Saturday, 18 July 2009


I was jus chatting with a fren:

The most difficult decision to make during a trip is: Where to eat?? maciam choosing life partner...

What if you only have enough money to eat at one place at one time?

You walk on the street to find some nice place to eat...

u see hawker centre.. cheap n good food, but erm, too simple..can eat anytime wad..

u see restaurants, dono nice or not.. dono worth it onot..

u see fine dinings...dono enuf money or not..have to wear nicer la, have to have good table manners mahuan.. lots of requirements..

So many..which 1 to go in?

Some ppl too hungry, just go in the first place that they see n eat n be happy..

Some ppl hungry also must make sure find something nice to eat..

Some ppl not hungry, n alot of time, just walk on the street, trying samples n all, see which 1 nicest to eat..

What if you walk n saw 1 that u like..the sample taste good, but kedai tak buka..

then alot of ppl waiting outside wor..does it mean good food?

but u dono when the kedai gona open wor..n not sure if its ever gona open or not also..

so u walk around sumore getting more n more hungry.. keep thinking the kedai that not open, all the other restaurant u also wun pay attention to..cos u stil din try the first shop.. u keep going back, but stil not open.. mayb it opened n closed liao, u also dono..

N sample good n look good from outside doesn't mean inside also nice.. mayb see price actualy very expensive lei.. n even if environment nice, food nice, doesnt mean tomoro not gona get diarrhoea..

Customers don't normally get to see what is going on in the kitchen..

Some ppl so particular, must eat good food, if not rather mati kelaparan..

What if u walk n walk n walk then ehh, too late liao..all the kedai close one by one.. u wana go in also tak sempat?

or if u simply go in 1, end up dont like, but no more money liao?

Some ppl lagi jialat..go in liao, eat sample, sit down n pretend like wana eat there, end up lari..

Some ppl lagi stupid, eat liao tomoro lausai, the next day still feel like eating the same food..

Some lausai till scared, dowan to eat again..

haih.. farny la..

Friday, 17 July 2009

Maybe i should quit blogging

Haih,, I am a failed blogger..

From London to Greece to Manchester to Preston to Edinburgh.. I have so much to blog about..but then..

now oredi 3 weeks post-trip... pictures all still in the camera..


now posted to Dumb - fermline.. lagi internet, no computer..

oni have iphone..

how to blog..

I better quit blogging..