Saturday, 20 June 2009


Me in santorini now..very beautiful aa the island..we rented a car to go around..although quite confusing with the left side driving n all,but our cekap driver managed.. went up north to watch sunset..arr..gtg now for volcano trip..ciao

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Hot hot hott...

Thursday, 11 June 2009

London tube strike..

Haih, am I that popular that al the tbe worker have to go on strike just to sambut me to London???

This is the first time i come during strike lo..din expect t to be that bad also..not a nice time to visit london..have to stay in liao..haha

Had to take bus to whitechapel since oni northen n jubilee line is working.. The supposed 2 be 45 mins bus ride also took me 1 hour and 40 mins... with my motion sickness, not good.. at all...

Had to let 2 busses pass before i can get on cos everybody is pushing n pushing..

Luckily i smart, estimated the entrance of the bus n stand rite infront.. n i dont even have to make any effort to go up the bus, i somehow just got pushed into the bus..

THis is one of the time when u dont even need effort to stand, cos ppl jus kiap you lke sandwich, wun fall 1..with my big backpack and 1 side camera 1 side bag with passport n wallet..have to be 200% alert... The only way i noe my iphone is still there cos i was listening to it..haha.. if ppl steal n sudenly no sound i shud know kot...haha..

Now i see the bad side of London ..haha. but still LOVE LONDON!!!..haha..cos HELEN is here...(she sad that..I have to type cos dowan to sleep on the streets tonight..wakaka)


Friday, 5 June 2009


Yei..this is the only thime I am so CONFIDENT to check my results without all the 'tutup screen with paper and slowly buka' nonsense...


erm, cos my friend already told me the graph shows nobody fail...wakaka..dats y so confident la..haha

yei yei yei...



Firstly to the virus that infect my upper respiratory tract.. Had self-diagnosed common cold caused by corysa virus?: batuk, nose block, fever abit, fatigue, bla bla... not a nice thing to have b4 exams..

n Now...this stupid virus that cause THIS:
Warning! Your're In Danger! wallpaper... sejenis malware..haih..

Maybe should do a research on the evidence of Patient - Computer virus transmission..

Everything is locked..apa pun takboleh buat..internet also kena block, safe mode all tak jadi..hard disk all locked, task manager also kenot.. Paling lawak is "for your boss, your friend, your wife, your children" ..all also I dont haveee!!..haha ppl call me the friend-less person..haha..terbukti this geek is a guy.. y din say husband...

the last thing i was doing is download "ENDNOTE" reference my noble..not to say porn or wad.. (what is life without internet.. mayb God really wants me to do my report..)

But before that i feel my computer pelik pelik also..macam dirasuk..
The end note is one of the differencial diagnosis.

2nd Hypothesis:

there's this pop up that i remember few days ago that says spyware deteced, asking me to instal a anti-spyware.. which i think itself is a spyware... but i clicked X or cancel..

" according to a computer genius a.k.a Raja Computer, some program trick users punya..u click X or cancel means install.."

so they install this konon anti-virus to my com..which i noticed the din reeli buka it, but still..
Haih, even the com genius that can solve whatever computer problem macam the windows help:

also kenot help liao..

even recover also become vegetative liao.. reformat lo..

Moral of the story: alwiz read the pop up, dun just X X X out of frustration.. (this is only if hypotesis 2 is true)

After i reformated the com, i need 2 download the driver for my network card from the internet..err.. but.. without the network card i cant go on the internet... my favourite word again.."VICIOUS CIRCLE"..

N after cucked my pendrive, cos trying 2 find where i keep certain files, kena dis 1:

'Windows cannot find 'RECYCLER\ Make sure you typed the name correctly'

The stupid RECYCLAR/S thingy... according to com genius is Aprilfool Virus... haih.. kenot open my D/ and E/ drive..which i takut, cos all my harta inside... i cuba reformat again..then the C drive not blocked liao..but D/ n E/ still ber problem..terbukti is that bodoh pendrive transfer the virus..grrr...

3rd Hypothesis:

- RECYCLAR thing is the underlying cause..the 'Warning! Your're in Danger" is the complication.. attract by this recycler 1..haih..

But now all settled la.. luckily my report tak damage, my stuff all "touch wood" still intact.. the Drive all is caused by some autorun install autorun eater, in 5 seconds, kau tim..

the RECYCLER/S file itself keep pop up on my antivirus.. but dengan bantuan com genius, berjaya dihapuskan with racun serangga...

Now my com oredi kasi few layers of protection, safer than Durex even.. pertahanan even more cekap than A famosa..


Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Holiday macam no holiday...

exam finish still got report to sien..n lectures sumore..haih..

Since exam till now everyday sleep at 6 - 7 am... dengan azam to do work..

but ..everyday without fail mafia wars till 1 am, bejeweled till 3am, lepak, find food till 5am..then oni wana start to work..

people alwiz say this games, oni interestigng during exams..after exam sure dun feel like playing liao..but..haih, this is the only time after exam still so so interesting... cos got SSC (stands for Super Sien Component)...

Yeiii..going greece after this..hoho...

So romantic..shud save for honeymoon 1..haha..