Saturday, 25 August 2007

Cambridge Punting

B4 continue with Paris, pause awhile for advertisement:::::

One of the fun thing bout Cambridge..Punting..abit like Gondola in Italy.. 6 of us decided to rent a punt n punt ourself instead of getting the fell a 2 punt 4 us..

Started with our activity leader aka tour guide of Cambridge Miss Helen Ngu (cos only she has been there..) We were safe n sound when she was leading the way.. Not long afterthat---> She handed over the power stick..

After the incident of throwing my mum's hp into the sea a few years back, I started to be a bit hydrophobia...not reeli afraid of water, but more to afraid of falling into water or dropping stuff into it, or walking too near the water...

at this moment, i saw a lipas crawl infront of me..huhuhu...i think i am more lipasphobia)

pretend din see..continue..

Before I have enuf time to get a firm grip of my throne, another fella rampas kuasa..

We were quite happy at first...negara aman damai


She try to hit us with the stick..but we both saw her...
And then..

We needed another leader..then we decided any1 wud do...

Ar..she ar..can onot aa..

Under her ruling, we alwiz need the pasukan penyelamat to save the situation...

The savior of Nation finally reveal himself.. cute...relax...

Friday, 24 August 2007


Before I go to Disneyland:

" lo..din go b4..(how nice can it be?)"



Now I understand y my fren will wana go 2 days in a row..haha..
I enter the place oni, i think they put jampi lo...Feel super duper Happy n Carefreeee..

Everywhere I go, the disney music folo me around..waa...superrrrr I'm a kid again..haha.. (
sure some ppl gona say u memang kiddy wad)

Sometimes feel like I'm a princesss

B4 dis I noe I'm gona see all those cartoon characters la..but...
When i reeli see..


like never see b4..have to chase them to take picture..abo they run oredi...

Together with all the small kid, paiseh oso...but my sisters oredi tua tua oso lidat, I considered ok liao..haha..

WAAAAAA...Sleeping Beauty Castle...

The whole place so bright n so many things to see, so many things to line up for..hoho..super excited..

POCAHONTAS village...
During parade..sempat take..afterdat kena halau from the street..hehe
chase n chase...

Mushroom house..

I sempat go for afew rides..quite chunted oso...Best is still the Nemo underwater 1..

Can see my smile like fake out 1..oredi scared till wana terkencing...

All this while I memang takut roller coaster 1...
First time in genting theme park, hoho...I contributed my sisa-sisa makanan to the flower pot..digest properly for them sumore..

But Flower Monster not supposed 2 be afraid of anything 1 have to overcome..nomatter how scared oso have to go!!!

Tanda-tanda takut:

- Close eyes all the way (
not reeli close la..just reduce my vision to 10%)

- Shout half way no sound oredi ( my sister say 1)

- Cum out face oso green..

- Plus keep on praying...Amitabha..Amitabha...

I see small kid 6 years old oso go scary can it be rite???
Mai siao siao...Those with heart attach better not go...

THis 1 oso another scary back bone ache for 2 days afterthat...cos I crouch my body like Peter Crouch lidat..hampir hampir bcum Hunchback of Edinburgh...

There is this pirate cum hug me...

Afterdat, went for this Motor Action thing...begining alot of toking, we tot siao liao..sure some bodoh show..Cos like stadium lidat, alot of ppl go in at once..I abit impatient dy, cos wait so long..

Hoho..but turn out to be chunted..They show how those car scene on movie is taken..Those drivers really super skillfull 1..Example:

Alot of stunts 1 show a car bom n break into 2..but actually the 2 parts of the car got separate engine 1..haha..nice nice..

In the evening 1 land tak sempat go..but oredi puas..
afterdat jalan jalan shop for stuff..

At night run like mad to chase train n metro to go back..

To be continued...
Look out for Paris Part 3...

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Bonjour Paris

HOHO...HOME SWEET HOME...I'm Back in Malaysia..finally got time to blog after so long...

Meal in Malaysia: Hokkien Mee + Lala + Satay + Siew Pau + Popiah + Bubur Cha Cha + Rojak.....
Anything I can grab..wakaka..

Ok la..better blog stg bout Paris...since i jus reach malacca today,abit malas day by day la..


Just usual, go find our hostel..afterdat..hmm..where 2 go?? Few days back we saw this in Edinburgh...
If u try n take picture, he'll do this..n point at u...

After put money....

Mayb its a signal from above telling us where to we headed to:



The only thing I know about Notre Dame is:::

Kenot see clearly?

Cis..small boy kacau..


This is the Hunchback's chimera friends...Waa..snap snap..

What are they looking at???

Snap Snap...

Dis 1 look like penghulu kampung..snap snap..

Mana tau, turn round the corner, so many of them...cis...malas oredi...

Better put some foto of my sisters..abo ppl complain i promote diri pula..

My 3rd sis..

My 2 sisters n me..(morning in Notre Dame)

Me n ah jie* (Sunset in Notre Dame)

Afternoon in Notre Dame (tepat tepat the bird fly pass sumore..mana boleh tak post on blog)

* FYI, she is the only sister that all of us reeli call jie cos she is the eldest..others all call by name..hehe..

After reading abit of lonely planet, we found this...

Point Zero: All locations in France are geographically measured relative to this point, which is defined to be the exact center of Paris..(in front of Notre Dame cathedral itself)

B4 we took a picture of it, ppl all step on it without realizing oso..after we found it, ppl start copy us, take picture with the same same pose sumore..nowonder dun see any rats in paris..all caught by the copycats...

N, if you notice abit of changes in baju colour, we actually go on 2 different days..first day went, the tower tutup go again to climb up to the two towers..n we saw:

Ppl queue up 2 masuk cathedral..wakaka..first day we masuk noneed queue..

But then, grandma always say dun laugh at ppl...

Our queue to naik the tower oso quite long..But still not as long as the David 1 in Italy..

Miniature of the whole place in the cathedral

Friday, 10 August 2007

Highland Trip

WAH...finally can curi some time to blog..

My 2 sisters come n kacau me in have to bring them around..24/7, no rest...
The worst is all the place i went b4...some places like manchester n liverpool, all this while go don't feel like I'm a picture oso dun feel like taking, cos

"Haiya, 5 years will come back here 1 la..later oni take.."

Now all my kawan kawan manchester n liverpool all export to malaysia have 2 jalan myself (look at the map n navigate that kind)..normally ppl bring, so noneed noe the way...good oso, at least i noe the way better now..


Venue: Highland..
Participant: Me, My 2 sister, Helen, Her parents..
  • FOOD (most important)
  • Mr Tom Tom
  • Camera
  • Mazda 6 2.0D 121 EU4 Hatch 5Dr TS Dies

Off we WHERE??? highland so big... tot of bringin them 2 a new place that i din go b4, so dat i oso can explore..but got sister n be safe..

STERLING...(cos went there twice oredi n 1 hour drive nia..)

Go 3rd time oredi still take a picture la..

William Wallace Statue..(watch braveheart if u duno who he is)

Afterdat least got settle a nice place oredi, now can go for abit of adventure..
I cincai printed a page of some lake names...apparently its quite near..hmm..go see see la...

When ask Tom Tom, he ask for postcode..Lake oso got postcode ka??takkan send letter to Loch Ness 2 go ar??

I then realize I cant deopend too much on Mr Tom Tom
With 1 super small scale map n some kebijaksanaan,

The first lake that we reach:


History: most of the lakes in scotland are called loch in gaelic..but this 1 is called lake due 2 some corruption of english..

Got 1 little girl those ghost story scene lidat..

another side of the loch..

Me n helen...

Supposed to go Loch Katrine, but sesat at some place tou do a U turn..
Discovered this chunted loch...

After some research, found the name to be : LOCH ARD

Super nice view..(can make into postcard oredi..)

Paste me on top...hehe

Beside this loch is a private a guy came out..with a muka hairan

Him: "can I help you?"

(I think we were tress passing his house la..) he about to marah i think..but..

me: Hm..could you take a picture for us?

Him: ok.

Wakaka..then he more friendly oredi..tell us how to getto loch katrine sumore..wakaka..

Loch Katrine

Abit sien with all the loch oredi...

Ou, b4 we reach Katrine, we actually came across this loch..


Beside the road wana stop car oso abit scared, cos the road so narrow..

Loch Venachar...
LAST oredi..hehe..
Headed home afterthat.hoho..


Mr Tom Tom is a satelite navigation