Thursday, 29 March 2007

Musselburgh? sell mussel 1 ka?

DAY: 4th day of induction (training 2 b care assistant)
TIMe: wake up 7.30 in the morning..
DEPARTURE: 8.00 am (dalam keadaan lenggang-lengguk)
DESTINATION: Edenhall Hospital, Pinkie Road, Musselburgh
ASSUMPTION: This is uk la..everywhere sure accessible by bus.sumore its a the hospital that we always go, RIE take 1 bus, 12 minutes sampai..

Years ago pernah dengar the name Edenhall hospital from my ssc mate, but masuk telinga kanan, tersangkut di celah-celah tahi telinga..who would guess the hospital terpencil 1??

agak agak la..see how..

Start journey..
The moment leave house..hujan...oredi tolak 50% mood...
Then go to the bus stop, naik bus to princes street 2 change bus...reach oni, see the num 26 bus pass..kejar kejar kejar, tak dapat..tolak 10 % mood..
After 10 minutes, bus 26 cum..wohoo..who says hav 2 wait another 30 mins if we miss the bus b4??tanpa usul periksa, naik bas...

Luckily with experience, we went n ask the bus go pinkie road ka??

"bus drebar: tak da la..ini part stopping dekat tengah aje..nanti last stop aku beritau..kau pi angkat bas lain dari sana la..(in engelish of course)"

haih..nvm la..just get as far as we can naik bas..bas jalan jalan jalan..

"drebar again: this is the last stop..."

I just woke up from my nice sleep on the bus..turn around, waa..we are at sea side..arr???where got seaside??? where did he bring us??got down the bus, walk for another 15 minutes..walk n walk, dun see any other bus stop oso..haih...the driver cheat us ka..mayb wana rape us from behind...huhuhu

on the way, get blessing sumore...terpijak tahi anjing..cis..dah bertahun-tahun dun hav dis kind of tahi experience..minus another 15% mood..

then wait for bus again lo..dat time oredi ber jam-jam lewat..yeai..finally bus 26 reach..waa..we tot oredi selamat..reach the pinkie road need 2 walk fren MC that have acute leg injury find it abit difficult 2 follow we slo down hurry..(ya rite..oredi late..but dun care..)after abit ke-agak-agakan, finally reach the hospital..but where in the hospital???

this is how the hospital looks like..macam taman rekreasi in malaka..or hyde park in london, meadows in edinburgh..
got lollipop trees sumore..remiinds me of my ppl call me mushroom...noooo...

The way in..

Yeai..reached..(sort of)

As I said, oredi ber jam jam lewat..but dikecualikan, cos they now it is terpencil...reach oredi left 5% 2 fella cum in at 10.30 oso..with baju all basah, pants all rolled up, face macam mati kucing...

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

IN search of Matalan

Ever Since the first time i went to Matalan the first few days i step foot on edinburgh, I keep bising wana go there, but never did...Matalan got 3 anak in edinburgh..1 living in Livingston, which is the first 1 i went...1 living in gorgie, anak angkat..I saw it everytime i am on the way 2 asda..just 1 stop away, but...I am on the way to go asda first la..then forgotten...The 3rd long lost child..WHERE is the 3rd MATALAN???

My dearest fren, Mai...

Mai: ei..matalan..dekat je..kat Leith..

me: ye ker??berpuluh -puluh kali aku lalu Leith tak jumpa pon..

Mai: Ade la..aku nampak..tapi tak pernah masuk..aku jumpe ada carpak kat luar..agak besar..

me: JOM ..pi esok..boleh jalan ke?

Mai: bole bole...

at night:
mai: hello..ei pei..aku rasa xblh jalan la..nampak jauh..

me: ei..kate kat leith..

mai: ye ye..leith turun sikit..

me: takpela..naik bas la..

next morning...Expedisi mencari MATALAN..

Leader: Maisarah

Co-Leader: Pei Lee

Anak buah (beh kia) : Mardiana

after hours of discussion of which bus 2 take n roughly where it should we gooo..

BUT.. 2 go down??
That building there is Matalan..beside is railway..hmm..takkan cross railway kot..We started asking our leader..

MAI: looks weird la..mcm mane nak turun..

Looking for the way down

X: LOOK!! ada tangga la..haiyo..turun pakai tangga la...

So smart...the stairs is to the advertisement board la...

We walk n walk,walk n walk...still kenot find the way down..its all surrounded by railings...hmm..tak logik the car get in to the carpak??

MAI: Aku rasa ini
KILANG die kot..

wakaka..wad an interesting suggestion..nowonder she is our leader...

then we decided to turn our head around...hah..guess wad we found..

OOO..the stairs is on the other side of the road..cis..


Saturday, 24 March 2007


Yeahhhh...easter holiday has started..actualy, i started it long before this (self-declared), dun remember when i last go lectures oso..wakaka...weird, but it feels happier if it is the official holiday, so dat dun hav the guilty feeling of not goin lecture...


after easter holiday..hmm...exam coming..y they like 2 put holiday b4 exam 1..cis..
the week b4 exam will b my busiest week as usual cos no input for the whole sem, so hav 2 start copy n past into my brain during the last week.. oso have problem of not enuf RAM and hard disk space la..sumore I am not computer..if wana fit so much data in, sure jam and hang..

what will happen if computer hang? ctrl+alt+del..settle..or if kenot settle, manually off..if kenot on back afterdat like fatty's laptop? send 2 kedai repair..if kenot repair? buy new laptop...

but if brain shut down?? Resit..if kenot on back oso? retake 2nd year..if still kenot? balik malaysia...get new uni..abo? change course..still kenot? sell cd...

if only our brain like computer..can get external hard disk..hehe...250 extra RAM..kwa kwa..2 Gb..tambah hard disk tambah ram or burn into dvd oso can...sure pass..too bad now my brain still slow 128mb..hard disk rosak cannot retrieve..especially if used too much will jam always and work slowly...with the very loud fan sound from stomach...haih...

I already made up my mind 2 study after easter holiday...dis sem must get gud results oo..aboh everytime cukup makan, so dangerous..if got heart attack, early early masuk kubur oredi...

sumore, dis time, a dearest fat friend gave me a great and juicy and irresistible offer...
buy 1 free 1...

Perjanjian Pangkor 2007

1) If i get an A (90-100 which is more than impossible for me), I get any house that i wan..just point my finger...hohoho....

2) If i get a B (80-90 might be achievable if i start watching Dr House since 5 years old), still not bad..I get a pun boleh..

3) If i get a C (70-80 THIS SHALL BE MY TARGET...), I get a long din ride bike oredi..vum vum...minyak murah, jam can easily move infront, can get fresh air, sumore easy 2 park..hoho..majulah ke arah BIKE BIKE...

4) People alwiz say "aim the stars, if you cant get it, u'll stil get the moon.." I get awan pun jadi la..if i get a D, then I get a free meal..hehe..

As long as dun fail can oredi...

My timetable after easter shall be:

0800: wake up, breakfast
0900: study
1300: lunch
1400: afternoon nap
1410: study
1700: jogging (badan sihat, otak cergas)
1800: study /cook if my turn 2 cook
1900: eat + rest..n mandi if rajin..
2100: study
0000: light supper (kenot avoid 1, although in perfect lifestyle)
0200: tido...mus have enuf 6 hours sleep..hmm..


SSP dilancarkan...super slimming program and super study program..haha
one of my super hero clan the PAK CHI (james) ever said:

pak chi: pei pei is gud in everything..she can cook..she can cut hair oso..can play
anonymous: waa..she so gud la..
pah chi: hmm..but mayb got 1 thing she kenot la..STUDY"

cis..i shall discover my new

"wake up! wake up!"

pei : huh? wad time oredi?

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Pandan Layer Cake

"Pandan Layer Cake is a layer cake, green in colour, made from pandan juice and flavouring. It is usually sold in bakeries all over malaysia, namely Italy bakery (in malaysia), the bakery in banting, forget the name oredi, yees bakery..but not bread story..bcos..BREAD story wad..sell bread la.. It usually cost about 7 ringgit for 3 X 8 inches cake...1 pound..haih..i buy the coconut milk oso 1 pound oredi.."

HERE, as promised, made my SUPER FAVOURITE PANDAN LAYER CAKE!!!..Tua Pui shud noe best, cos she specially went n bought that in banting for my 19th bitrhday last time..I'll alwiz remember dat, pui..(let her feel flatterd abit..then she'll treat me nicer..hehe)

Syok syok say wana make PANDAN layer cake, but main problem: NO PANDAN...
After icp yesterday, i wanted to feel how is it like 2 save 1 pound (bus fare) decided to walk back along leith in search of pandan flavouring..lazy to go find pandan leave n blend..

walk..walk...walk walk cold..cis..once oredi start walking, no turning back..if i naik bus now, so damn tak berbaloi, cos oredi walk half way wad...masuk pat chung ying on the pandan flavouring...go out again..masuk Hing Sing which is now my favourite chinese supermarket, cos...GOT PANDAN ESSENCE..n also the SUPER RARE Hoen Kwe powder (green bean powder produced in indonesia) that i initially planned to ignore in the recipe...

Pandan Layer Cake

Sponge cake
If u r in malaysia - 375g optima flour, 7 eggs, 60 ml water, 2 tbsp pandan juice, green colouring, 90g butter, settled...

If you are not in malaysia, haih...mahuan abit..optima flour can b substituted with sponge cake mix..or u wana make ur own mix oso can..
1 1/4 cup castor sugar,
bla bla
20 egg yolk..(aiks..reject this recipe..need so many egg 1..)

next recipe:
3/4 cup multi-purpose flour (plain flour..hmm can get can get)
2 cups unsalted
1 tbsp ovalette (apani??reject reject..)

next search:
Pandan Chiffon
A) 4 yolk
70ml coconut milk
45ml water + 1 tsp pandan paste (i use essense lo)
70ml corn oil
1/8 tsp salt
100g castor sugar
150g flour
1 tsp baking powder

B) 4 egg white
90g castor sugar
1/8 tsp cream of tartar (can b substituted with white vinegar of the same amount)

..i shall cut short the method la..faham faham, ok..

1) mix A leave aside
2) whisk egg in B till stiff, then add sugar n cream of tartar
3) whisk whisk whisk
4) mix in A gently
5) Bake at 175degree celcius for 40 mins
6) take out, then leave 2 cool awhile..

after settle the cake, then go make the kaya..

700g thick coconut milk (from the can 1)
180g castor sugar (this 1 added myself cos the recipe i found din write, where got nice..)
85 g Hoen Kwe (green bean powder)
3 tsp instant jelly ( i think more nicer..cos mine not that jelly mayb 3 tbsp)
1 1/2 tsp salt ( i suggest noneed, cos not that nice)
1/4 tsp pandan essense( must follow..cos i put in more, then strong smell..haha orang tamak selalu rugi)
2 tbsp pandan juice
1 tsp green colouring ( put till u like the colour la..)

1) mix all and then heat it in saucepan
2) keep stirring, at middle fire.
3) Do not use to big fire and don't let it boil..later the texture not nice.
4) Keep stirring till the kaya thicken..around 20-30 minutes
5) meanwhile, cut the cake into 3 layers

Assemble the layersss
1) after the kaya abit thick oredi, put a layer in the tray that u use to bake jus that same size la..
2) then put a layer of the cake on..then put kaya again, then put cake, then put kaya then put cake..ei, how many oredi?
3) nevermind, jus make layers n layers...the last layer on top is the kaya..flatten n even it, decorate with some dessicated coconut..(can get from tesco or pakistan shops)..leave it outside for 30 minutes..then put in fridge..

settle...nyum nyum..

1 sliceee

p.s: kids below 16 years must only make with permission of parents.

Monday, 19 March 2007


I jus bot a pair of Professional Scissors for cutting hair...All this while I've been using the normal 3 for 5 paper scissors from Kedai Buku Popular to cut hair for fatty and Nick (new model for my kedai gunting dan kerinting unisex). After i recruited nick the hansem hongkie as my new model, my business semakin hari semakin berkembang...i start to open cawangan, and many has requested me to specially cut their hair, but I had refused due to too many customers...

Now that i have the super scissors that I am goin 2 pass down from generation to generation, i decide to carry out an experiment. In this modern world, many parties are against animal testing and also human testing.

So I decided to...test on myself...
Bad idea..I start to research on internet how to effectively cut my own hair..hmm...finally..

Time: 1pm
Venue: 17/5 Teviot Place
Equipment: Pro Scissors, 2 mirrors, alas lantai, rubbish bag 2 cover baju..
Operasi : Cut own hair... sounds so simple on internet..since i can aut hair for others, i shud b able 2 cut for my self as long as i can got 2 mirror, i infront 1 behind, settleeee...
zyak zyak zyak....cut cut cut..Problems:

1) In the mirror, front is back, back is front...Left is right, right is take sumtime 2 determine which way 2 cut..

2) Have 2 bend head abit, then pull hair up, then hand across head..waa..dis position is not the best position 2 be..after afew strokes, back pain, hand pain, head pain..but kenot stop..cos look weird..

3) Can't reeli see the details of the hair through mirror..can jus roughly roughly..agak agak...

END PRODUCT: haih...dun wana put up picture la..dun wana think about it oso..sleep better..hope my hair can grow overnight..haha..

noe y 1 write 2 blogs 2day, n so free go cut hair sumore??? COS i dun wana start my Clinical REport...have 2 hand in tomorrow..nooo...12 oclk coming..kenot run..NO ESCAPe...

"You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape the stoopiiid report..."
I interviewed the patient last week, n he actually have absence seizure in front of me...blank..duno wad 2 do..Me n my partner sing the duet "san hu hai" bu jay Chow then dance for a minute..but the patient no response..then he regain consciousness n like ntg happen.. i got no idea wad 2 blog oredi..i wana blog...i wana blog...dun wana do repot..hmm...yesterday...erm...erm...last week...erm know...argh..

CANT ESCAPE..i go settle it la..babai


Haih...mayb aku bodoh la..
penipu disangka baik, genuine buyer disangka penipu...
There was a bidder with 0 review bidding hard 4 my phone on st patricks day..

I use my friends account to bid, I bid 1, the fella bid 1..i bid, the fella bid.. (macan kilat sabung-meyabung)

CONFIRM PENIPU...simpply bid 1..
me thinking I'm so smart..dun let the fella win la..later wana cancel bid susah..since sure penipu 1..kena 3 times oredi...

when i bid till 120, i was thinking if he bid sumore, i try let da fella buy la..MANATAU, he stop 119.

I relist again lo..since i din noe its st patricks day, every1 sure keluar, no1 stay at home n bid la..
huhuhuhuhuu...(tangisan yang malang) the next day i see his review got 1 oredi..he bot a fone from another tui...I shud start trusting buyer now..

baru nak tukar pandangan...
CISSSSS....2day got sold off again..the US fella asking me 2 post 2 nigeria again...THEY wun feel sien meh...keep getting the same fella...the nest time i list, I am gonna put


Sunday, 18 March 2007



"The Loch Ness Monster is an unidentified animal purported to inhabit Scotland's Loch Ness, the most voluminous freshwater lake in Great Britain. Along with Bigfoot and the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster is one of the best-known mysteries of cryptozoology. Local Scottish highlanders, and many people around the world, have affectionately referred to the animal by the feminine name of Nessie."

( adapted from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

16 MARCH 2007, FRI...
Since last sighted, many research team have been trying to search for Nessie. MONSTER is now spotted again in LOCH NESS. There has been ideas that the Loch Ness Monster Monster is actually an elephant. Now, a new ideology has been found.. Loch Ness Monster no longer remains in the loch (which means lake) It has now been seen on land with its companion, the FLOWER MONSTER!!!

The mystery has now been solved. They took turns showing themselves according to the flower monster itself, family of the monster.

Monster climbed on the cruise

Monster in LOCH NESS

LOCH NESS and UruKuat CAstle

IS that me??

MONSter MAking friends


Ok, Back to my story. My friend rachael and her parents came for a visit 2 edinburgh. So i provide bed and breakfast service, including tour guide in a package and charged them 200 pds for it..wakaka...good business..

So on friday, we decided 2 go for a highland, glencoe and loch ness tour...hmm..great choice..n sounds nice n rained the whole day but lucky enough, we were on the tour bus, so din get the rain..

With my weird inheritable disease of mabuk bas and mabuk kapal and sometimes mabuk kereta, being on the bus that is moving at 120 miles/hour on a super winding Dragon Ball Jalan Ular, end up sleeping 70% of the journey, vomiting 20% of the journey, 2% open eyes to peek at the scenery..2% go down 2 seconds to take picture, cos raining..10 % spotting nessie..that is the funnest part..The scenery along the journey is actually very beautiful la..provided it doesn't rain n dun mabuk..


Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Kuih Ketayap

I din getto eat any Kuih Ketayap during the foodfair cos all sold oit, and started to have craving for it...This is the kuih that last time the mak cik makcik sell on motor outside my house 1..together with putu piring, karipap..huiyo..suddenly feel like eating...
Easiest way is...make myself...
Again from my favourite recipe page:


That 1 I took a bite..

Kuih Ketayap Recipe

For the pancake

2 cups coconut milk
3 eggs
1 cup flour
2 teaspoon cooking oil
a pinch of salt
green coloring

For the filling

1 1/2 cup palm sugar
500g freshly grated coconut (since kenot find here in uk, i use dessicated coconut..still turn out nice..haha)
Screwpine leaves (daun pandan)

Method :

1. Combine all the ingredients for the filling in a pan and cook on medium heat. Set aside.

2. Beat eggs and add in coconut milk, flour, oil, salt and coloring. Let it rest for 15 minutes.

3. Take one scoop of the mixture and pour on a flat pan, preferable a non-stick pan, on medium heat. Pour just a bit of the mixture to get a thin layer of pancake.

4. Remove the pancake once cooked and put the filling in the middle of the pancake. Cover the sides and roll.

Try it..its kinda nice..haha..
Ketayap IS THE BEST...

COMING soon shall be my favourite PANDAN LAYER CAKE...

Malaysian Foodfair

Finally collect enough energy to blog about our Edinburgh Malaysian foodfair..

To start with, the event was a success la i think. Din't expect so many people to come..the hall is so full that even nyamuk have to shrink body to move. On that fine day, everything goes on well..there were performances to entertain the ppl while eating ( distraction haha..) the food was good, everything looks "nice"..but..what a non-organiser can't see is the hard work behind all this..The committee members and the cooks, performers have been working day n night (like cheap labour) before the event..

Malaysian population in edinburgh is like the orang utan yang hampir pupus in borneo, so little.. every1 is trained 2 be multi-purpose and multi tasking. the same person can be the cook, one minute u'll see them serving the customers, one minute dancing on the stage...

The performance practice starts weeks before, slacking in the first few weeks, but getting more n more intense towards the last week. AND, for me, not only one performance. I joined 3 dances n dikir barat = 4 PERFORMANCES in 1 day...chinese dance, asmara dana dance, dikir barat and kadazan dance.

The funniest is i practice the kadazan dance for 30 minutes the night before...I feel like a robot...that respond to music..when i detect chinese song, then i dance chinese dance..when i hear malay song, then dance asmara dana..when i hear kadazan song, i do the so called "bird dance".

The day before:

Besides dancing, have to cook many portions? 60 portions...huiyo...the amount of chicken that we bought is enough to eat for a year. we had to go shopping for our stuffs the day b4. Me, shi ying n james and our free kuli the fatty headed 2 tesco, lidl, chinese supermarket. Its like a Malaysian DAy OUT...every shop we go, we'll see tonnes of malaysian buying stuff..Their daily sales sure increase for the day.

Oh..not forgetting the chicken cutting order 2 get chicken for lower price, we were provided with unslaughtered chicken...(nola..jus that not chopped chicken) and we end up having 2 chop n debone the chicken ourself..15 pairs og chicken leg..cut till my neighbour said, we getto learn the anatomy of chicken..For the details of the chicken cutting process, kindly visitu..
Now we understand y butchers earn 350 pounds a week in edinburgh..



On the friday practice till 11pm..rushed back 2 jaga my ebay(haih...) afterdat started cooking...cook n cook n cook...the problem is not with cooking..its bcos there r 4 of us cooking in the house, n we hav not enough
  • pots and pans,
  • no space,
  • no place 2 put the cooked food...

Soo... we sort of take turns..the process of cooking nearly got us matter how good a cook you are, its not easy cooking in huge huge giant portion..i had to taste till my nose and tongue stopped functioning..we start putting things on the kitchen table, then move on to dining table, then not enuf space, move to the window, still no space, put on sofa, chair, and even on the floor...imagine 3 fella cooking for 60 portion each..



After that hav 2 start packing..We had a brilliant idea..all the malaysians should open a malaysian restaurant here..or do catering..

SPOT THE CHICKEN...CHICKEn trying 2 hide in plastik

Saturday, 10 March 2007


Supposed 1 b blogging about Malaysian Foodfair..but since i am too tired, i shall blog later bout dat..instead, i'll blog dis short short 1 first la..

MY HP again...finally got sold yesterday, tru normal bidding..dengan kan jong i observe the price, jaga it closely, then apply all the strategy n stuff...finally sold at 137pds, which is quite a gud price, since my buy it now oni 149.....dengan hapi n lega..haha

manatau..jus now i receive again..cis..geram lo...
stating that the item has been removed, cos the bidding took place without the owners consent..meaning sum1else is using another fella's account 2 bid n won...CISSSSSSs.....sia sia i hav 2 sell againn....
terible la..

Thursday, 8 March 2007

CON on EBAY...

"eBay is an online marketplace built to enable trade on a local, national and international basis. eBay offers an online platform where millions of items are traded each day through auction-style listings or immediate "buy it now" stores and listings."
From my past experience of being conned on ebay (supposed 2 get a camera for a dear fren who lost her camera, but the irresponsible and intentional conner, prone to die in 3 years due to Alzheimer e-bayer sent me an empty box ), I am now super duper careful on buying n selling stuff on e-bay.

I just received a new hanfon a week ago, and since I already have my n73, I decided 2 sell the new phone..ON EBAY..2 fella tried 2 con me:

1st Conner:
She bought it off ebay by clicking the *Buy It now* button that maybe to her is abit colourful that she must click it..I was happy for a moment and it was like : "Yeai..some1 bought!"
But when i check her review, she dun have any reviews..kosong..cis..trustable onot 1? But as a seller, I hav advantage dis time..dun bodoh bodoh kena tipu again..

After 1 milisecond, she unregister herself from e-bay. Aiks...smells ikan weird 1..obviously she wana con me..But then she sent me an email:

Write in all capital letter oo..looks like those surat ugut..Luckily din write in red ink..Then she is very agreeable la..all willing to pay..just ask me 2 send her invoice..BUT as a real buyer she very bodoh lo..smell ikan again..where got ppl so bodoh 1..then i send her invoice la..amount: 168pds..
then i receive this email: (b4 dis got beribu-ribu email from her la..n all her email she send 3 copies 1..duno y..mayb simptom penipu.

And the confirmation email from "Paypal"...

waa..she paid 200 pds..for 1 nano seconds, i was happy..yeai..but then, i smell ikan again...

1) The links on the page all unclickable 1..sounds weird..
2) The paypal logo looks weird and just doesn't look like the normal that I see..
3) The payment doesn't appear on my paypal account..
4) The buyer supposed 2 b in US, but when she send email, the time is +oooo...Is she really in US?
But the fella smart oso 200 terus..Human nature memang tamak la..the word 200 flying around makes me reluctant to believe that it is a fraud..

The email that i receive, the address is like this :
first glance might look right..but then, the front 1 supposed 2 b the name
rite..then the <> only the email address wad..

and the 2 be
then i forward this email to 2 check if it is a tipu
email..,paypal saythey
din send that..haha..

CONFIM TIPU..then i ask her 2 pay again using my invoice,
the 168pds that it appear on my paypal..
then comes another email..buruk la..sunday lei dat time..
din noe paypal so free go email every1 ask them 2 send their items..

but b4 that i oredi relisted the fone again..hoping 2 get another buyer..

2nd Conner:
This 1 not that extreme..b4 dis first person bought it, the 2nd was asking me
questions..pretend 2 b interested..she said she got conned b4, so wana make sure
everything is alright..

I dengan semangat (tot she sama nasib as me) explain 2 her panjang lebar..
Then she say, ok, but can you post to me in LITHUANIA? wad??
first NIgeria, now Lithuania??
Din I say I only post to UK?

But if she willling 2 pay then ok la..
BUT..there is always a but..she is too easy..she say send me ur paypal account..
i giv u money terus..
Aiks...we were jus negociating..she say 150 sounds like a
reasonable price..but she dun wana buy it off ebay?

She said that her ebay account got prob n stuf..bla bla..
But as a person who got conned b4, takkan she dun wana buy it from ebay
first for records? wana pay me terus..
when i ask her 2 buy first,
she noe i pandai oredi..then takda berita...

It is me today, It could happen to you one day...

Despite all this, ebay still remain a
Time-Passer and Entertainer for us..

Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Special request from MR taliban yang nak berkaraoke depan skrin...

LYRIK "NAAM YI DONG JI KEONG" aka wong fei hung song..

together with translation..



O hei o siu man chung long
Ao qi mien dui wan chong lang
Defiantly facing the ten thousand layered waves
Defiantly facing insurmountable odds

Yit huet yit sing hung yat gwong
Yit huet jeung na hung yat gwong
Re xue sheng na hung ri guang
Burning with righteous spirit like this red sunlight

Daam si tit da
Dan si tie da
Courage like forging iron
With resolute courage

Gwat ji jing gong
Gu ru jing gang
Character as strong as stainless steel
With an uncompromising character

Hung kam baak chin jeung
Xiong jin bai qian zhang
A mind a hundred thousand feet wide
With the broadest mind

Ngaan gwong maan lei cheung
Yan guang wan li chang
A vision ten thousand miles long
With a far-sighted vision

Sai fen yiu faat ji keung
Ngoh faat fen to keung
Wo fa fen tu jiang
I energetically and determinedly work towards my plan:
I vow to achieve my ambition:
I go all out to make the country strong:

Jo ho hon
Zuo hao han
To be a good han/chinese/man
To be a great hero.

Jo goh ho hon ji
Zuo ge hao han zi
In order to be a good han/chinese/man
In order to be a great hero

Mui tin yiu ji keung
Mei tien yao zi jiang
Every day you must push yourself

Yit huet naam ji
Yit huet naam yi hon
Re xue nan er han
The righteous spirit of a hero

Bit sing hung yat gwong
Bei tai yeung gang gwong
Bi tai yang geng guang
Is like the noonday sun
Burns brighter than the sun.

instrumental music..

Yeung hoi tin wai ngoh jeui neng leung
Rang hai tien wei wo ju neng liang
Sea and sky yield their power for me to gather

Heui hoi tin pik dei
Qu kai tian pi di
I will separate the heavens from the earth
I will engage in creation itself
Let me fight for my own destiny

Wai ngoh leiseung heui cheung
Wei wo lixiang qu chuang
Towards my ideals i will charge

Hon bik boh go jong
Kan bi bo gao chuang
See azure waves tall and strong
Witness the azure waves, tall and vigorous,

Yau hon bik hung gwong fut ho hei yeung
You kan bi kong guang kuo haoqi yang
And see the azure skies broad and vast lifting the noble spirit
And the azure skies, as broad and vast as my indomitable spirit

Gei si naam yi dong ji keung
Ngoh si naam yi dong ji keung
Wo shi nan er dang zi jiang
I am a man of strength and determination

On bo ding hung dai ga jok dung leung
Ang bu ting xiong da jia zuo dong liang
Chin up and chest out everybody be like “beams and pillars”
Stride proudly and stick your chest out everybody be pillars of the nation
Chin up, chest out, we uphold the nation

Jo ho hon
Zuo hao han
Be good han/chinese/men
Be great heroes

Yung ngoh baak dim yit
Yong wo bai dian re
Use me to ignite a hundred spirits
My ambition ignites a hundred spirits;

Yiu chut chin fen gwong
Yao chu qian fen guang
Shines outwards like a thousand spectra.

Jo goh ho hon ji
Zuo ge hao han zi
To be a good han/chinese/man
To be a great warrior

Yit huet yit cheung yit
Re xue re chuang re
Ardent and courageous spirit
I raise my righteous and courageous spirit

Bit sing hung yat gwong
Bei tai yeung gang gwong
Bi tai yang geng guang
Brighter than the sun
Burning brighter than the sun.


Friday, 2 March 2007

HOw OLd Do I LOOK???

WHat are the things that need a proof of age?

Situation 1

First Month in Edinburgh..Lining outside a club to go in..and ofcourse, u wana be as light as possible when go clubbing..takkan wana bring passport..after lining up for half an hour,

MR bla: Do you have any identification on you pls?

Me: nah! (show student card)

MR bla bla: Do you have anything with your age on?

Me: BOlah..aiyo..takkan wana bring passport..siao..I oredi lost passport once, scared oo..
I alredy 20 lei..abo how 2 masuk uni

MR bla bla bla: No, but you certainly don't look your age, and you could be entering uni at 17..

Me: cimakan la u..I am short doesn't mean I am young la..

(end up have to go back and get my isic card with date of birth on it)


In tesco...

This notice:
" If you are lucky enough to look under 21, we might ask for your proof of age when buying alcohol"
is on every angle of tesco wall.

That time I am only 20 i tot just try and buy la..

Miss pandai: (look at me carefully) proof of age pls.

kantoi...dun have..cos i memang not 21 ma..

My 18 year old fren on the other lane who is also buying alcohol managed to get tru...cis..

How can I look younger than her???


In Lidyl:

Don't have that same notice in tesco, but i just assume the age limit is 21 lo..

Lady: May i ask how old r u, Miss?

Me: oh, I'm 21 (trying to look as matured as possible)

Lady: You certainly don't look your age. Do you have anything to proof you are 18?

Me: 18?

Lady: Ya, you have to be 18 to buy alcohol (HUKUM LIDYL)

Me: CIS...I DON'T LOOK 18??? proudly i take out my ID..dat time i 20 if age limit 21, i diam diam cabut oredi..

HUHUHU...I am looking younger and younger..


LAST WEEK!!! I am going to be 22 this year..just to announce..

Latar tempat: Marks and Spencer

As usual, If anytime I pass by M&S, I will go in just to buy the 99p crabstick, which is juicier n sweeter + cheaper than tesco crabstick..

M&S crabstick has became the whole Teviot Place's favourite ever since it was introduced by NICK CHAN, the stupid hongkie..Even matthew knows where to get it..

Right after i paid for the crabstick, the fatty decided to add another item to my shopping basket...


An OUTSTANDING VALUE 3 for 2 never needs sharpening, soft touch handle for control and comfort and dishwasher safe M&S COOK's KNIFE..
nothing special rite, so i jus took it n pay lo..manatau...the sentence that I fear most came along...

MISS M&S: Can I see any proof of age please?

Me: WAD???
(turn to look at the back of the knife)

although not very clear, but still can read..

"UK LEGISLATION - not for sale to person under 16 years of age (proof of age may be required)"

HOI HOI HOI!!!NOW i don't even look 16???

THAT IS 6 years of difference wei..I was form 4 when I am 16, ok..ages ago..still wearing the blue school pinafore lei.. oredi finish SPM, masuk form 6, go KMB, finish IB, CLIMBED mount Kinabalu, COME UK FOR 1 year, eat and shit more than a thousand times oredi...and STILL 16???Age counts backwards ka??new aging system..

cis..speechless..mayb i'll look 14 next year..then I'll b FOREVER YOUNG!!!...not a bad thing..