Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The unfortunate cycling journey

Juz because a friend told me that it takes her 1 1/2 hour to cycle from Livingston to Edinburgh city, i already gatal gatal wana try liao, since I susah payah carry the bike from london, have to make full use of it la..

but alwiz cycle to train station, bike ikut naik train.. senang..

But today I half day.. so sky still bright, n cycle back more down hill, so no excuse liao..

Cycling route plan:

Time: 1 hour and 35 minutes
  • Distance: 15¾ miles
  • Quietness: 31 % Hostile
  • Leaving at: 1.30pm, 16th December, 2009
  • Arriving at: 3.05pm, 16th December, 2009
  • Stop by princes street buy secret santa present
  • Go home take parccel go post office post n collect my parcel...
Hehe..looks well planned, but erm, today was impulsive 1, so i just folo my memory of the route, plus occasional iphone checking..

So.. off I gooo...

Beginning so excited.. cycle awhile start to tanggal jacket warm n nice.. lalala...

then herm, it starts to drizzle..

My fire burning spirit put off by the rain liao.. although the map looks like mostly downhill, but the bit of up hill part also quite tiring 1..

every circle i cycle.. my ke-regret-an increase by 1%

Stop to admire my bike.. quite a good bike, but do to some trauma last time, the back wheel senget liao 1.. so not ideal for long distance..

After some time, my hand start to numb liao.. i wonder if i can even move it to press break onot..
so reluctant to take out iphone to check map liao.. signboard..

ok..looks like I am on the right track..

There is some cycling route mya..but i dono where to masuk..n i think its further..
Then I saw this..

oh, this is the National 75 cycling route.. i ingat from my googling.. wana folo onot? better not.. cos the sign is on both sides of the road.. dono which direction also..

cycle cycle cycle...tru rain, storm, shit.. as in real cow dung.. some areas like kandang shit lidat.. the road all full of shit 1.. n erm, bear in mind i dun have MUD GUARD.. n I am wearing white that ppl can see me from far...

i dun even wana look at my back.. but when i look front, also got splashes of dirt..dono how it got there..up till my chest..

1 1/2 hours ur head la.. this is where I am after 1 1/2 hours..

baru sampai sempadan edinburgh.. another 1 hour to reach city centre kot.. by car also about 30 mins oredi..

Whats the worst that can happen now?

Yes... u guessed it right.. TAYAR PANCIT...

checking iphone for nearest bicycle repair.. now i realise the application 'around me' quite useful.. post office, bank, atm, all also can find..

but no luck.. no repair shop here.. have to wheel n walk lo..

Luckily i recognise this place, got a train station nearby.. at least I dun get stuck with the cows and sheeps la..

dirty dirty.. my jacket sell on ebay sure nobody wan..

Then i tot mayb can force cycle for few minutes to the train station, cos if wana walk quite a distance..


3 seconds after I got on, the tire jam at the cacated brake.. n the whole thing half tercabut.. tried to push in abit kenot.. cannot even wheel it... had to lift the front wheel and walk.. arghh... kenot la...
Options: bus? train? leave bike? take bike? later have to come back to take sien also..

Too frust liao.. just terbalikan at the roadside.. n force squeeze the tayar to original place.. erm..
remember all the cow dung that I went tru just now? now all on my hand.. black n dirty.. n no tissue..

at least done..

Walk for about 40 minutes, finally:

The funny thing is: My hand super paralysed.. i stood there for 5 minutes trying to remove my debit card from wallet... JUST KENOTT.. NO JOKE... n theres a guy waiting behind me to buy tix.. i was like arghh.. then I asked him to help me remove it..haha..

Reach edin have to walk back also.. another option: leave bike at station? or bring on bus? or walk back?

At last walk back la.. save 1.20 pds..alang alang oredi travel so far..

hehe.. had to abandon my secret santa plan.. but post office have to goo..

feuh..sempat reach post office 5 minutes b4 tutup...

and when reach home: seeing a parcel in my:

really made my day!! its all worth it.. NOOOO... (that was just hyperbola)

Erm, i think i din mention I lost my earphone last 2 weeks... 2 weeks without music made me crazy, went n bought 2 earphones.. The first 1 took ages to come, then i kenot tahan bought another 1.. now both reach same day..

Conclusion: DONT CYCLE FROM LIVINGSTON TO EDINBURGH!!! IN THE WINTER!!! Never again..never never neverrrr...

Saturday, 12 December 2009


Hmm.. I always wonder how those ppl in the movies survive without having anything.. like if stranded somewhere with no money, no phone, how to survive?

Well, just 5 minutes ago i had a taste of that experience..

again, due to my stupidity...

Wanted to go out n throw rubbish.. i think u all can guess what happen la..
Before i sempat hold the door open, SLAM.. behind me... errr... S...H...I...T...

The only think i had was rubbish.. which is rubbish in that situation..

And I was wearing only this::

Sudenly feel so insecure.. like just need to be locked out of house and I lost contact with everything liao..cant even prove that I am me..

sumore 1 of my housemates happily in Malaysia, 1 in Isle of Skye (6 hours train away)...

HAH.. luckily, one of them left his zuriat in Edin.. with a friend.. who happen to live about 200 metres away...

sumore no fonee...

WHen i walked out, so happen see 3 familiar figures.. whoa..the just got home.. COOLLL...

Actually all this time that I am home alone i sort of anticipated this.. at 1 point I had both keys with me.. which is DANGEROUS... thats y i quickly pass the key to some1 else.. out of the house..

feuh.. at least now back in the warm room..

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Top 10 things to do before leave UK

Hmm.. what is the top 10 things that I need to do before I leave UK???

No 1 on the list is:

that 1 cannot fight..

2) Watch Leona Lewis Concert!!!...

have to have to have tooo!!!

But the prob is.. her tour is around May/June 2010.. all over UK...but my exam time..

Finals: 31st may - 10th june.. if PASS, 11th free liao..

if FAIL, 17th got additional test.. 18th keluar result..if FAIL AGAIN, mati liao..

n her last day concert in London is 18th!!!!! shud i shud i??

erm.. does this sound familiar?

Concert + Exam + Results.. DONT MATCH!!!

Flashback to the last time i go for concert---> finish exam 2008 and no title blogpost

If i reeli go n book the ticket, will history repeat?? hopefully not..

anyway, Top 10 list not completed.. will add more when i think of it.. ehhe

Saturday, 5 December 2009

9 crappy handshakes

and the all-time paling memalukan 1... kuikly keep ur hand b4 other ppl notice..

Friday, 4 December 2009

Finish Surgery!!!

4 weeks in surgery, after 3 weeks, din even go to 1 single clinic, din masuk theatre also...

What surgical block is this? Advice i got b4 i start.. just go n show face.. at the end every1 get same grade 1..

So i went for erm, MDT, where I know all surgeons will be there.. n tutorials of course, 4 of us nia, din turn up blardy obvious.. n till now din go for a single ward round..

ward work? erm, took 1 blood sample, 1 discharge summary..

The key is, 1 of each..haha.. last week went for 1 clinic n 1 surgery.. had to do 1 case presentation..


' Ur presentation was good. U must have been to MDTs, cos that is what is discussed there all the time.. attendance was good.. '

Yeii, nobody say my presentation good b4 lei...

Paling kesian is my groupmate.. 4 of us, 1 din turn up for assessment.. of the 3, S did most ward work n went for most theatres, knows more than us... n he got paling teruk results..cos they judge based on 1 presentation...

They kantoikan him cos he got his patient 3 days ago when he had 4 weeks i surgery... Ermm..
I just got mine yesterday... speechless.. but i know, my groupmates know, but tutor don't know..haha..

E probably went for the same frequency as me, got the best results.. I'm happy to be in the middle cos english is not my first language..haha..

Life's not fair.. luckily I learnt from my GP rotation the 'art of showing that you are keen'...

If u ever go in, make sure you are seen.. walk around 10 rounds if you must..haha..

Next part anaesthetics.. in Livingston... + plastic surgery..hoho..

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

How to repair broken nokia 6300 LCD

Hmm.. firstly, go to

Find the replacement LCD..depends on whether u want ori 1 or fake 1.. ori 1 about 16 pds lidat , fake 1 less than 10..

See the crack in the screen? Hampir jadi metal buruk oredi.. cos oni can read first 3 letter of msg..

Send to kedai also can la, 25 pds.. but then the kiam siap me, hmm...

Firstly, beli that screen.. n beli those that come with the skru..

Turn to the back, keluarkan battery..

1) take off the screws ...

2) Remove the front part of the cover..

3) Take off the keypad..

4) Remove the remaining 4 screws...see that metal bit? thats the thing that secure the lcd.. use a metal ruler or stg thin, korek it out.. need abit of force..

5) Use the same technique, remove the green board from the back cover..

6) Turn the green part over, it should look like this

1) See the top part, got 1 small square metal thing covering the chip.. kopek it open.. need abit of force also.. its like a clip lidat..

2) then move the lcd infront like that.. n tear off the chip from the main board..

3) Gantikan with the new screen.. hehe, remember to tear of the plastic layer that protects the lcd if there is any..

4) Press down till u hear click, but then dun press too hard...might damage it..

5) Turn it over again.

6) Fit the metal bingkai in again.. n reverse the procedure till u get the whole phone again..


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Happy Birthday Clement

Clement's 21st ops, nope..23rd bday.. at Shilla.. my favourite korean restaurant.. not only because the food is nice, but.. the WAITER.. aka A's football kawan.. is damnn cutee...

Kenot tahan but to look everytime he walk pass.. not just me.. every girl on the table..haha..

So funny 1 of my senior say he 'lou tian' meaning giving out electricity without knowing.. normally ppl give electricity tru eyes etc.. but with him, he dun even need to do anything...

Okok.. back to the birthday boy...

food food food..

people people people...
and of course.. the smart me..

erm.. asked the ehntau waiter to that noneed to curi curi look at him..wakaka

finally, all the people....

Happy Birthday Clement..