Saturday, 27 September 2008

How to increase mental performance?

During exam period, my brain automatically switch to the sleepy-all-the -time mode as a natural mechanism to protect me from harm... "Exam stimulus" send a signal to the hypothalamus of my brain and thus trigger the negative feedback mechanism n results in the inhibition of my waking up cycle... So, i guess it is not reeli my fault that i failed to stay awake n study..

Prophylaxis has to be taken to prevent this auto-mechanism that 50% of the population suffer from... common age group 15- 25. male n female equally affected..

How to stay alert at night?

I've tried a lot of methods to try n counter this mechanism which surprisingly is only triggered by exams.. friend suggested mandi air sejuk, or exercise, jump about, or simply choose the right time..

1am is the most sleepy time of the day in a normal human..So from 1 - 2 am try to do stg not that boring (study)?

1) The conventional method that most would prefer:

Randomised controlled trial proven to be useful

Pros: cheap n can be easily bought over the counter..

but after using for long term, the body is now immune to it...

2) Cheap tesco energy drink:

Pros: Cheap..1.55 pds for 6 botol.. (not proven to work)

Common Side effects: Headache, dizziness in high dosage.. some complained of rashes after drinking..

3) Newer Methods

Pros: less side effects, so far doesnt cause dizziness.. increase mental alertness as stated on the bottle

Cons: expensive, contains sugar...mayb lead to diabetes in long term..

Pros: Sugar free, increase mental performance, reflex action, alertness..

Common Indication: sports, study

Side effects: not known

Cons: expensive la..most expensive of them all..

Status: Currently under trial.. tomoro see I die onot..haha

4) Complementary Medicine

Not known of effectiveness, but prefered by lots of ppl.. especially those from south east asia (e.g: indons).. Can be used inconjunction with other methods...

Side Effect: Fat.. overdose causes sleepiness

Contra-indication: Obesity

If all else fails, palliative measures can be taken to make the patient die at ease...

1 glass of red wine n tido...then tunggu mati... (pray that u get the questions in your dreams)

Inform family and friends of the risk of failure...

Friday, 26 September 2008


There is only 1 word that I can use to describe myself right now..


I'm supposed 2 go to the hospital to give some blood for an "Oat Experiment" that i'm on.. (for more details on Oat Experiment, refer to glossari)

As usual, with my now-rusted-bicycle, i cycled to the bus stop to wait for shuttle bus.. Upon reaching, I see a bunch of people waiting somewhere there.. without thinking, I assumed that they were all waiting for the shuttle as well.. since all the new students came in already, so should be normal to have that many ppl waiting for shuttle (normally only jarang- jarang 2 manusia) did caught my attention that the freshers this year looked abit old.. I stoood beside them and waited together..

5 mins comes the shuttle.. me still partially dreaming, just looked at the shuttle, as it made its way pass the whole bunch of ppl.. I din even make an effort to flag it down, since its quite obvious that so many ppl are waiting..

ZOOOMMMMMMM... I suddenly came back to earth..

The shuttle went past.. nobody said anything.. no reaction also... i looked at them, they r still talking like b4...

They r not even waiting for the shuttle!!!

Eh..I'm not even really in the right spot that the shuttle normally stop.. argh..
what was I thinking...
If i walk away now it'll be so obvious how stupid I am.. to miss the shuttle right in front of me..
Jaga muka abit, i took out my fone n pretend to look at it, then slowly walk away..

(another usage of iphone.. whenever u feel awkward or shy or weird, u can just take it out n look, n there's plenty to do with it..)


Oat Experiment - An experiment that i signed up for, where all u need to do is eat oats for a month, n keep a food diary for a week and give 3 blood samples.. free oats breakfast for 1 month.. n u get 50 pds at the end..


Haih... based on my new mission of wanting to do good, i try 2 act smart la..
Basically i help dis fella do stg, but not appreciated.. sumore go make such a big deal out of it...

Argh.. my english not that good, so cant fight back also..ARGHH...
damn damn geram.. small matter only wad.. make such a big fuss.. ppl help u dy, thank you also din say, scold me back pula.. (din reeli scold la, but still her tone like i just killed her dog lidat)

i oredi say sorry liao (although i am trying to help u) n oredi give you the solution, help u do sumore.. wad la..what else u want!!!

kiasu kiasi bo steady!!! so so geram... GESND!!! argh argh argh argh argh..slap slap kick kick kick..

okla, finish ranting liao, puas abit..

went for my practice osce today..haih, I finally understand how those dumb fella or those who have speech problem feel.. Its like u can picture in your mind, u know what u want to say, but just cant put it in words.. U let me speak in hokkien la..kasi u all tapau.. or speak in my english at least...

ish ish la..too distracted liao, hard 2 concentrate..
i tipu, i abit also tak puas..tak puas..wana take her, squeeze her, n make her understand...

Monday, 22 September 2008

The Mad Dog

I was sitting in my room, trying to squeeze some information into my compact and immobile brain. As usual, my attention wandered to a bunch of teenagers with their "cool" Adidas tracksuit having a session of kick-abouts in the carpark. Just at that moment, a little brown dog appeared from the bushes, wagging its golden brown tail. It caught a "fat boy wearing a shirt that is obviously too small for him" 's attention and the whole group started to corner the poor dog..

Wow, the carpark suddenly turned into a science lab... They started splashing water at it, waiting for it to form a reaction. Nothing happened..the dog continued wagging its tail.. Big mistake..more is to come..from water to the bottle, stones, n finally their feet.. arghh...

Leaving my "Obs and Gyne" book behind, I went down to"save" it. I just claimed that its mine, gave a smile and walked away.. Feuh... I was relieved.. Back in my room, holding the dong, I didn't know what to do with it.. I noticed some injury marks on his body and some old bruises..

"what a poor dog"..

its wearing an old rusty chain on its neck which I'm surprised did not strangle him. The owner's name was smeared and faded... hmm.. I decided to keep the dog...

That was the best decision I've ever made... This little creature that I named "Wo Wo " is a great great great companion.. He's fun, energetic, cute, playful, loving, loyal.. everything you wud want in a dog.. From the moment I opened my eyes in the morning, he'll alwiz be there to great me, inviting me to play, running about in the room, I just loved him... with him around, I alwiz start the day with a smile..However, no matter how happy we played, I can almost alwiz notice a glimpse of sadness in WoWo's eyes.. there are times that he would be standing at the corner of the room, circling in a world of its own...

One day, after my "Obs and Gyne" exams, I went home anticipating my little friend to greet me at the doorsteps... "Hmm.. thats weird..." nothing came and I've never seen it again since.. it must have gone back to his owner...

Wo Wo

6 Years ago, he was adopted from SPCA by his master. WoWo had to leave his friends in SPCA to a new place so foreign and new to him.. but as time passed, he's quick to get used to the new environment, only because his master was nice to him.. His new master, only 12 years old at that time was patient in training him, played with him, gave him full attention, cared for him. They both had a great time running in the woods, playing in the field, going to places that only both of them knew, doing things that he'll only do with WoWo around .. He soon treated WoWo like part of his family.. in fact, WoWo was his best friend...They would eat, sleep, play and do everything together.. He even tried to sneak WoWo in his school bag to school just to spend more time with WoWo..

As years passed, WoWo started to expect to play more with his master, since they were both such great companions for each other.. However, as his master grew older, things start to change.. He met new friends in high school, got himself a few girlfriends, started to stayed out late at night drinking with his new clicks... WoWo waited patiently at home for his master to come back everynight.. but he sometimes never did.. Even if he's back, he would start throwing liquor bottles at WoWo, hitting and pinching WoWo, or even throw him out of the house leaving WoWo alone out in the cold...

Poor WoWo still sees him as the loving and caring master he used to be... everytime he got thrown out, he'll wait patiently as the next morning when his master is sober, he'll pick him up again n played with him for a few moment before he's off to school again.. everyday WoWo will be waiting with hopefull eyes that someday his master will bring him to school again, just like before...but no, nomore having WoWo in his bag, nomore showing him off to his friends at school and be proud of him.. Instead, he's now embarrassed to show his tiny dog around compared to those huge dogs that the "cool-gangs" have..

WoWo soon realised that his old master will never come back..

Its alright, as long as he pats WoWo's head every morning, that was enough for WoWo to know that his master still cares.. even if he hits WoWo at night, its alright, he's just drunk..the next morning he'll still pat WoWo's head.. He's afterall just a dog.. Its just that WoWo was given hope in the beginning that he's actually part of the family.. he just have to accept it now and do what a dog is supposed to do...

What happened to WoWo afterthat was not documented... No-one knows what happened that made WoWo came to me...

6 month later..

I've almost completely forgotten about WoWo when I saw this street performance on Royal Mile.. I went across, and it was not a street performance after all. It was a familiar creature that I once loved.. Wo Wo.. but it looks different now.. His fur is not golden brown anymore.. he's now got patches of uneven fur with mud and dirt on it.. the scarce fur left is stucked together by tint of blood stains.. I cant help but to shout to him...


When I called him, he started to move... but no longer running joyfully towards me.. he hopped on his three legs and barked angrily at the crowd, showed his teeth and raged at everyone... He can't even recognise me anymore.. I soon realised that this is not the friendly and lively WoWo that I used to know.. My visions starts to get blur from accumulating tears.. WoWo has gone mad..

I just turned and walked away..

adapted and modified from one of the SPM 101 English Essay

Friday, 19 September 2008


The stock market crashed last week, though analysts are calling it a correction.

President Bush was asked if customers should be concerned about all these bank closings.
He said:

"it doesn't matter - if the bank is closed, just use the ATM..."

-Jay Leno

Lehman Brothers bankrupt, Merrill Lynch trying to sell, AIG in trouble... But to the heart of millions, AIG denotes only 1 thing : Manchester United... Ppl worried about whether they can survive to continue sponsoring or not.. haha, mayb cos I'm in UK.

So, any1 got spare change, pinjam them la..

Thursday, 18 September 2008


I received an email from a friend that talks about the politic and economy of Malaysia... It started stg like this:

Malaysia - A Failed Nation?

Those who started work around 1973

a 1.3 Litre Japaness car was RM 7,000
Today the equivalent let's say it is RM 60,000......... 8.5 times more...

In 1973, a double storey house was about RM 45,000..or less
Today it is about RM 300,000..........6.6 times more...

In 1973 an Engineer's pay was RM 1,000
Today it is about RM 2,000 +/-......... bzz bzz...2 x nia..

Prices of houses in Perth is about the same as Australia
Prices of Car 23% cheaper in Australia...

Developed country by 2020?

Let's look at some as of year 2005 ( Financial Times )
USA GNP per capita US$ 35,400
GNP per capita US$ 25,510
GNP per capita US$ 19,530
GNP per capita US $ 20,690
GNP per capita US $ 3450

To compound the effect of inflation, the ringgit has depreciated
greatly against all major currencies. The real income of most
Malaysians has moved backwards..

This is why many Malaysians suffer under the petrol hike. The root of
the problem is that our real incomes have shrunk in the face of
inflation and depreciated currency..

... dowan kutuk too much la..i still surviving under duit JPA..
Every month get to pay rent n electric bills,
1 week once get dim sum...
got desktop, got basikal... ok liao la..
At least Malaysia Road Tax for motorbike oni RM 20 now...

Basikal also wana tax:

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

ID Please..

I had a social night out with my groupmates,since non of us have food n we need to destress..( them,not me).
some1suggested weatherspoon lo,yah some random pub dat anywhere also got 1..

Spent 20 mins walking there,5 mins looking for table,15 minutes deciding what to order, 2 mins walking to the bar to order..

First thing: " ID pls" had to show ID for all to proof that we're above 18.. WTF .. As usual I showed my Malaysian IC lo..normally the clubs in Edin also recognize 1..
But dis Babi ignorant cashier in this ulu place:

"sorry,we don't accept that.."

ISIC card...

"sorry we don't accept that.."

Malaysian drivings license..

" no"

Just because it's not a uk license..WTF.. I'm a malaysian holding a Malaysian ic n Malaysian lisence with the number all match.. Use common sense la..

" okok,I won't order alcohol then.."

Stupid lady: " no,u can't even be in here.. It's past 8.30.."

Wahh..under 18 after 8.30 have to diet ka..

She then made a stupid suggestion..which just amplified her stupidity..
" there's this citizen card that u can apply for 5 pds today which will proove ur identity."

Sounds briliant rite..just fill in the form n pay 5 pds can liao..

" ok,I don't mind paying 5 pds if that's what it takes.."

Super brainless: "I'll need a signature to certify n send the application off,ur card will reach in 3 days..."

BABIIII...( forgive me for swearing in bulan ramadhan) wads the point if i cant use it now?? Ur brains grow in between ur toes isittt..starve for 3 days then come back n eat in this smart pub...

She just lost a potential 50 pds of business..

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Makan- Makan Updates..

So so many makan-makan events malas to blog about..
This is the compilation of makan-makan of the milennium..

No 1 on the list is... jeng jeng jeng...

1) Har Mee (Prawn mee) with ketayap as starter... ( yang hampir dikantoikan oleh star aniseed...)

Ketayap specially for Doris:

Everything went on fine..i was following the recipe well..masuk all the ingredient, n boil lo.. then i taste, i realise tak cukup masin... (hmmthe smart me start to think..must be inovative..)

" If tak cukup garam then add garam lo, does dis mean all the amount in the recipe tak betul? so i go modify from 1 star aniseed to add 4 in.."

Bak kata pepatah, orang tamak selalu rugi... after 1 hour, the prawn smell all covered by the star smell..huhuhu... but as usual, the smart me, go hunt all the stars lo.. then boil longer, hopefully the start tersejat...

anyway, the para pemakan say nice, tipu or not i dono la..

2nd award goes to....
2) Annonymous Seafood Restaurant (whom shall not be named)

Our table looks like this...
hoho..reminds me of the carryon steamboat in malacca, where u can steam n grill..bestoo....

n its EAT ALL YOU CAN!!!


n the moment i masuk i saw this:

and this!!

p/s: the size of the picture is modified for visual purpose..the actual size a magnification of 200%

Picture speaks a thousand words..noneed to explain liao... n they have more than 10 types of sauce to dip in..(which none of them are nice..haha)

Some faces of participants:

Poor chicken has got no value here: (with all the seafood, who wants chicken?? curi curi put back..)

n some left over if you berminat...

3rd Place goes to:::::
3) Kublai Khan a Mongolian Restaurant...

This restaurant is special in 3 ways...
- first, you can assemble your own ingredients...
- second there is a wide variety of rare meat...
- 3rd because I ate there...

This is the sort of recipe for mixing the ingredients... If you din see this n go simply add, you can either end up a master chef or super noob...

The choice of meat...basically anything that got 4 legs or two legs, or got muscle can oredi...

sos sos n spices sekalian... looks so interesting..

Its sort of partial buffet... we paid like 12 pds then can go for two fill in whatever meat you want... since we got 10 ppl, we try all the meat that's there..

being malaysian:

setinggi gunung... (actually this is a brunei fella 1)

After masak, stg like this...

Taste ok ok nia la..wad crocodile, kangaroo, springbox, all taste the same to me..
2nd round, all take seafood...(better safe than sorry)
Come out, either too salty or too tasteless...looks like we're all hopeless cooks...

Best is still the starter and dessert...

other not so menarik 1 lazy blog liao...nitez

Monday, 15 September 2008

Realisation Day

Hm..i just want to mark today in the history of Flower Monster as the Realisation Day...
thanx les


Friday, 12 September 2008


I have been having these bad mood swings... isit because my body is producing too mych progesterone?

I was nicely chatting with a fren on msn...the next minute, i feel like going out for a walk, n do some shopping, since i've not been in edinburgh much..I got dressed n walked out...

The journey back from Princes street starts to get longer n longer... I start to look around n sudenly felt so blank... I dont know any1 there on the streets... a mixed feeling of fear, sadness, n loneliness...that sort of mood swing hit me again..

This is when all the negative thoughts start to hit me at the same time.. life, studies, friends, family..nothing seems positive at that time...

I started to look down, feeling down as well... If i just disappear at this moment, how long will it take b4 some1 notices? If I die now, how many ppl will cry for me? haha, i know its stupid, but all this thoughts just came banging to my head.. (I'll probably laugh at myself tomorrow if i read this again).

Just at this moment, a guy called me from behind.. (with suara gagap):

" Miss.. i just passed by and and I saw you.. I just wonder if if if you would like to go for a movie with with me? I I.. just think you look really nice.."

I din't know what to do but to back away a little n shook my head..

"Its alright if you dont want...I have written down my num-number, call call me if u feel like going for a mo-movie..I'll pay for everything..."

I took that ugly looking piece of cardboard that looks like it has been in his pocket for 2 years.. just so that he'll leave me alone..

he walked away afterthat..feuh... as i continued my journey, i look up n smile.. I somehow feel he must sent by God to make me happy.. n to tell me life is not that bad after all..

thx, whoever he is... my mood swings are definitely over now...

p/s: part of the story might be exaggerated for readers interest.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Good Deed

Firstly, this is to celebrate that I am back in edinburgh nice room n nice bed waiting for me..n not to forget the most important::::: my 21 inch screen desktop...muahahaha...

On the way back from train station,

" Against the wind...I'm going home again......"
(adapted from 25 minutes too late)

Really against the wind lo..nearly blown me off..even my 15 pds umbrella "supposed to be aerodynamically designed to tahan wind:" kenot take it...My eyes super sleepy liao..

About 10 steps from my flat, i saw dis lady terhuyung-hayang opposite the road.. a bus passed by.. eh..hilang liao... light see ghost meh..choi choi choi...

Ohh..she terjatuh on the floor..."aiyo ar..." (me saying aiyo, not her)

This is when my dilemma starts... I waited n see lo.. 2 apek walked pass her, din offer 2 help her also... is this UK ka? u all civilised 1 la..haiyo..

I waited n see sumore lo..great effort to cross the road u noe..with cars coming at the frequency of 100 a minute...

I remember learning in Pendidikan Moral last time kisah "Ahmad menolong orang tua melintas jalan..." never reeli get to practice that kind of thing in real life b4 lei....sumore I medical student oo..manatau she cardiac arrest ka..

Oookk la..go help lo... As i approached her, i start by observing her, she looks not comfortable but not in pain...I held her hands to get her onto her feet...hmm..hands are warm n well signs of peripheral cyanosis or jaundice..

At the same time...most important:

See her hands got hold any needles onot !!!

Scared oo..sekali got some needle cucuk me dai bo ji kena needle stick injury...
Haih, ever since i masuk clinical years, i start to realise how dangerous needles can needle phobia oredi..

Oh, afterdat, got 1 lady driving mercedez stopped her car to help also...damn semangat...ini baru UK...

So my job ends there..hehe..

okie..celcbration over..back to sleep..

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Kirkcaldy Week 3 Highlights

Everytime I come back from Kirkcaldy, sure got HOMEwork to do...(blogging).. I can only really blog when I'm home lo...other place hard to put all my ideas and inspirasi together..

1 week alot of things can happen lei..for mosquito mayb oredi reborn 2 lifes...

Monster Highlight of the Week...

My event graph is stg like this la..
Monday: highlights not match for the day..

Tuesday: no signal

Wednesday: Lets start with wednesday.. bcos that is when i start the week...

The most eventful thing is... da da da dang...

I went for a jog.. (full stop) abit more to elaborate la..sempat take afew pictures sumore.. Let me first promote my iphone abit..

There's this programe (i-trail) on iphone where u can track how fast u're running, the distance, track your location, and tell you where you have been and do an analysis for you... Superb for some1 as fit as me that goes for jogging ...(actually firrst time in 2 monster year)...

I just tot shud go see see the town la.. sun bian exercise abit..

Took some pictures with my not so clear iphone camera..

The seaview...not bad least got some fresh air when i'm jogging.. ( it was actually raining at this time la..dis picture the next day oni i took 1)

After running for a while, i came across the town area..hmm..i tot kirkcaldy very ulu 1..but not too bad la..the highstreet got all the normal highstreet shops... infact i think more than edinburgh lo..

n got:

Hehe..i wanted to go for quite long oredi, but just not that near in gottt... night my friend drove us to St andrews (about 45 mins away), a town that i've not been since 1st year...

Main Mission:
haha....apparently there punya fish n chips nice... for me, fish is fish lo, chips is chips lo...

"We then had a short walk to the seaside with our dinner, sat by the shore sambil enjoy the sunset and castle view... the environment was so serene and relaxing... i could...i could see the fishes swimming cheerfully in the water which makes me cant help but to impulsively thought of releasing the fish in my hands to join them... " (hyperbola)

Too bad, I am too hungry..sory fish n chips..

Keburukan iphone: no flash..

Event of the week:

I had night ward attachment on friday.. which means I cant run back home as soon as the 3pm bell rings on friday.. With my luck, go ward also sure ntg to see 1...but... i was half lucky n half unlucky 12am:

Hehe... i finally get to DELIVER a BABY!!! With my own handssss... Coolnesss... I love babiess...although so bloody n dirty with urine, blood plus some shit... but hold them in my hands, feel so different.. after i pulled out the baby, dono wad to do with it..

" rub it rub it..."

whoa..the whole process so beautiful... the baby is named Rihanna..
That night, all the midwives go:

" ela.. my um-berr-r- ella.."

After the graph goes up, time to go down usual:
After 12am, nothing happen oredi.. on a FRIDAY night.. whole ward no patient at all.... mana mungkin...

All sit down pukul lalat... good also..i oredi check the train time..6.16am got a train back..7.01am got 1 also.. cincai any1 also can la..cos 11am got badminton.. earlier go back can zzz first..

so dilemma abit, wad time can chao lei, every1 also so bored, i go now like so khianat lidat... at 5.50, sister suggest that i can balik liao..hoho...
JUst in time..

as fast as gust, i ran to change and ran out... but being so blur, i forget turn left or turn right.. the train station oni 5 minutes away nia..but I CANT RECOGNISE THE ROAD!!!

I went left... then walk few steps, turn right again, ran for 100m..then run left again...then arghhh...which way????? argh..i actually go back n fort for about 5 times...

so can i not know? i go back everyweek.. i keep looking at my time liaoo..which way??? (this situation happened many times oredi... remember when i missed my flight in first year, i walk back n forth in front of the flat not sure which way to the train station... another time was in Germany.. )

This is when iphone came into rescue..use gps...

RANNNNN all the way there... buy ticket... the moment i reach the rail, the train start to move...
ARGHHH... have to wait another 45 minutes.. sumore the train station hantu pun takda...
Finally reached edinburgh safely..damn damn hungry...sumore house no food.. soon as I enter room, see this:

From my dear housemate's mum... just what i need!!! yummyy..thanxxxxx
I can almost kiss her dat time..haha..