Wednesday, 31 January 2007

OMG...SHE did it AGAIN!!!

NOOOOOOo....I din mean to..LISten to me..PLEASe...listen to me...

I was walking back from ICP (introduction to clinical practice) ..On the way to the bus stop, I stopped at the Bethany shop, thinking of getting sum extra furniture to keep my underwear...
By the time i come out, he's gone...I already hold his hand tight..but there were 2 of I couldn't manage..I'm so sorry..
DUn listen to what the blue or black glove tell u..I din mean to lose ur the other half...

Haih...enough said..i jus bought a new pair of gloves..luckily I am wise enough to choose the cheapest available..(from kids department with odd green colour and small size that i have to kecutkan my hand to squeeze tru)..ARGH...i took out my gloves to search for coins for the bus..ish ish..guess i'll have to chain my gloves to my belt..aduh...

Monday, 29 January 2007

BOYs StuFF...

A GUY fren of mine that i've not met seen since zaman nenek moyang nudge me on msn...

FREN: hei see this..
(he sent me a link...kinda obvious la..)
Since he intro dis 2 me, so hav 2 acknowledge him la..kasi muka sikit...

It is one of those online shop that sells things online..nothing reeli special.
But the more i view da page, the more i got interested..haha...the first item i saw...

DA DA DA DANG....(imagine doraemon taking out items..)


Need to get to an itch in an intimate spot discreetly? The Gentleman's Ball Scratcher is just what you need! (quoted from the website..wun wana ditangkap plagiarasi)

More quotes::
The only problem is that while fellow blokes understand the need to have a good old scratch sometimes, the female of the species tend to be disgusted for some unknown reason.
Wad unknown reason...its a well-known reason..sumthing so intimate save it while u r alone la..where do u see girls go scratching private parts in front of others?
Maybe they could earn more from Unisex multipurpose scratcher...bigger market.

Silver plated and crafted in the shape of a delicate female hand, the Ball Scratcher is ideal for getting to those hard to reach places. Perfect for the busy make executive, it comes in a lined presentation box, which colleagues will assume holds a fancy pen or letter opener. Be discreet enough, and no one will notice where the hand is heading...
WAHAHA...very creative..the company is really trying hard 2 sell their items..n as usual, to attract the Master of the XY CHromosome to buy, they'll need to use sum XX elements, such as DELICATE FEMALE HAND...wah lieu...I dun think it matters if its a female hand or a male hand..its a SCRATCHER serves the same purpose to scratch..
+ its metal..not say softer or what..

One of the review of those who bought it:
I bought this device as a secret santa gift for my boss. It's kept in its stylish case on his desk and he can be seen scratching quite openly around the office with a huge grin on his face. Definitely one to get the girls in reception giggling!


Sunday, 28 January 2007


AIH...gOD has been treating me not bad BY giVINg me a JOb on a SUNday MOrning..Since I'm STILL BROKE, its a great opportunity..HOW CAN I FORGET TO GO???
Worst thing is they tried 2 contact me tru my old PHone..WHICH I lent it to a fren...n MY FREN is not Here.....ARGH...
WAHHHH..FELT SO bad...I noe..promises r meant 2 be broken...BUT not this 1...NO NO NO ...
I dun want bad reputation...
no mood to type already..hopefully it did not cause them much trouble.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007


After all the unluckiness last year with all the miss flight and bank charges...I thought that i oredi "BUANG SUEI"..PLS dun tell me its coming back..

1) THe first Sign :-
My handphone contract has ended..I wrote a letter to cancel it weeks ago...BUT..the letter went to the wrong address...

2) 2nd Sign:-
When I called o2, i was told i'm on a business tariff (which I had no idea B4 this..) n dats y the letter did not reach them. I try to get a better offer to upgrade my phone instead of cancelling because if i cancel now, i'll hav 2 giv 1 month notice which means I have to pay for the 1 MONTH service...ALSO because of my BUSINESS TARIFF, i couldn't get a cheaper offer.

3) 3rd sign:-
To avoid paying the 1 month fees, I HAD A BRILLIANT IDEA...Y not convert to PAY as you GO??? I only need to pay 5 pds and as soon as the sim card reach me, I can convert straight away..DUN HAV TO PAY THE extra 1 MONTH...hehe..I thought i was very smart..
WAITED n WAITED...sim card did not reach..but the monthly bill is already on my hand. i decide 2 call o2 again...conclusion from the call: "the sim card has been sent to the wrong address AGAIN!!!" sent 2 my old address..Y???..MY bills have been reaching fine for the past 5 i reordered the sim card..

4) 4th sign:-
AFter everything is settled, SUDENLY I received a message..UR LETTER HAS BEEN RECEIVED AND YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE CANCELED ON 8th FEbruary". WHAT???
After all the hassle,NOW they receive the letter??

the more i type, the more i feel not right..
5th sign: -
Today is my billing money will be taken from my account..n This is the dat the sim card decided to arrive...MAYB its a plot..NOT only i'll need to pay for the 1 month fees, I still hav to pay for my sim card..DOUBLE KILL!!!

6) 6th sign:-
A triple kill coming..THe day b4, My account balance was 50.88 pds.. So shud b enuf for the direct debit today...When i CHeck my account again today,..(not that i did not care or did not take effort to prevent mistakessss) the balance became 100.56 pds..EI??? sumone bank in for me???SHITTTTTTTT!!!!! STUPID OF MEEEE...I did not notice the D behind the figures
(what is with all the D's??result oso D)...its 100.56 D..means OVERDRAFT AGAIN!!!no no no no no!!! I had overdraft for 2 weeks and i did not notice it..oh shit..AFTEr the incident of being charged last year..i became very careful with my short, I"M STUPIDDDDD...

After much fear due to the result...Today is the ONE day dat i feel like goin make myself smarter...I Made it to the first half of the lecture..during half time, i went back for a nap...DIN EVEN TAKE OFF MY SOCKS...(means i reeli wana go lecture..)..haih..everyone shud know what happened if i wrote it here...i missed it..

ou..forgotten bout the itchy part...I've been having rashes on my leg for 2 weeks now..NOw i feel like I'm a patient with renal problem...swollen and itchy feet, dark patches on calf that looks like KULAT...

wana sleep oredi..

Sunday, 21 January 2007

THE oTHer Half..

nada: melancolik

What would happen if you wake up one day and you realise that your "the other half" is gone?

How would you feel?
How would your world be afterthat?

There would be no sun in your life, there would be no moon.
YOur system could not function well anymoreee.
And suddenly you felt as if your world is falling apart.

Nothing seems to work well. You had no purpose in life and serves no purpose.
Every1 else would have moved on, except for you.
NOone else one..

Every1 would have forgotten you and you will be spending day and night alone..forever..

You feel so lonely that you cry every night and pray every night that the other half would come back. But it never did and it never would.
Sometimes you wonder why din't I make the first move and be gone? will it make any difference? HOW will the other half feel?

Everything was fine the day before and you were both working well together. We had been together ever since forever. We go everywhere together, do everything together. We have the same purpose in life... If I am the right, then he is the left. We were meant for each other. No other will be as similar to him as I am.

WHY??? WHY ME???
Who is to be blamed? Did i do anything wrong?
There is only one person to be blame. ITs HER!!!...SHe tore us apart..SHE PRETENDED TO CARE!!! LASt week I was sick and SHE took care of me..she even stitch me up...I was touched..
I trust her so much that i din expect her to do this to me.
I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN...stupid of me..
SHE Had done it to others b4 . I'VE seen others suffer, but i stood by her, helping her.
Y DIn I see it COMING??? WHY din I REALISE that if she could do it to others she could do it to me???
SHE PRomised that she would never do IT again...but Y??
WHY does she hav to keep LOSING 1 side of her GLOVE???
SHE oredi done it to the blue 1..and now ME..(da black 1..)
not only that..she simply matchmake socks as well..
BUT i might still have hope. THe blue one is bisexual. Maybe we could work something out together..

Friday, 19 January 2007

MOOD Determining Day..

TOMORO NO LECTURES!!! Hav to0 look out for the MOON tomoro..see if its blue..
I was feeling extremely free n I was very happy, i chose not to IGNORE my tutorial at 2pm..I HAVE A DAY off tomoro anyway..WAHAHA...

...2 hours later
back from tutorial..instead of siesta-ing like i always do, I feel like cleaning da room..(2nite have 2 look out for blue moon oso)..I oni clean my room once in a blue moon...I feel the sense of KEPUASAN after seeing da clean room..HUman Have weird sleeping Behavior..or isit jus me...Maybe my Reticular Activating System (RAS-control sleep) not working well..Surely choose 2 sleep at weird times..during lecture, on da bus, b4 lecture, on a bz day when u know there is many things ahead, but on a free day like dis, EYES WIDE Open like BUrung Hantu..
Although sleep in lecture, but atleast i Remembered stg About RAS..haha.not bad lei..

HAIH...that is when the news came.
"U NOE WAD???RESULT IS OUT!!!"...SHIT...Y NOW???Y wana spoil my beautiful day??ceih..

Typical me, dun dare 2 check i always hav no luck checking result online..starting from rejection of university placement to IB results..SCARY OOOOOO...
From my pass sem experience, my results are always NYAWA NYAWA IKAN...passing marks is 60, and b4 dis, i am at the borderline..DUn say the strong gust in UK now, even slight wind could blow me over...DUN wana fail...dun wana resit..

So i decided 2 check da few sections of da results..Covered my laptop with a piece of paper..then jus look at the front few marks..
this is wad it showsss...

WHere got mood liao..They take average...Da front few oredi so jialat..da back 3 wun help much..
HAih...MY FREns mostly pass..FLatmate oso pass..n quite ok marks sumore...jialat..
Straight away went 2 sleep...
OK la..die die la..wake up n check da whole thing..GUESS WAT???

TOTal Marks..= 60 - D (not red)

WAKAKAKAKAKA..Really KNocking on HEaVEN's DOOR...Can't express how happy I am..n HOw LUcky I feel..there are even 0.5s in the result that makes up 1..lack of 0.5 oso i fail dy wei..feuh...mayb bcos i clean my room jus now, so Feng SHUI better for results checking or mayb I move sum stuff in my room that interfere with Yin Yang..n As usual, a this moment, I will PROMIse 2 Study more for NExt sem..

Monday, 15 January 2007


PERSOALAN: The dota Addiction among Teenagers or even twentiagers.

1) DOTA - Defence of the Ancient.
RPG like strategy game ( because it requires planning) that is SUPER popular n addictive among teenagers which will follow them throughout their adult life - itS LIKE drugs...Play kenot, dun play oso kenot...However, a small amount is good for therapeutic reason. However, DOTA among children have to be controlled. IT is a WAR - LIKE game that GIVES self satisfaction to plaYERs in a fantasy world where the HEROs, can LEarn and GET stronger by buying n eating recipees..

- It gives SELF - satisfaction to players to help them get away from the real world, especially when : 'you hav just pawned an enemy hero" or "DOUBLE KILL!!!" or "TRIPLE KILL" or "MONSTEROUS KILLLLLL"...."GODLIKEEEE".when you hear dis few words after you killed enemy heros, the feeling is undescribable...WAHHH...PUAS...

- In teenagers when hey are still growing and learning new things in everyday like, a small amount of DOTA can teach them to have team SPIRIT...Give them experience of working in a group and working with other people with the same mission. This is useful later in their working life.

- BESIDES that, DOTA also teaches them to be helpful to others and not being selfish. If you see your team mates being attacked, you will try 2 save them n prevent them from dying. Besides, if your team mate cant farm effectively, you can borrow them sum money or even buy presents for them to help them survive. THIS IS TEAMWORK>>>

- This also applies in adults. ALWAYS THINK B4 U ACT...this can be learnt tru DOTA. If you blindly attack without thinking, you might just end up dying and 'OWNING!!!"
Dota also encourages us to think fast, act fast and allows us to practice our hand and eye movement. you have to look at your hero, look at enemy hero, look at the map, one hand controlling da mouse one hand controlling da keyboard ( worse in intelligence heros with many keys...), when attackingn hav 2 klick da hero, klick ur hero, have to do the right thing at the right time...fuiyo...HOW 2 DO THAT ALL IN A SPLIT SECOND??? if you can do that, your coordination of movement will b superb and will succeed in any job requiring skills..

- It can also train our memory. By remembering what every hero's name, what it does, what power it has, how 2 use them, what enemy hero is, what hero cant counter it, what item to buy, if enemy use dis hero, what hero shud I will need years n years n years of experience n GREAT MEMORY POWER to remember that..if you can remember all this, all the medical terms will be KACANG...


"players will learn how to adapt to new challenges quickly..for eg if enemy buy wat item and use wat hero, wat should we do to counter his spells and moves effectively..this can be apply to the real world who is ever changing especially in business.."

p/s: if any1 else have any new opinion, feel free 2 let me noe so i can add in..

HOWEVER, there is alwiz 2 sides 2 a coin..despite the tremendous benefits that DOTA bring to us, there are sum mini mini disadvantages that comes in a package with it.

- RSI (repetitive strain injury) - the name itself is self explainable..
- Promotes GANG BANG among teenagers who might apply it in the real world.
- some might say that it discourages person to person interaction. By playing DOTA with other frens with the same interest, we are actually socializing. Its just like any other sports, just in electronic form. We interact more, talk more, and also meet new friends from around the world through BATTLENET..

Since the advantages outweigh the disadvantages,


the new theme,

Thursday, 11 January 2007


what latar n nada shud i put it in? Melancolik? Patriotik? Romantik? Happy? Sad?

New resolution


New thinking

New underwear

New books (if i have any..)

New bf (gf oso can)

New handphone

New clothes from Boxing Day Sales..(not dat i buy more passion for shopping..struggling 2 find stg to buy, not to choose what not to buy...) Alot of my frens leave house at 9am or even b4 dat 2 shop..sum even CAMP in front of the shop..SIAO...SLEEP better..early bird catches da worm??early worm get eaten by the n my dearest fren in london DOTA da whole night n slept till 2.30 pm on boxing day...SOUNDS like an IN thing..spend important days, New year..

this means NEW PBL MATES>>> (discussion groups..)

sien..I write this blog because I am so sick of PBL...IT is a TROublesome thing dat we all have to go tru twice a week...GO IN, sit down, TOK CRAP n come out...ou...mayb more like GO IN, sit down, LOOK WEIRD, FEEL WEIRD, SMILE POLITELY even when u dun understand, n walk out quietly after that...

Y have to go tru dis every week..n when u finally get used 2 da group, they decide 2 CHANGE DA GROUP...siao lang..10 hours 37 minutes and 42 sec 9 milisec to my next PBL session..Nightmare is here again..can sum1 pls publish a book (HOW 2 TACKLE PBL SESSIONS)... more about PBL..
New year resolution??
1) Study..

2) Studyy...attend all lectures

3) Studyyy...

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