Tuesday, 26 June 2007

What is it?

Something that a few of us might want to have.

Something that can be used by all ages, young, old, female, male...

When using it, u'll have to be on top and occasionally feel vibration if in contact with hard and uneven stuff..

Surprisingly there are still people who duno how to use it..

SOme ppl got tired of using it and decide to use other product which is bigger and they can put the whole of themself in it.

Some ppl especially older ppl might wana add some net like structure in front of it for bigger capacity.

some might wana add stuff at the back to fit 2.

What is it?? Its something dat i jus owned and landed safely on my room carpet yesterday.

Matthew n I spent the night fixing it..but..cant use it yet, cos din buy lock yet..haha..I shall name it PAUBEI!!!

Here's a foto of it..

From Katalog..haha

This 1 real 1..

Monday, 25 June 2007


I got a shift in Ward 55 for a long day...hmm..Ward 55 is what ward??

fren: Acute Stroke Unit..
Me: OU NOO...

(stroke patient sure hard to take care 1.."worried" long day sumore)

Truth Revealed:::

When I reach there, i was put in special room, where 1 of the patient need 1 on 1 caring..
N got 1 chair there sumore..wakaka..so i sit there for the whole day, jus look at him, tok 2 him, when he tido i read magazine (he tido most of the time 1..oni bangun to eat) ..kebetulan when i break time, he mandi, so i nooneed to do oso..wakaka..GAJI BUTA!!!..

Bladder distention...When wana go toilet have to tahan till got ppl cum ganti..

long day : 7.30 am - 8pm

Monday, 18 June 2007

Mangsa seterusnya...

Name: James Koh Boon Leong (AK 123456)
Origin : Penang
Species: Homosapien
Measurement: 5 ft 9
Maturing Centre: St Xavier's

JUNE 17 2007 - 17/5 Teviot Place, another victim is found attacked by the monster. Using its super sharp scissors attached to its hand like Edward Scissor's Hand, she cut of part of James and leave him screaming while doing so...

However, towards the end, he seems pleased.


Sesi Menggunting Rambut!!!

After this incidence, this is the 3rd company established since 2006.

1) Lee's Cookery
2) Lee's Travel and Living
3) for more variation-----Kedai Gunting Unisex Lee!!!

Announcement : Officially, I have cut the hair of Most Penghuni Lelaki Teviot Place..except Matthew, whom already booked an appointment for next week, to allow me to recharge my mana..

Sunday, 17 June 2007


The poll is now closed as the judges decision has been made.

The decision is::::::


You will get to see Monster in Malaysia on the 20th of August 2007. Do not miss the once in a life time chance to catch her live in Malacca.

News Completed

Friday, 15 June 2007

Britain's got talent again...

Dis few days in teviot PLace, Britain's Got Talent has been the highlight of the day..

Few months back, we've been rushing back home for football highlights..but now football has decided to live a kehidupan yang tenang, so BGT took over..

As usual, we'll time the cooking so that we could eat n watch at 9 pm..b4 that, we'll clean the room, wash clothes, bathe, kencing n berak so that nothing could distract us for that 1 1/2 hours...

And this is why...

But, there are also sum bodo 1 like this that got to the semi finals...

Now getting more n more interesting bcos left 24 candidates and those bodo bodo 1 oredi cut down...but no doubt still got.. 2night got sumore..hohoho..finals on sunday...

Wednesday, 13 June 2007



Results so far:
yes = 3
no = 2

(current decision = go back)

PERSOALAN: Patutkah Monster Menyerang Malaysia??

At first I already make up my mind dont wana go back...

1) Malas
2) Malas
4) Flight phobia..dun dare step into airport oredi..later peristiwa tahun lepas diingati..
5) Hav to worry flight, have to pack stuff, have to go early, wait wait..take 16 hours by emirates...
6) Save money..susah payah kerja now later spend off on flights..
7) stay here can earn even more..wakaka..

Then now i see go back oso macam bes...Dat time i was saying see la, if sudenly gimme see get cheap flight then i balik la..

1) REALLY gimme see get cheap flight..although not as cheap as 400 last year, but dis 1 is august ma, peak season..

Emirates 450 pds return...plus e voucher discount 20 pounds..430 nia..mana mau cari...longkang??

Time: oso okok..last time i see 1 is 24 hours baru sampai malaysia, dats y malas..dis 1 reasonable 16 hours, 1 stop..

2) Can go back see papa, see mama, see jie jie, see koko and kawan kawan sekalian..

3) Can go back beli formal baju for clinical..

4) Go back makan makanan super balaka...

5) If dun go back now nx yr go back oso 1 month nia..plus summer wana go austria for euro 2008..Christmas pula super mahal...easter balik here exam...no chance balik oredi...unless anak derhaka, 4th year chinese new year go back bai nin..


anti more than pro...master of all reason: MALASSSSS...

Kawan-kawan sekalian, jiran-jiran, saudara saudari, sila tolong adik yang tak berpengalaman..


HMM..n pls answer fast ar..the ticket ending dis friday...
can answer through sms, or call 07894992989, post on msg board or comments oso can..all votes will b taken into account fairly..old young ugly pretty all can give (cos tru ur vot kenot see face 1 wad..)

Monday, 11 June 2007

Britain's Got talent..

Hoho..dis few days on BBC got this nice competition "BRITAIN"S GOT TALENT"

Sort of to mencungkil bakat di kalangan budak budak britain to perform in a show for the QUEEN..

Any caplang ppl oso can join, old, young, tesco worker, penyapu sampah, all oso got...Some quite creative, cum out with great shows, some pula din even speak for 3 seconds oredi ditendang keluar..

Got 1 fella trying 2 b "sound of music", but her anak anak sekalian looks like baru kena dera..got dis 70 year old lady rap her own song..very "variety" 1..

Then..there's dis guy (paul, working in carphonewarehouse)...came out, "muka macam hmm...".."gemuk macam..hmmm"...looks abit like william hung..he cum out oni, Simon (yes, simon from X- factor) oredi kasi muka semacam...every1 muka tak sabar, wad is dis fella doing here???

" What r u here 4 today?"

Paul: To sing an opera...

feuwitttt...we tot sure some lawak fella oredi...lets see...

(hmm..remember to off background music before press play)

WAHHHH...all jatuh mata...the judge feel so touch till cry, audience all kasi standing ovasion...Gila impressive...

never underestimate ppl...Mayb i can go join oso..haha..

Monday, 4 June 2007

First rugby match

Due to keboringan, I followed a bunch of also boring ppl go watch a rugby 7 game...

Place: Murrayfield stadium (so called edinburgh's biggest stadium)

Time: 1030 am - 7.00 pm..

We left home at 1.30, reach at 2pm..since the ticket is quite cheap, so we lenggang lengguk..

The first thing we do when sampai is not to catch up with the match that we missed, but:

- buy donut eat..

- take picture..

- go to the gift store buy rugby keychain..

- see scenery..

sum ppl no skill, take me so dark...

Then oni we masuk...the first few matches that i see was quite interesting..din reeli watch a proper rugby match b4...

After dat when i found out that it is actually 2nd division, feel sien oredi..see how ppl's mood can change quickly..imagine if it is champions league final or stg..not interesting oso bcum super interesting..

muka bodoh..

Half the time, we were trying to start a mexican wave..with the budak budak kecik and a row of semangated ppl infront, we joined in, trying to get our jiran-jiran apek sekalian to do oso..but the busy holding their beer n sandwiches, malas 2 stand up..sah memang apek..afew times berjaya afew blocks, but tak jadi again..haha..

random picture..

2 other boring ppl..

But i see rugby quite syok oso..mayb nx year wana join oredi..keke.

ok..tomoro starting summer project oredi..tido awal..

Friday, 1 June 2007

KNOcKING on Heaven's DOOR AGAIN!!!

Today is the day...4 of us went to Princes Street, as usual, with the mission 2 buy something..but no money, and nothing to buy...jalan jalan, decided 2 go back home...


The sky turned very dark and gave us all an eerie feeling. All our bulu-bulu roma standing as if they could hear "Negaraku" playing in the air...Kilat sabung-menyabung diikuti dengan bunyi guruh yang sekuat meriam...how often can you hear storm n see lightning in UK??? Must be bad omen...is stg gona happen??

James called:: "RESULT IS OUT!!!" (n he passed)

We walk faster, trying to get home b4 it rains..fuiyo...then it started to rain like back home in M'sia...

We all had a suspicion..."james got tipu us ka??" he tried 2 hint us about results this morning..(supposed 2 b tomoro 1) mayb now dat we all went out, its the best chance 4 him 2 tipu..

ok la cut short...go back, check results...my housemate n flatmates all check oredi..all lepas..sum with flying colour even..haih..as usual, left me, tak berani check..

using my old technique.." TEKNIK TUTUP KERTAS"

see 1 by 1..reeli can heart attack...but feuh..lepas oso..

WELCOME TO YEAR 3...thank God..