Friday, 22 May 2009

Yeah..finish exam..

Hmm..not to say very happy la..but.. FINISHHHH.... due 1 week from now..3000 patah perkataan..hmm

afterdat holiday 1 month..

then starts my real medical school... I mean 'REALL'

have to start study liao..kenot play play oredi...

haha..listen for now la..keke

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Suddenly feel like listening to piano..hehe..

found this yiruma korean guy:

n dis 1..

btw, i din update my blog cos..haih, i had to reformat my com due to some babi virus i think.. n malas to install no picture..

"the no picture no blog syndrome"...

hehe..will update soon..

Conclusion of the day..DONT DOWNLOAD BRITAIN"S GOT TALENT!!! i download n unzip, terus my com pelik abit.. then i tot oh, many days din restart liao..once off,

that's the last time i see my wallpaper again..