Monday, 27 October 2008

I am stupid

argh..I can't believe this is happening..woke up on time,check the bus time so that I am not late,still had to run for the bus..

feuh,at least got on the bus on time..

sounds too easy?

huhuhu..after few stops,hmm the route don't seemed rite.. arghh,wrong direction!!!

stupid..+ wasted 1pound..
n ofcourse, inevitable..... late

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Thursday, 23 October 2008


This is one of the days where you have to make judgement again... even simple decisions like:

" take bus or walk?"

hypothesis: take bus faster than walk

Pembolehubah dimalarkan
Walk = 45 mins
take bus = 1.10pd + 15 mins...

Pembolehubah yang berubah
level of cognition
current time

Pembolehubah bergerak balas
Actual time to get there..
condition when reached final destination

After weighing the pros and cons, decision to take the bus was made...

Sat on the bus, reach morningside road, waiting to get down, but some how some super hero stop the time i think, sudenly I am not in morningside road anymore.. and then i go into cormiston road n greenbank road n then greenbank crescent.. took me few minutes to react and stop the bus.. n another few minutes before the bus driver perceive and react to my orders.

Took 15 minutes on the bus, another 30 minutes to walk back to where I'm supposed to go..
Sometimes I wonder if I am like Dr Jackyl and Mr Hyde.. 1 moment I am the "so called" smart medical student, 1 moment I become a retard. When overlapped, I become a retard medical student.

Hypothesis gagal. Take bus and walk same length of time.

Failed to take into account: stupidity, slow reaction time, time waiting for bus (2 mins)

Its so hard to put daily situations into format like a physics experiment. Its all so subjective, just like human behavior and thinking (which I am learning now in psychiatry). If only you can apply penaakulan mantik : if A + B present, then C..

But in psychiatry, ppl gila 1,..its up to you to describe the symptoms using words how gila they are, wad they say normal onot, but i'm sure there are many sane ppl that can do things that crazy ppl do...n how u perceive the patients behaviour.. argh, reminds me of the subject i paling benci - Theory of Knowledge... (all the phylosophycal stuff... which i mati also tak faham).

But sad to say, mental ppl are actually more interesting..haha..

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Tired Itchy Sleep

Back from holidays..

Haih, but i think my holiday is more intensive than my non-holiday days..

Bak Kata pepatah, "orang tamak selalu rugi"...

Tried to do too much during the holiday, now no time to recharge..

The trip was quite relaxing till Sunday:

5.00 am - bangun

5.30 am - bertolak from Vienna to Bratislava airport

10.00 am flight

11.00 am (London time) : sampai.. (flight duration 2 got 1 hour jet lag i think..hehe)

1 pm duck rice..

3pm: Malaysian Hall kuih and teh tarik

4pm: kings cross balik edin

10.00 pm - sampai edin....

10.30 am: reach home..

tanpa disedari oredi 1am..

the next morning start psychiatry block.. (still wondering if i go there be student or patient)

tak cukup tido... at night sleep at 1am, nx morning Consultant come knocking at door with his BMW, folo him go home visit...

argh, my head berdenyut -denyut for 2 days also..

hmm... suspected stress related..haha..

blog bout trip next time la..when i habis transfer foto..

Saturday, 11 October 2008


Hehe.., holiday time malasted to blog la..
Will be goin for trip soon!! to manchester tomoro, then fly 2 budapest from liverpool.
Now doing some research lo, wad to see there??

Go budapest see buddha?

Go austria see kangaroo?
Hmm..looks like this is the only kangaroo I'll get:

Go salzburg see my all time childhood favourite:


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Shouldn't have said goodbye

Good bye in Malay is "Jumpa Lagi", in mandarin "Jai Jian" (meaning meet again)..

Shouldn't have said Good bye to Kirkcaldy too soon!!! I dont wana jumpa lagi!!!

Argh, of all places, i got Kirkcaldy again for psychiatry!! but 4 weeks this time..

Although that means another 400pds poket money from bapa JPA...but still kirkcaldy..huhuhu..

ok least not borders or "kentang goreng bodoh" (dumfries)...

gtg kerja liao..chao

Monday, 6 October 2008

After Exam destress..

1 day after exam, i took a train straight to manchester 2 meet my 2 beloved friends...

But of course Manchester offers more than friends..haha..

The first thing that comes in mind when u think of Manchester is...

2 days berturut-turut eat dimsum.. this is the only time u'll be happy when the bill comes..
sit for 2 hours, drink 2 teko of tea, eat all the dimsum we like, bill come: 5 pounds each..
Dinner at some cheap n nice korean place:

At night, we booze up abit, hmm..1 of my fren (whom shal not be named) started 2 get drunk after the amount of alcohol equivalent to 1 pint of beer.. keke..

We started to come up with idea of producing our own drama of life..
N ofcourse my blog will we one of the dealer for our production...

Official Website pls visit:

We have a variety of theme to target all market:
For religious theme, we have:

Buddha n pengikut-pengikut:

Or kisah hantu:


The all tvb asian best seller: (bertema kisah jiwang)

One of the backdrop for our drama:


Saturday, 4 October 2008

FInish Exam!!!


I've finish the so called "MOST DIFFICULT EXAM ever.."

The'd better make the passing mark lower..if not, 80% of 4th year medics will balik kampung..

Hmm..the exam was just 1 MCQ n 1 OSCE.. all in 1 day..sounds easy rite..

The MCQ (multiple choice question) in the morning, hmm, actually not really multiple choice.. cos only 2 choices..true or false questions..

Total of 50 x 5 questions.. The questions..whoa.. i think you have to be the writer of the book oni can answer 1.. depends on which book somore..

If you write Impey (the book that most use) u can answer 60% + 10 % self deduction..
10% from journals.. another 10 % from google search the last 10% from the 1 who set question punya experience..

Conclusion, susah..

The OSCE (supposed 2 be an oral n physical examination part) consist of 22 stations, 2 hours ++
Manatau, kena tipu..end up only 5 question that got manusia..the other stations all self directed, have to answer on the spot..stress, but the fastest 2 hour ever..

Good news is, its OVER!!!
Bad News is, results is yet to come..

Hopefully this is OVER FOREVER...haha..