. We start to suffer the consequences. We were mass produced in factories and sold in shopping complexes. With jus 6.99, you can own about 30 of us..Buy 1, free 29...wad a bargain..we are even guaranteed to live for 2 years..
Generations by generations, our identity gets blurer n blurer...father n mother gets separated, brothers n sisters incest, now we can even reproduce by ourselves (intra-copulate)..

I sat in my egg, placed in a box in St James Mall, waiting for a new owner to take me home n hatch me. I was still very positive and cant wait to see the worldddd!!!
Many of my friends were picked and went home. I dint hear from them ever since..when is my turn gona come?

One day, a lady came along to the store...

She picked me up and wanted to buy me...I liked her..but..beside her is a fat n ugly human..

I don't like him. he say I'm a waste of money. could have ate lots of dimsum with the money...
But she insist on buying me..Yeai..I am GOING HOMEEEEE...Thanks to her friend helen that told her about me, and about my speciality, "instant life".

She treated me well. For the first time, i was given a birth cert with my date of birth on it!!
She gave me a nice aquarium with "Ocean View" to make me feel like home. She fed me well and gave me oxygen everyday. She was so proud of me (+ another 29 of us). Whenever her friends comes, she will introduce me to them, and tell them our story..That was the happiest moment of my life...

Day by day, she starts to forget us. We already go on diet by eating once a week, and yet she forgets to give us food. When she went back for summer, we were left there to starve. Once in a while her kind housemate matthew comes n in gave us some food to survive for the whole 1 month. Day by day, we wait for her to come back..We are now bigger and after 3 weeks, we can reproduce...when there is alot of us, we can have sex. but when we are lesser, we have to self-copulate..

When she finally gets back, we tot that she'll miss us and treat us better, but no..
She starts to be afraid of us, because we look different now. There is now lesser space in the aquarium. She is afraid that there are so many of us and we might eat her up when we gets bigger.

After awhile, the aquarium is too small to fit us all. We are all trapped, hungry n suffocating. One by one my family members die from starvation. I receive the latest news that her friend helen's sea monkeys are all dead!...will we end up like them??

We don even have energy to reproduce now..and, speaking here now is the last survivor of the Sea-Monkey product AK1298. She now start to feed me every week. But, I'm all alone family members are all dead..with their dead bodies still floating together with me...if any1 sees this, please help me..

Thursday, 22 November 2007

AM I a JPA student??

Sometimes I wonder, How did I get JPA scholarship?? Did government make the right choice by sending me here??

If you send someone that is not suitable overseas, you could end up just killing them... like throwing gold fish into the sea...

I've seen a few friends having to go back to Malaysia to pursue their studies, either because they fail or choose not to continue mainly due to depression. Its not because they are not good. I'm sure they will excel if they study in a familiar environment. Its just this place....eeeeee....

One thing I am sure, I DONT want to be the next to go backkkkk...Not because I dont like it in Malaysia..I am sure I 'm gona enjoy it as well, but...How 2 explain to the whole kampung of aunty aunty n apek apek sekalian? Wah..Ah Pei go "eng kok" (meaning england) study lei...whole keluarga kembangan oso know oredi...go back sure kena patahkan kaki n disown me...

2day, I am at the verge of facimg that. Dream oso can smell the failing environment oredi... Result of my rotation keluar today..Some1 told me yesterday, but I cant remember dy today, shows how i lepas n dont care oredi..

Waa..tengok terus computer go tido...haih..after awhile, start to accept the fact that i need to resit oredi...
After wake up n wash face, go read again...
Eh, final marks = 63...
so need to resit ka? Now oni wana go read the assessment format..

OO...55-59 is marginal fail, means can compensate if ur total get more than 60..WOHOO..noneed resittt...hapi sial..if get 54 kantoi oredi...

Terus tukar Msn Nick to nearly fail, not fail...haha...
Sori JPA... Oredi tambah elaun still i din do well...But the money came in late aa..not in time to buy pati ayam and ginseng to strengthen brain power...Next rotation sure can...gambate..

Must take my housemates as motivation liao..sama-sama housemate, how come I tak jadi serap their aura 1...mayb shift my bed nearer to the door n see..

Haih..another thing dat menyedihkan today, my summer project.. Supposed to be a proud thing, getting Wellcome Trust Grant and do a Summer Research Project...finally something that membanggakan..but then, the report..haih..give me 3 months to do, still come out with rubbish...

Worst is when my supervisor still puji puji me.. say I did a great job bla bla, knowing english is not your first language. Huhuhu...Y din I do well?? Research project, if I manage to get something published or like james get a super big poster on his project, at least got some achievement...End up I'm just some quiet lab worker that just do my daily chores.

Argh..I am such a failure...
Last year I get the offer of a motorbike if I get a C, and B a car n A a, the deal is increased to a car if I get a C and house if B..then next noneed rent house oredi...GOGOGO..studyyy

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

HAPPY Birthday TO ME...

I shall rate this birthday one of the best birthday... Firstly because of the present I gave myself..haha..

Most important is my "lesbian partner" came all the way from london to give me a SURPRISE!!! I was too bz with my new desktop n stuff, so din reeli think about it...the day b4, i even forget that my birthday is coming...When my friends came with a cake to my flat at 12am, i was happy that they remembered..but as usual la, cake, sing song, cut cake, blow candle..that was wad i expected la..

After cutting the cake, they start to ask me to go look for my real

That is when she appeared..wah..reelli din many years of smartness and experience, akhirnya berjaya ditipu oso.. just awhile back i was chatting with her on msn and toking to her on the fone ( assuming she is in LONDON)...sudenly superman send her here..haha

Helen hiding..haha..with her kepala tonjol..

Although skema, but i have to do dis oso..wana thank every1 for the effort n planning...

To reward myself, I din go for any lecture or anything...jus lepak n lepak..
birthday hot chocolate

minum supreme hot chocolate in chocolate soup..

Haha..bersiar siar with my lesbian partner...feel like she is my bf man...come all the way, then spend time just the two of us..wakaka..

that nite makan-makan in our new discovered restaurant...

Those that pergi termasuklah:
Matt n nick...(imagine james beside nick)

me n helen

My housemate shi ying din go..huhu..i tot she lupak oredi...wana emo her 3 days 3 nights liao..
when i get home, get a second surprise!!!..she n jennifer made a cake for me!!! first baked bday cake lei..KAM SIAH...(last year oni 1 frozen cake that they pinjam from neighbour 1..dis yr got 2!!..)

although my abdominal elasticity oredi reach its maximum limit, i still squeeze in the profiterol cake..yummy...thanks again..reeli appreciate it..

and according to fatty, james oso make banofie pie, but forget to keluarkan..thankx..

first gift that I got:
Haha...sorry if Man U din win dis year, ok..
OO..forget some1..Eric koay that come all the way from london at 7pm..jus to makan dinner at 8pm and balik again to london at 11.40pm..haha...

THX for the great BDAY...

Monday, 19 November 2007


10 Simple steps of Installing your own Desktop!!!

1) Open Chassis
2) Pasang Power supply
3) Pasang DVD drive
4) Set up motherboard (including ram, cpu)
5) Pasang motherboard
6) Pasang all wire
7) masukkan graphics card
8) close n sambung power cable
9) Pasang all peripherals..n on!!!

Wow sounds simple do it..

after 2 hours...

Hm..baru habis pasang power supply..n trying to open the DVD drive slot from the front..kenot find skru, korek oso kenot come out...
afterthat, my savior computer geek friend again come n help me...settle after that..

after 4 hours...

hard disk settle, processor n ram n heatsink oso settle..

after 6 hours..
cracking head with all the wiring...waa..all the wires macam famili ular..kenot differenciate which is which..then have to see they male or female (+/-)...crack this moment, one of my friend came over, trying to help me..but end up cabuting the wire dat i oredi pasang..haha..
hehe..another savior Mr pendek help me on the fone..

after 8 hours...

for my saviors..thanks for your wana go berintimasi with my new wife first..haha..but she now don have wireless yet..haih..kenot connect..
now installing windows and other stuffs...

Birthday Present for Myself..

Haha..i shall make today Hari Menerima Parcel Sedunia...
All my computer parts finally landed in my room dengan selamatnya. 3 bog boxes, postman oso muka semacam after climbing my spiral stairs with 3 heavy boxes..
Open n see...
Waa..macam macam ada..I beli from 2 website, both sampai sekali..memang bes..

Buka abit..Wah..beli computer free kasut?? Haha..that is the legendary adidas copa mundial size 8.5.

This 1 reach 2 days back..oredi sedang berbakti to masyarakat..

Hmm..ini apa??The sign in the middle macam superman.. intel Core 2 Duo E6550 Processor 2.33Ghz with 4 Mb L2 laptop macam tarak cache.. punya heatsink

Next in view is:
Mother of all Board...See oso pening..who created it??

Waa..dis 1 looks so bag can put shoes or toiletries..

open..oo..power supply..
Hmmm..nampak rumit..

Graphics card..Ati radeon x1950 pro..Cukup for my dota kot..

WAd is this??Mascara??Lipstick??

320Gb WD hard disk

DVD +/- RW

Corsair ram..2 Gb

Now Have to fit all above into THIS :

Hm..centurion 5 silver

After start my mission of installing the desktop..wish me luck..