Thursday, 31 January 2008

Results AGAIN!!!

Haih... this year, getting results give me the same feeling of having p*r*od every month...

" Aiyo...not again!!! y every month lai 1..."...

I think there is a magnet that the Medical School Administrator put at the passing mark aka 60...
Specially to pull pretty and smart ppl...

Just don't know y I am stuck there with them as well... N I am the nearest sumore...does it mean..hmm...I am the prettiest and smartest??

Haih, I kenot lari dy matter how hard I memorize the past year paper, how hard I try to stay longer in the exam hall without going back, I still get 60 60 60 ... keke

but glad la...don fail can oredi...lets celebrate...
By 5th year I'll have a collection of marginals..haha

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

I have a blog

Haih, what I can say is what a waste...

I have been through what she's been through to be a JPA scholar..Imagine striving so hard in SPM, working even harder in college to get a place overseas to do medicine, and now just a simple bus crash...and of all the 48 ppl in the bus, why her? If it would have been a drunkard, or an old man or a drug addict, would we be less sorry? I don't know..

Is it plain unluckiness???

Or is there a way to stop this from happening?

Pls visit to give support. All we could do is sign the petition...

In memory of Lim Nian Ning and all the other victims of the crash

1987 - 2008


Please post this on your blog now to help:

Chung Lern and Nian Ning’s families would like all families and friends of the victims, dead or alive, in the Slim River Bus Crash to come forward and join them in taking action against the bus company. Stand up to seek justice for these three innocent individuals, who were all so young and full of life.

If you have a blog, please call out to ANYONE who

knows someone who survived or did not survive

the crash to come forward to join the Lee family.

Make a huge difference, make a huge fuss.

For now, you may contact Lee Chung Lern at or preferably on his handphone at 012-6670368.

Yes, I have a blog, therefore i play my part..

Try reading her friend's blog and you'll feel their loss too...(jolene, jason)

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


I guess this is the time of the year where the graviti of the Earth clashes with the surrounding aura of the moon and the sun which produces a wave called the "Boring and Lazy" wave... Eve@jang jang jang is going back to malaysia tomorrow...

"guest gone = back to real world..."

Whenever you have a visiting guest, you can alwiz blame everything on her..haha..sorry,eve...

lazy to blog --- jang here ma, no time
don't want go lecture --- jang here, layan her la, she going back already...
eat alot --- jang here ma, takkan wana diet
sleep alot --- jang here ma, bring her out afterdat tired...
lazy cook --- jang here, lets go out eat...
din go gym --- jang here, no time go...

Everything also got reason...but sudenly this reason is going back already...

kenot dont blog,

kenot dont study,

kenot lazy,

everything also kenot!!!...

JANGG, don't go back laaa...

Bcos she is here, I get to do alot of things that I din getto do in dis 2 years... such as watch movie in cinema, not crunchyroll, hang out n eat cake in glenhas cafe, not some cheap tesco cheesecake.. drink coffee in starbucks (never beli starbucks coffee here in edin)... take taxi, go shopping (but still din get to buy anything!! frustratinggg)...

Huhuhu..I guess back to real world... go class tomorrow...

Saturday, 26 January 2008


Due to my fren's fren's visit here to edinburgh, dun really have the time to blog...hehe..actually malas la..but my fren's fren (eve) is realli here aa...therefore we have to do something out of the norm 2 show our hospitality...hmm

Paiseh to say, I've never had a meal in TGIF b4, even in first impression when I see the menu:

" many things which 1 to choose??" (being super hungry, we wud wana order fast so that can eat faster...but if cincai order later come out not nice, lagi sakit hati...)
Sample picture on menu..not bad..After much analysiing, hmm..finally made up my mind..


Crispy, breaded chicken breast strips tossed in Jack Daniel's® sweet 'n' smoky glaze, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds and chilli flakes, served on shredded red cabbage and crispy lettuce.



Chargrilled chicken breast, cheese, onion and a mix of red and green peppers in flour tortillas, served with Friday's® Cajun-spiced rice, pico de gallo and our South West sour cream.Without chickenSuitable for vegetarians

Hoho..sounds nice..

Appetizer or main course?? so big size 1..after attacking the appetizer, oredi full..(n not say very nice also..abit hangus 1..haha)

Wicked wings..not bad la..

For main course, I expected:

Something like this la..big pieces of chicken...manatau, come out..huhuhu,,,not nice..

Where is my chicken??? I craving for ko ko kai at that time..The rice dono wad kind of rice..taste like tomato rice without salt and left overnight till the top part dried up...n where got chicken??? I started to korek the tortilla to find chicken, n it was more difficult than looking for needle in the sea..

Y ppl's 1 look so nice 1...
That's the chicken I want...

Bad ordering reeli menyedihkan..huhuhu

Monday, 21 January 2008

Art of Meditation

Sorry for the '3-day-no update' season...I did not have time to update my blog as I was meditating for 3 days 3 nights non -stop after inspired by Conan...

Conan, named after Arthur-Conan Doyle, was on his praying position when a Buddhist priests at the Shuri-kannondo temple in Japan perform sutras. The chihuahua also seems to “pray” before walks and food time. Eh, maybe he’s just seeking spiritual enlightenment.

See...even dog also try to practice buddhism...As a buddhist, how can I be left behind? Therefore I've decided to meditate (our buddhist soc having meditation session nx week...better practice first) :

"Meditation describes a state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness. It usually involves turning the attention inward to a single point of reference. The benefits of the practice can engender a higher state of consciousness." (Wikipedia)

There are different techniques of meditation. The word come from a latin word, meditatio, which originally indicated every type of physical or intellectual exercise.

To follow the original meaning of meditation, I've decided to meditate with the Defence-Of-The-Ancients way, aka DOTA. It involves focus, awareness, total concentration, assimilasi of hand, eyes, mind, reflex...a perfect stage of mindfulness...

After the each "meditation" session, i could really feel the effect. I want to do it more now...Now i 'meditate' every now and then when I have time.

I started with 3 hours a day. But i feel I am still affected by other factors, food, sleep,etc... I try to increase it by 1 hour everyday...I even stay awake at night just to meditate, till early morning. Even now, i missed a whole day of lecture just to 'meditate'..I'm sure the lecturer will understand the art of 'meditation'...

Its not just Conan..other dogs pray as well:

My useless dog oni knows how to eat and sleep:



Speaking of dogs, there is this Hungarian scientist working on a software to analyze dog's emotions. It can distinguish dog's emotions when the dog is alone, when it sees a ball, it fights, it plays, it encounters a stranger or it goes for a walk.

'A possible commercial application could be a device for dog-human communication,'

Dogs are known as 'the man's best fren' mayb bcos if you have no 1 to talk to, you can talk to your dog, he'll for sure keep your secret cause he can't talk...BUT...not anymore!!!

An alleged killer, David Henton confessed to his pet cats – unaware police were eavesdropping on his conversation and recorded it...The police must have used the device to read the fear in the cats..Mayb his cats were giving signals to the police..

"killer!! meow meow..."

Moral of the story: If you killed someone, dont tell anyone or anything...

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Alot of ppl told me that I am abit cacated, but I don't believe them...Day by day I start to wonder...
Am I cacat? Y am I different from other ppl?

When I entered medical everything starts to make sense...
I start to see more of my self in the big book of medicine:

When I read the part on genetics disorder:

Down's syndrome:


a) an almond shape to the eyes caused by an epicantic fold of the eyelid (we used to call it mata sepet)
b) flattened nose
c) Shorter limbs
d) Short stature
e) rounded cheeks
f) small wide hands

With all this, I still dont believe, and my argument is I dont have abnormalities in my palm and I am smart!!!

As years passed, i began to believe it is I am starting to feel the symptom of slow mental development. Getting stupider n stupider by year...Mayb I have degenerative brain...hmm

TUrner's syndrome...


a) Short than usual

b) webbed neck + short neck

c) swollen hands and feets (or is it just fat that I have?)

d) short hands

e) wandering eyes...(yes yes yes..I always have this..i tot it was due to laziness to control the eye balls)

f) broad chest

g) larger than usual number of moles on the skin (I used to be called okipo, meaning mole girl)

h) hands deviated from the midline due to ELBOW deformity... (I just realised this in LYON...)

That is my anatomical position

Other symptoms of unknown cause:

a) square feet

b) double ankle

c) intermittent coccyx pain



I believe every1 in this era knows what youtube is. Its a website where you can share videos, movies, mtv, etc...

There is another ciplak youtube that puts all the football matches, called footytube..
(notice they adapted the word tube)

Hmm..wad else of the same category where you can upload stuff?

Dis few days, my fellow guy neighbours are wispering to each other about some nice college-made p**n released by a guy after he got dump by a girl. I overheard their conversation mentioning stg about this site, y*****n...
(ooo..another youtube wanabee?? y not p***tube?)

What is it??? (of course i dont want to cemarkan my computer by surfing the site)...every1 knows you tube, but how many noe bout y*****n??? or know also buat-buat taktau..

I therefore use other ppl's computer....(its ok, since he already have it in his history..haha)
True enough, my suspicions are answered...(noneed open also know wad it is la...)

For those who follow the flow of news in uk, you would have known about youporn by now...It was reported on Metro... (<-- clickable) with the title "P*** does DIY with new website"...What a catchy word to use...DIY... reminds me of my previous post on DIY...(<-- clickable)
Watching someone who could be your nextdoor neighbour having sex is far more exciting than watching regular p**n****phy,' says Andy Henderson, 29.

Y*****n is the 27th most visited site in Britain and just three places behind eBay..WOW!!...
It is very rare for a single p*** site to have such ranking..haha..n It was only created last year!!

It was also reported that selfmade p*** is more realistic than professionaly made ones, as you can immagine yourself in the bedroom...(hmm...guys shud know..) Plus...they also teach you how to make an effective p*** at home...

Haha...i wonder if this kind of news come out in malaysia newspaper..hmm...confirm all the school girls n guys masuk ke kancah maksiat... the way, If you've always dreamt about being a p*** star now's your chance...
you can post your own p*** videos on the site...
(strictly for above 18 only)...( <-- unclickable)

For those interested in the news, click the metro above..haha..

P/s: the ** is to applied so that the content on my blog is suitable for readers of all age...

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Postman's here

Rubik's Cube (commonly misspelled rubix, rubick's or rubics cube) is a mechanical puzzle invented in 1974[1] by the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik.

(oo, its from his name..i alwiz tot its the maths rubic)

Won the 1980 German "Game of the Year" (Spiel des Jahres) special award for Best Puzzle.

It is said to be the world's best-selling toy, with some 300,000,000 Rubik's Cubes and imitations sold worldwide. (I am one of the 300 000 000!!!)

So nicely wrapped...


After I try doing, the 3 x 3 is nice, but too tight...have to undergo prosess pelongaran...Then the 2x2...hmm...funny thing is can solve 3x3, kenot solve 2x2!!...argh...retard..

Monday, 14 January 2008


If only I knew back then,
When I first met u,
Oh, Darewzeska.

You looked at me,
I looked at you,
"What's this joint?"
I said I don't know

Isn't that sign enough?
Isnt that enough to know?
I obviously don't know anything, stop asking me!!!

If only I knew,
I would have to meet you again,
you request for the assessment forms,
which I have none.

If only I knew,
I would have gone for the clinic,
that I said i would,
since b4 christmas,
just..just to get the forms signed...

If only i knew,
I would have gone up the mountain,
down the valley,
to not see you today...

if only...
if only...
actually, i knew...

There's no other way that I could express my feelings right now besides writing a beautiful piece of poem for my dearest tutor...(dont even know if i spell her name correctly)

Argh...she wants to meet me in 1 hours time...

I wonder how,

I wonder why...

Is she gona ask questions?

Is she gona ask about clinical examinatiion?

Is she gona chat with me about DOTA??

Mayb...Mayb..she's asking me for crunchyroll premium account...
Mine expired dy..shud I renew?

Huhuhu...Y she have to email at 12pm 2 ask me to bring the assessment forms..Ppl all have 13-14...I only have 4!! (plus the 1 that I buat sendiri now got 5) 2 show???

1 word = shit

2 word = jia lat

3 word = si kiau kiau

4 word = I want to sleep

5 word = go eat shit and die...

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Rubik's Cube

Besides skiing, another skill that I pick up from the ski trip is SOLVING RUBIK's CUBE...Learnt it under the BITI school of CUbes...

Hence when i come back, i bought this::

Hehe...Ever since then, i trained every day n night...where ever I go...

When i'm studying...

When I'm Sleeping...

When I pangsai...

When I cook...

When I eat...
Even if I die in the bathtub...

also the cube is nearby...

I am haunted by the cube...Everything looks square to me now...

looks like thisss...

n thisss....
looks like thisss....
Let me show some proof that I can do it firsttt...

Please do not be fooled by some people that pretend to know, such as this!!!

N he don even wana scramble it afew steps more so that its not dat obvious...cos he cant remember!!!

With the hope that 1 day i'll be like this:

or better, this:

There's this 1 guy dat claim he can finish the cube in 2 seconds...HOW???

Thursday, 10 January 2008

I Want a Fat Babe

In conjunction with my previous favourite:

Top 10 Secret to Dieting

Since the so-called future HSBC owner mentioned about my blog in his watablog, I have to live up to his expectation...More Posts on DIETING!!!

Ultimately, alot of people will be looking for secrets to diet on internet. So my title will bring me afew more clicks to my blog!!! (taktik keji)..

Don't be surprised by the amount of female going on sliming program (ranging from 9-90)...aunty aunty without teeth also say they on diet..Pro Ana, Pro Mia seems to be the latest trend...not to forget males as well...

Our famous fatty is currently celebrating his 5th year aniversary of SPP (six pack program, expiry date unknown)..His baby...

if was born at dat time, now also 5 years old already..

So...What is the secret to dieting???

1) Don't take pills...Rather be fat and alive than skinny but DEAD!!!...Eventually every1 will be skinny after they die, so wait for your time to come...

Remember her?

The singapore actress that suffer liver damage due to diet pills...n SHE is not even FAT!!!
She's lucky that she has some1 who loves her to donate her liver...what about many others who died?? in china, japan, all sorts of cases...

So..wadever 'miracle' pills la, fat absorber la, better don play it the natural and healthy way..

Brazillian model, Ana Carolina Reston, died of anorexia..she was only 88 pds (not price, weight) ...wad else she wana lose? Bones? Cartilages? Tendons? Ligaments? (just because I am doing locomotor module, show off abit)

Bak kata pepatah: "Harimau mati tinggalkan belang, manusia belum mati pun hanya tinggal tulang"

2) No diet PILLS.... (just as reminder..haha)

3) The simple rule of thumb, control food intake. Don't eat unnecessarily... see what you are eating, count the calories...

4) THe amount of food intake matters, but most important is wad type of food it can eat 2kg of celeries, no problem, in substitute with 3 squares of choose...filling food or desire food..

5) Exercise exercise exercise...basically dun be control without exercise will just cause u to lose ur fats at the wrong place...

6) What about all the diet programs? The famous 3 DAY DIET target to lose 5kg? or 7 DAY CABBAGE SOUP DIET aiming to lose 5-8 kg? J-lo diet? the maple syrup diet? wad else?? Posh's diet? I believe this all sounds familiar... n many of us have tried them be honest, i also try afew of them, but..

KILLING 1 lar... 1 day onli fruits, 1 day onli vege, 1 day fruits n vege...I better botakkan my head become least some sami can eat eggs...

You need alot of determination to follow them all, and once u start to eat back, u'll start gaining all if you are really determined and manage to stay off food etc....y not do it the healthier way??balanced diet...

(i don't deny that some ppl really follow and it works for them..but i think with their determination, even if they follow any other diet program would work for them too...)
I don't believe in whatever chemical reaction that they claim would burn fat faster...

7) Don't super lessen your calorie intake till less than 500 cal a day...even ppl in bosnia eat more than that i long can u stand?? Slow n steady wins the race...aim for 1200 aday...aim for long term...might take you longer to lose, but crash diet is not the solution either...

8) The basic physics + chemistry rule...U'll lose weight if:

energy intake < energy used

3500 cal = 1 kg

So as if u reduce ur calories by 500 a day, u'll lose 1 kg in a week?? serious ka? 1kg of what? water? muscle? or fat??

9) Its best not to skip meals..unless u don't wana eat at all the whole day...once u skip meal, u'll be eating like hungry ghost the next meal...n at dat time, ur body will absorb absorb absorb, just like throwing money at beggars...

Eat 6 small meals aday..maintain balanced diet, drink 2L of water aday...Snack is good, but snack on healthy food...

10) Please, enjoy your food when u eat...u'll be satisfied longer...don't go wash your food in warm water b4 eat like wad jolin SAI do... better dont amazing what ideas ppl can come up with to keep fit...

WAKAKAKAKAKA...thanks for reading..U all really believe this will work? If yes, I would be like this...

and wun mind doing this...

But anyway, i sincerely believe it will work if you follow it dengan penuh semangat n motivasi...


U don't love food as much as I do...and other year of OX friends (helen, acs, eric, eve)

Sami = Monks
ana = anorexia
mia = bulimia

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Do you have anorexia???

Why is it that you get fat easier here in uk? When I go back to Malaysia, it seems easier for me to lose weight without even realising it!!...
1) could be the so cold, feel like eating all the time
2) peer pressure : in malaysia everywhere u go also see chun thin alot balut-balut n not super thin even I feel thin here..haha
3) different type of food kua...(Char Koay Tiau or wantan mee in malaysia have less calories than fish n chips n burger??)
4) At home got more activities to do la...not so boring nak mati...wad else 2 do??eat la..
5) tak faham..tak faham...

Hmm..I am now so-called on diet..but but but...i wun wana b like this:

like the song...n for once i think the fatter 1 look prettier..haha...

Danger Signals

The following is a list of warning flags for anorexia. If you've noticed several of these symptoms in yourself or a friend, get help immediately.

  1. Losing a significant amount of weight

  2. Continuing to diet (even when already thin)

  3. Feeling fat (even after losing weight)

  4. Having an abnormal fear of gaining weight

  5. Losing monthly menstrual period for three or more consecutive months

  6. Having a preoccupation with food and obsessively counting calories

  7. Preferring to eat in isolation

  8. Exercising compulsively

  9. Abusing laxatives or other over-the-counter diuretics

  10. Denying that you're hungry

  11. Always having an excuse as to why you're not eating (for example, "I just ate" or "I'm feeling ill")

  12. Becoming "disgusted" with former favorite foods

  13. Obsessing about food labels

  14. Drastically reducing or completely eliminating fat intake

  15. Not believing others when they tell you you're thin

  16. Detesting all or specific parts of your body

  17. Denying that a problem exists
Hmm..I wonder how many of this signs I fulfill...1) to 3) is ofcourse impossible for me la..haha..I am not even losing weight... This is what I call verbal dieting...(say nia, hand still putting things into the mouth)

I admit some of the 17 signs sounds familiar to me..hmm...

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Kebodohan Melanda lagi...


Make it short...I was selling this 2 ski pants that I bought on ebay on ebay...1 i wear when i go skiing of course, another 1 i bought wrongly...




I forget to monitor... sold at price i don want...argh..

End up rugi..cis cis cis..

All because...I was watching

Mayb its supposed to be a sign..the price that i sold it at is the next clue... only I know the selling price of both the items..

I could act in National Treasure 3, and be the next Diane Kruger...

Arr..I still cant take my I have to sound even stupider now to cover abit...

N the worst thing is I told the fatty, n he laugh his head off...n threatened that he is going to blog about it..So, I have to blog first b4 he does...hoho...

Belgian Mussels Recipe

Recipe of the DAY...

Since I finally ate in MUSSEL INN dat day, I semangated Mussels dy...(one famous mussel restaurant in Edinburgh that I've alwiz wanted to go since Eric Koay's sister intro to me)
Hmm..alasan la..actually i got no idea to blog already..


2kg/4½lb mussels
50g/2oz unsalted butter
3 large shallots, finely sliced
2 sticks celery, finely sliced
1 leek, finely sliced
2 bay leaves
2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley
1 sprig fresh thyme
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
300ml/½ pint dry white wine
200ml/7fl oz double cream


1. To clean the mussels, wash in cold running water, scrub them and remove the beards. Discard any that do not close when tapped.
2. To cook the mussels, melt the butter in a large pan or stockpot. Add the shallots, celery, leek and bay leaves and cook until softened but not browned.
3. Add the mussels, half the parsley, the thyme and freshly ground black pepper and stir well.
4. Add the wine, bring to the boil, then cover the pan and steam the mussels for around three minutes.
5. The mussels are ready when they open. Discard any unopened mussels. Pour in the cream and stir thoroughly.
6. Serve in big bowls garnished with the remaining parsley.

Suggestion: Eat with french bread..chunted..

Try Try..i din try yet..wakaka

Monday, 7 January 2008

Harnham Buddhist Monastery

Due to exam season coming, the Buddhist Society of Uni of Edinburgh (which by the way only consists of 20 members, active member? 40%) decided to organise a trip to the Harnham Monastery in northumberland, some place near Newcastle. (biasala, normally dun go temple, wana near exam oni ask Ti Kong po pi)...

So we rent a car and drive there, to show our sincerity...

On the way, see dis non-stop...journey to Shire?

But finally....(with my superb driving skills)
Yes!!, we reached in no time...

First thing to do when you reach is...
Afterdat, eat...(eat the food ppl offer to monks..)

The monks are very practical...Notice the Multipurpose Orange Bowl... (one size that fits all!!). Even if wana put ketchup also dat bowl, rice, soup, wana use as basin 2 wash face also can...wonder if they do dat...Anyway, food was great...

Ok, back to serious stuff...We did some chanting, n the monks gave some talk about their lifestyle. Dun play play...I alwiz think monks stay in gua n eat berries only...these monks go on facebook sumore...n he knows what is haha, even my sister don't know!!

Apart from meditation, cleaning, etc, they started buiding their own house few years back. According to the legendary story teller, 2 years back when they visited the temple, they helped the monks to build the house...2 years later, is almost completed!!!
A HOUSE!! Its called KusalaHouse, no joke...real house dat you can stay in...

Some people that try to KS (kill steal) claimed that he built the house..

With this kind of proud posing, see also know wad he wana say..
('I built the house 2 years back lei..")

But..plan spoiled by Mr Junior..
Mr Junior: Ei, fren..fren..we together build 1...
Mr legendary story teller: WTF...where can...wana steal my credit..

The room quite nice 1 ei...can come here for retreat.. (if putus cinta or wad, can come here 2 meditate)

Got place to sit down n drink tea sumore...
( luckily here don have heavy rain n thunder storm..if not...)

This is where I get enlightenment...Finally know why I am so pretty...

Before we invade...

After...(sky also become dark)
Notice there's 1 ang moh that went with us...
Name: Rob..
We call him: ang moh (meaning caucasian)

The next part is meditation...busy sleeping, so dun have time to take pictures.