Thursday, 26 April 2007

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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

A WALk to Remember...

Found a new website that i can SING n Record online..hoho..but..hmm..wad song 2 sing??
Then i came across this song..

waa..then sudenly feel so i go find sumore on a walk 2 long din watch oredi..sedih...

wish i could sing like herrrrr...

dis song oso nice..

Monday, 23 April 2007

ROME...+ 99 Escaped Mistakesss

Kwa kwa.I've decided not to blog about Rome..THIS is becos you can find it at

wait for him 2 blog about naples as well..haha..then i plagiarize..

put up some pictures la..
Camping Roma..super colddd

Got toilet for kids..haha

and also traffic light for kids..

So many unimportant ppl beside pretending 2 take picture, actually wana be in the picture with me..kesi kesi..

view of rome.

So hard 2 get a nice picture here la..the Triumph in the Skies take video alwiz no ppl 1..cheat packed..not romantic at all la the fountain..

sum important fountain that we made unimportant..saja take picture because we r tired and wana sit down..
Highlight of the day...super gelaaaati..The shop where according 2 James the lonely planet, even the Pope likes 2 go there..pang gi king je tua te (bing n cheap)


I berkutu in london for 3 days just to berbadminton and berDota..Berguru under the mahaguru Koay, my dota skills bercambah tremendously..hoho..Currently training for Pertandingan Dota Antarabangsa.

Continuation of my "99 Escaped Mistakes"

BBC news...

A day before..
Anonymous: hello...wei..tomoro you remember go train station you noe..Wafi miss his train yesterday u noe..

me: okok..i go 1 hour b4 can la hor..

2 hours before...

Me: helen, jom 1 game of Dota..b4 i balik..

Helen: hmm..left 1 hour wor..

Me: Abo TD la..dat time the maffarazzo we din complete yet..

We both can feel the possibility to win, although mati bertubi-tubi..cos every time we try, we get further..kuik kuik..i hav 2 balik oredi...hav 2 menang dis..

after 40 mins..still tak menang..

ok..last game last game..

my train at last game mati tepat tepat 5.30...hmm..time 2 go la..if 1 minit earlier, i might gatal wana play another game..if later...hhoooo..

dengan keadaan "no rush" and "no tensi" walk 2 the tube station..jus need 2 take 1 tube 20 mins can reach kings x oredi...

malang tidak berbau...yang ditunggu-tunggu tak datang..yang tak ditunggu datang dan pergi..
due to my ketidak sabaran, i took another tube 2 the next station 2 wait..its the same though..the train must pass by this stop b4 go nx stop ma..haha..time wise still the same..mayb can save 2 seconds cos i noneed go up oredi i waited again....the hammersmith line i think met sum wildboar n tersesat in jungle kot...1 district line pass, 2 district line pass...ou nooo...wad 2 do??6.00 oclk oredi..arghhh...

ok la..the next district line come, I'm gona naik oredi..(WISE CHOICE!!!)
So i naik, go tower hill, change 2 circle line, go kings x..

6.30pm..(but i remember my watch 5 mins fast shud b 6.25)
but still saat- saat genting, sure got doubt...ei? did i put 5 minits faster??hmm..
reach kings x nia, i walk..wwalk...then CHOICE AGAIN!!!)

as soon as step into the trainstation, with my agility, one foot running forward without knowing which platform, one side of body with head turning 2 see the board, with just a swift glance searching for the platform to edinburgh..(time on the board: 6.29.06)

Platform 9 3/4...
ok...WAD???joking la.platform 2

SUPER GARANG APEK: (closing the gate) too late..

me: HAR??? MISS AGAIIN???HOW 2 FACE the WORLD??? i oredi popular for not repeating can make this kind of mistake??? books sure no sale..

trying hard..

me: pls pls..just 1 more..

KANASAI COLD BLOODED GAY APEK: tertarik by my kecantikan langsung)

dat time i see the train got tanda-tanda it wana move 2 fella dat got in b4 he tutup the gate oredi running for the train..n got 2 fella outside the train with coat signalling for the train door 2 close....

wad 2 do?? wad 2 do?? so near yet so far..the apek very sampat 1 lo..train not yet move wad..cis cis cis..think think think...

In 1 split second, i saw ei, beside the platform 3 gate open lei..Without giving face, i RUNNNNN in with the potong line law that i learn in Rome (DUN LOOK BACK)..

I can feel my feet leaving the hands almost flapping as if I'm flying, heading straight for the nearest door, din give time for the 2 man to even stop me..RUNNN..just RUN...Show Me the meaning of Haste!!! (quoted from Aragorn)

as soon as i jump onto the train, the door shut n the train move... close..i think i left some bulu outside the train..if u standing outside, sure can still smell my bau after the train move...

due to my frequent unluckiness, i began 2 have doubt.."DID I GET ON THE RIGHT TRAIN??"
i asked the guy infront..he pause awhile.."mayb thinking y i so stupid as dis kind of question"
But that milisecond pause brought my heartbeat from 150 to 200..

guy: yes...ofcourse...


closest escape..

notice the increase in colour intensity, showing the level of being the climax..purple peleraian..

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Triumph in The skies..

Put up this video for some Italy mood..

Wednesday, 18 April 2007


FLORENCE: dikenali sebagai tempat paling romantik dan juga tempat Penipuan Aiskrim..

I think florence has bcum alot of ppl's favourite..due to its keromantikan..if got bf bring bf, got gf bring gf, abo go there find oso can..In florence, everything reasonably walking very syok..jalan jalan cari makan..noneed 2 naik bas haram..

First thing in the morning...wake up 2 line up for..."THE ACADEMICIA"..apatu??place they keep michaelangelo's David...the ori 2 fake ones around, but as a group that do kajian seni lukis, we demand 2 see the real 1..the fake 1 mayb got lack of a few muscles or nerves which makes it not perfect lei....David is supposed 2 be the perfect guy's body..hoho..every guys dream, accept for sumo wrestler la..

Due to some circumstances, we got slightly lost n got delayed for 15 minutes..and that cost us another 20 meter of the line..Queue super long, about 500m or more..and move at a rate of 71.36mm per second...

Math Question: How long does it take us to reach??

After susah payah line up, go in, see david, cum out..haha..tot we reeli art expert meh...I go in oni got 1 fat lady in green keep on staring at me..n say no camera no camera..every celah celah i go, she many other ppl she dun wana go jaga..mayb jeles i pretty kot..lagi i feel so last manage 2 take a pic..kwa kwa...


Fake 1..but still looks almost the same a..haha

Pontei Bridge..described till very ganas in lonely so la..

Try 2 be romantik..oldest bridge wei..

Since got alot of gelati all over italy, everywhere we go, we'll buy 1 n eat..price ranges from 1 euro in milan (cheap n nice) to 15 euro..(penipuan)..alot of ice-cream conners in Florence..

if any1 wana go, make sure order specifically how much u wan...haih..i kena tipu separuh..cis..i saw mango 1..which is quite rare so stopped 2 buy lo..n also bcos waiting for ERIC N HELEN..haha..then she kasi super big scoop..i oredi order picolla(small) 2 euro nia wad..then i pay her 5 euro lo..(standing there expecting change)..


she ask me 2 go in the shop..then point to the number on the cash machine..9 EURO!!!..siao..can get a meal oredi...ou no..sumore i alone..no1 back me up..then she keep insisting that i pay 4 more euro..i say la i wan a smaller 1..huhuhu she show me the cone: picolla = 9 EURO.. got 15 euro n 6 euro oso..memang wana conn ppl 1..outside put 2 euro.. i jus dun wana pay la..she take the cone from me, scoop up half the icecream n give me.haha...still can eat la..but still 5 euro..huhuhu..lesson learned..

p/s: tak layak to put in my new book "99 escaped mistaked" cos half escaped oni..

Piazza Michaelangelo..
the place ah belle and vincent kiss in 2nd episode od "Triumph in the Skies"

Haih..her again..

EI???change oredi..

Paling happy..romantik place hav 2 take romantik picture ma..

James pak chi..

Finally get a group picture..n nice sumore..

Yeee..trying 2 be ah kua..

Thats all for florence la..for more details and insights of this session, please visit:

and for more pictures, please visit:


Saturday, 14 April 2007



Missing in ACtion for 15 Days...Now MOnSTER has returned home and back to the blogging world. Spent 11 days in Italy with a super low budget + 99.9% fun. Since a picture speaks a million words, I kasi picture essay la..more descriptive.

WALKING ITALY city by city..

1st picture dengan muka bosan..

In front of sum castle..noneed put pic of castle la..

There..the castle..

Santa Maria..reminds me of the hotel we stayed in portugal.."Makan Malam Terakhir" by Leornado Da Vinci is inside..but i tried booking 1 month ahead oso penuh quota perday..action betul..

The famous shopping place for branded stuff..but we low budget, so drooling from outside la..

Lets look inside...Got LV,

GOT Prada,

MC D oso GOT!!!

Even the McD look more class..n purposely put the nama kedai in black n gold (warna diraja) 2 match the colour code of the area..
chooo choooo...move to venice..

Wad is first impression of venice? Gondola, canals, masks, n only know there, murano glass..those colour colour glass art that they make into all sorts of decoration..i bot a mini penguin n according 2 "he-who-must-not-be-named" looks like tahi hidung..

The Famous Black spagetti in Venice...cooked with black squid ink...yee...dun reeli like it la..

Expensive n not that nice meal..after this meal, we started going for cheaper n nicer meal..

Port in venice..

Look at their muka tak puas hati..cisss


I had to go all the way to venice to find my ilham of new karya..bonus with this entry :

99 Escaped Mistakes
by Monster the author of "99 mistakes a person can make"

Chapter 1:
We were in venice train station..about 2 bertolak 2 Florence, the city under the usual, being kiam siap malaysians with limited money (3 weeks before JPA hulurkan bantuan) we were bz deciding which tickets 2 get at the machine..

sum cheaper, but have 2 wait, more expensive noneed wait, but we were thinking whether 2 eat here or florence, berbaloi onot to go florence early, then have 2 pay more, bla bla..

After taking into account of pros and cons n have the specialists count all the kebarangkalian and statistik, we decided 2 buy...

When i turn behind, ei??where is my bag??i suddenly dun remember where i put it..i thought they were all behind..but james went n line up at counter, eric hilang entah kemana..left me, helen n fatty n all were looking at the screen..did sum1 jus come n steal my bag from behind???nonononono...

after recollection, i remember i sling it on fatty's trolley bag..ou not there oredi...The thief so daring jus cum n take without us noticing ka?? menyesal dat time..went n ask james, he din see..eric go where???toilet...takkan he take my bag go toilet...

60s flashback
"once we were all sitting at starbucks n when we get up, one of my frens bag was stolen..with all of us sitting terrriibbllleeee...."


haih..titik titik peluh ran down my head n how??luckily passport not inside..but being an expert in losing stuff, i managed 2 keep myself calm..go look around, n keep thinkin wad is important in my, hp(got insurance, so nvm)...ntg much malaysian IC..cis..mahuan la dat 1..i oredi lost once b4...think think think....then..

Eric came back with my bag slinging on his trolley, dengan muka puas hati after releasing tonnes of tahi...cis cis..he say fatty gave it to him..oo..then everything starts to make sense...feuh...scary..i reeli tot gone was called Raptai Kehilangan Bag..afterdat i became extra careful..

The Grand Canal (supposed 2 b an "S" shape

Gondola Boat..

Blooo Face - choosing the cheapest mask

Group PICTURE!!! hard 2 get all in..

to be continued : the rest of the journey to florence the most romantic city, rome the pope city and naples with the beautiful bays (keep in mind the Lotus Eater that we study last time in english sastera was based in Isle of Capri..)