Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The time of the year again...

This year's birthday should be quite quiet cos housemates went for electives, nobody is in edinburgh... as in nobody...

But luckily I imported some friends from London and Manchester... and turned out to be a great Birthday weekend... I am so blessed..

Started the day with badminton with juniors.. and got this: (wasn't expecting that, thanksss)

(the left card is from helen..hehe..)
When ex-husband came to get me back, we went for a date in 'Chocolate soup'...

Reminded me of where we were exactly 2 years ago... even ordered the same favourite double chocolate deluxe... (or whatever it is called, with malteasers and marshmallows..)

Afterthat came the 3 muskateers from Manchester; Pui, Ming Wei and Rach (new nickname: Zara, due to her unconditional love for Zara) and guess what they brought...

A dozen of Crispy Cremeee!!! with the special snowmannn... I am already so impressed oredi...

Hmm.. my 'husband' used it in her metaphor.. husband's blog

Am i reeli as round as the snowman and cow?? hmm... but i still like it, cos I am 1 in a million..better be a round and white snowman than be a round nobody or have a hole in my stomach..haha..

The weekend is reeli full of food... on top of the doughnuts.. we have 24 cup cakes HAND-BAKED by Si Tua Pui and brought all the way from Manc.. yummyyyy... n my favourite coffee and walnut flavour..

Candles... wishes... friends... presents... I have all I could wish for a birthday... I hope its like that every year...

Hehe... so nice to have company around edinburgh, walked around town and even went to CARBOOT on sunday!!

and of course food, food and more fooddd...

Firstly birthday dinner at Kampung Ah Sit... with nice environment, nice service.. plus the 'special stoning light' summore...wahh, couldn't be better..

5 girls taking picture with the chef.. lucky man..

Tom yam fish, ayam masak merah, ayam kicap, 2 types of fish sumore.. n satay contributed by Mr buaya.. besto...

Desserts in Vittoria (a restaurant that I wanted to go since 1st year.. twice i went, twice fulll...)

plus lunch in Mussel Inn and on sunday Wannaburger, a burger shop..haha with special burgers..

Tea time at this cozy little coffee shop: (artisan Roast)

With erm... asian flavoured coffee... (lemon-grass, black pepper, chilli) memang pelik but nice place to chill...

Finally, THANKSSS for all the presentss...

A hand-made photo album with all the memories since KMB!!! stg that i wanted to do for years but too lazy.. colour filled and personal messages.. arghh.. couldn't love it moreee...

And my all time razer mouse has now improved my gaming skills... mayb shud have given me medical books ka? haha... and also COD-LIVER-OIL.. erm.. to keep me healthy? in exchange for evening primrose oil the initial gift..(?????) .. and also chocolate... can never go wrong with that..

In long, had a great birthday and thanks for coming.. reeli appreciate it..
now back to weekend withdrawal syndrome.. missed having ppl around..


Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Dear Pei Pei,

Dr. McGuigan has requested that you attend a meeting on Monday 16th November at 9am to discuss your recent General Practice attachment. This meeting will take place at the Department of General Practice, 20 West Richmond Street.

grrr.. babi GP...

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Life as a housewife

This post is in response to "To be a busy working man"... by a fren

5-6 Years ago...
We were young, we were poor, but yet happy... 1 stolen doughnut 1 candle.. yet so happy..
(pls kindly notice menaka at the back.. cos she complain we tried to get rid of her by making the photo black and white)
5 years later...

We got 'richer' moved from a small banting to the city of London...

Yes, showered in expensive gifts..

Yes, luxurious dinner in fine restaurants..

Yes, however many Mitchelin stars..

Even dim sum had to be fine dining...

Birthday cake, birthday muffin, birthday cupcake..u name it, u got it.. but is it still the same happiness as we had 5 years ago?

Yes, she might be successful, loads of money to spend.. we could get what we wanted, but can money buy time? we spend less time with each other nowadays.. Being hundreds of miles away from each other, we can only meet up on special occasions.. birthdays, christmas... what else?

Life as a housewife:
Every morning she will be gone even before i woke up.. I waited and waited for her, praying that she would at least come back for lunch...

but no, she is not interested in the meals that i made anymore...

rather have business lunch with business partner.. (nola, she had work to do..)
Some days:
' back in 2 minutes, make bread'

My eyes were glittering with happiness when i saw the msg.. When she finally got back, 2 bites of bread, not 2 words spoken, off she go again... n left me to continue my waiting game...

I would do her laundry, fold it nicely, so that she dont have to worry after a whole day of work.. Clean the room and prepared dinner.. do her groceries, and even when i had to do part time, still i made sure that dinner is ready when she gets back...

She feels like eating banana cake, all she need to do is ask:

although cake became muffin in the end, but still banana!

Being a housewife is not easy.. so ladies, don't ever quit ur job..haha.. yes, all they need to do is give abit of TLC (tender loving care) but still not all men can and would.. thankfully she is not a man.. she gave me the little TLC i needed.. and the 2 weeks in london was GREAT...

But... at the end of the day, she still call me her 'locum chef'.. huhuhu.. joking.

Happy birthday...err..belated..

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Morocco Visa in London

Since I am not able to blog cos dun have the convenience of uploading photos on my own computer, I shall skip the london events first..

The reason I put this title : so that ppl google can add afew clicks to my blog..haha..

Some of you might already know, 7 of us are goin to Morocco during Christmas holidays.. First thing ppl alwiz say is Morocco?? need visa rite? I also have been procastinating this trip cos need visa.. until 1 'junior' reassured us :

'very easy 1..very easy 1'...

We trusted him at first but then, started to have doubt after we googled abit...

Requirements for morocco visa:

- 4x application fully completed visa application form

- 4x passport photographs

- valid national passport & one copy

- original of valid resident visa

- confirmation letter from your health insurance stating coverage & one copy

- proof of group travel/ hotel booking in Morocco/ airline reservation for Morocco & one copy

- current postal bank statement & one copy

- reference letter from your employer/ education institution

- visa fees for Moroccan Visa.

Harr...sien..tot just need passport and flight reservation nia can liao.. paling malas is need the uni letter.. Oni realised that when i am already in London, how la to get..

And it says need 3 working day.. kerja orang malas, oredi in london for nearly 2 weeks, have to wait till last minute oni wana go do.. n rush to photocopy passport, print form, tak sempat print library oredi tutup..

* new discovery: QM library can guna photostat bar code to masuk 1..haha

nyway, din fulfil what they want, so dono can onot..just go try lo: with

- 4x photo (taken on the way there in train station for 5 pds..reach there actualy got 1 3 pds machine there..cis.)

- 1 application form: can download from here (the moroccanembassy punya link doesnt work 1..)

- hotel booking : i book 1 night nia.. (we staying for 8 nights.. all tak plan)

- uni letter takda.. i jus kasi student id photostat la..

- flights are the only 1 that settle..

- bank statement : print from internet, not the ori 1..

- i kasi phtostat passport and visa just to thicken the documents.. hopefully they dun see la..

Some website say it bukak 9am - 10am nia.. some say 9 - 11.. I also taktau..but library open at 8.40.. have to go print the remaining stuffs.. cos I applying for 3 fella... leave whitechapel oredi 9.40am..just pray its till 11am la..ya.. not sure wad time it buka till, but we sampai 10.40 still buka la..haha

Off we goo... Diamond House, 97-99 Praed Street, London w2.. (can memorise liao)
Basically go to paddington station, take the Praed Street exit.. depending on which line u take la.. but quite senang cari..

The picture of the building I see on google street view, like some rumah terbiar, with kongsi gelap lidat.. the glass window got tampalan white paper 1.. scary also..

But nyway, after masuk, just SIT down.. he will call u..dun go kepo go counter..
Then smile all the way.. the workers there very low motivation 1.. Muka all maciam kena Parkinson's lidat 1... 'mask-like' facial expression, monotonous speech...

Jus smile n pray...

'OK..u pay here..' (18++ pds)

' Come back at 1pm'


Now we believe our 'junior'.. but he din even do it himself.. his fren buat for him 1..

Lesson of the day:
- they are not as strict la.. dun reeli see also 1.. as long as ur bank statement got money kot..
- can get on the same day..
- photostate more stuff, so that maciam got big stack of document, sure all in 1... (there is a 1mm smile on his face when i told him i photocopied my uk visa oredi...)
- can apply for your friend also 1.. so noneed sengaja come London... by post i think can also..

1 girl that i met there flying on monday, today oni wana do visa...haha.

- if any of this varies, dun blame me, k..mayb they come baca my blog then go ketatkan their security ka... hopefully this can help any1 applying for visa nx time..

Adios... Welcome MOROCCO!!!