Saturday, 22 August 2009

Early Onset dementia?

I began to suspect I have early onset dementia on top of my partial down's + turner's syndrome and the recent sciatica.. Could I have had a stroke that only affect a dot in my memory area? Y is it getting worse lately? I think it has been deteriorating for few years now, but recently i started to notice the significance.

One moment i think of something, the next moment i will forget.. The other day, i even forget the way back to my own flat. I was walking n walking n went to open the door to the next block..n the worst is it happened TWICE in a DAY!!!

I kept forgetting where i put things, n forgetting things that I used to remember.. si liao..di I really have dementiaa??

I am afraid to do the abbreviated mental test now..cos I am sure I cant remember the (apple, table, penny) or the address that they want you to remember and repeat..

I just realised the previous post i clicked publish, forgetting that I did not type yet..grrr..

Early Onset dementia?

Friday, 14 August 2009


Yesterday slept early...hmm...u noe when u sleep early,owez pray that u sleep all the way.. I sudenly terbangun cos need to empty bladder..

Now mata terbeliak kenot sleep... the famous pepatah hokkien if u have nothing to do is: je liao phak bang... ( sit n hit mosquito) as I was thinking,

UK mana ada mosquito?

I saw: ngiau ngiau zzz igiauuu PIAKKKKK...

Stupid mosquito hinggap on me..and cucuk minum my blood..sumore don wana pay.. kasi bunuhh...gataiii...

okie la..gona try use my pill tidor to sleep liao.. manufactured by this company 'churchill livingston'...super berkesan.. baca 2 minut ,tido terus..

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Sunday, 9 August 2009

New 3.0.1 firmware

hmmm..I yesterday balik edin gatal go try upgrade my iPhone to the latest firmware la..cos mine jailbreak b4 mya,so have to read carefully..

now jadi restore liao,but kenot getto jailbreak yet laaa... my I-NANAS!!!!! although the new 3.0.1 quite best la,as it says got cut n paste, can send mms can forward sms all.. but for the price of un-jailbroken.. hmm.. dono berbaloi onot...will try again nx week..did 3 times liao stil tak jadi..grr

iPhone horrr..quite Babi 1 laa..nice is nice laa..but saja wana attract attension 1 la..macam those smart kid in school saja wana create trouble..that day I tried to send foto to fren tru Bluetooth... kanasaii..baru realise the bluetooth memang Blurtooth laa. oni can use for bluetooth headphone niaa..iPhone to iPhone transfer also susah..grr..wei Mr Jobs arr..can kasi normal gigibiru old paria fone also got leii..saja wana isolate iPhone, don't wana connect with other fonee..

Anyway,I still will promote iPhone la..haha.. just downloaded this new program for blogspot 1..testing abit..hehe n this new foto collage thing..quite nice also..

I noeee I noeee..baru say wana be full time medical student... but with this, bloging will only take me 5 mins..hehe..

testing foto:

not bad leii..

this is when tua pui came to edin the other day...went for fine dining at ruthlands hotel...

now she in msia liao... Puiiii..miss u...
okie.. sekian testing..

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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Medical Student

I have been a part time medical student for 4 years now..

Full time slacker ... part time DOTA player ... part time journalist for ... part time Serial Killer (
watch series to kill time) ...

So my medical student life is only 1/4 of the part time nia ... I think its time for me to be a 'Full Time Medical Student' now ...

Kinda scary when u can't define chronic liver failure, when u dont know what actually causes hypertension ... dont even talk about the treatment... These are those things that I think i know...

Liver failure mah liver fail to work lo... but first have to know what exactly does the liver do rite... Chronic Liver Failure and Chronic Liver Disease.. different 1 mehhh...

Hypertension blood pressure lo... stroke... in mandarin 'jong fong'.. in tvb drama also got show.. but if really some1 stroke infront of me, wah... dono how to handle liao...

hehe..sumore now in dunfermline, hard 2 blog abit la.. oredi taken lots of photos since my Greece trip dengan impian to blog 1..but then..hmm.. only my camera lense saw those pictures.. even my computer din't see them yet..haha..

ok la.. part time blogger now.. times up.. back to my Full Time job..haha