Sunday, 31 August 2008

Merdeka Kuih...

Since today is Malaysia's Birthday, i start to miss Malaysia abit...

Early morning wake up, feel like eating nyonya kuih..

wad kuih lei..arr..Kuih Lapis la..(a.k.a. Kau Theng Kueh - meaning nine layers dessert) went to get stuff from tesco lo..since the Ai Hua chinese supermarket close on sunday, cant reeli get all the fancy ingredient, so i just get whatever i can get in tesco n find the simplest recipe lo...

Make make for 2 hours b4 go help kawan indon shift flat..hehe...end up:

huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu...tak jadi!!!

inilah akibat short cut..ppl need 3 types of flour, i guna 1 type nia...since tak jadi, noneed put recipe here la..later ajaran sesat pulak..

supposed 2 be lidat 1..

nvm..nx week i try kuih talam..keke..

Friday, 29 August 2008

Making Decision?

I think its a cyclical thing that my best days are towards the end of the week. Its either bcos i reeli better experiences or because i know that WEEKEND is coming!!!

I was in theater today, hoping to perform some intimate examination on the patient when they are asleep, cos no1 will let u do it when they are awake.. But still have to get their consent before.. But how to ask worr...

"Er.. ah jim, can I poke ur ... when u sleep ar?"


"ehm..can..can I cucuk my finger into you when u can't feel it? "

Hard work..the ops today wasnt that exciting or lifesaving in any way, but i kinda enjoyed it. So funny cos i see my consultant dig dig dig into ppl's cervix trying to remove an IUD (a dvice put into the uterus for contraception) but the coil that holds it oredi putus...

She reg tried at first, but she couldnt remove it.. then my consultant dig n dig n dig again with all the instruments that she can find on the table. the gigi buaya, the curette, wadever she can find she cucuk in...but still kenot pull out cos kenot reeli see..


" Ur drinking straw fell into a packet drink..n u try 2 take it out...u use ur hand, tried with a fork, spoon, knife, scissors..the hole on the packet gets dilated and the packaging beside also out of shape..the left over frink start oozing out of the packet... "

Hehe... it seems to me like a procedure that any1 can do...Even I also feel geram wana try korek... what makes them consultant then?? cos if i korek, kenot get, reg korek..reg kenot get, her responsibilities end there..pass to consultant... but consultant have to solve it at the end of the day..the whole theater ppl waiting for her to korek the damn hook out of the uterus...

haiz, at the end, use scan and scope to help take out...

After much delay, time for my tutorial.. hmm..shud i go now? got 1 last patient..i oredi seen 4..go now shud b ok kua..

but in the end i stayed for the last patient... which is a Wise Decision...

I alwiz say:

" Dont worry about things that will not happen.."

which is very true here, cos the tutorial end up got canceled, as usual..haha

n by staying in the theater, i realize that hair can grow not only on our skin...where else do u think we can have hairs??

This fella had ovarian cyst for 2 years..din go away... end up cut open, whoa..a big lump of hair stuck in REAL human the OVARY!!!. like those that stuck in the toilet punya.. yee.. n apparently sometimes can get nails, teeth there also...

afterdat..yeai..balik kampungg!! TGIF...

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I Just Want To Learn!!

Don't you just hate it when things don't go your way?

For once in 3 years,I reeli want to learn stg that I 'm interested in.. I tried to be keen just for once..

How often do you see me walking about with a book in hand?

How often do you see me turning up 10 mins early just to find out that the tutorial is canceled?

How often do you see me going to hosp at 7.50am and leave at 6pm? That's no it..I even went back again at 9pm..

How often do u see me coming in on the day I'm supposed to be sleeping at home?

Y isit that when I am keen 2 learn I'm not getting any teaching? am I expecting too much?

Y isit that on my labour ward day there is not even 1 delivery? N when I was off for 30 mins lunch a lady just came in n delivered!!! How often do you deliver in 30 mins?

Y isit that when I asked there is none, the next minute my groupmate says there's 5 rooms with deliveries?? Arghhh frust..

N when I finally get 1, she gave birth too quick, I din get to do it.. n the staffs..haiz,don't want to's hard not being in ur own comfort zone..

Argh..I'm gona go home n sleep ..

I give up.. I'm not gona b keen anymore..I get ntg out if it.. It's not healthy 2 try too hard sometimes.. Or to be someone ure not.. Back to my old self,stay at home without feeling guilty..cos I tried,reeli did..

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Monday, 25 August 2008

Testing Testing

Hmm..just got this new programme that can blog with my phone..see whether it works onot..

Can update more often oredi,although in sangkala place without Internet in room n firewalled library com..

This is when I feel the kebaikan iPhone.. Cure boredom,penyelamat jiwa..

Testing put a picture also..

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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Kirk - Cal - Dy time 2 update..too bz enjoying edinburgh for weekend..trying to do so many things in jus 2 short days...badminton, squash, running, eat, eat, sleep, watch drama, shopping, argh..if only 2 days got 48 hours..

Haih, sunday night again..
gona go back tomoro morning oni realise din do homework (blog) yet..

Come back oni, ppl see me sure ask the same old question:

"How's Kirkcaldy??"

"Hmm..lidat lo.."

Reach nia, spend whole day trying 2 get accomodation, cos the accom office ppl din pick up fone..
My group mate call nia, terus dapat..haih..sure they think i weirdo, dono how 2 call..

Cut the story short:

My room
Huhuhu..of all number...y 13??? although i science based, but then superstitious Tabib blood still fow in me 1 lei..

Even hospital ward also no room come house got 1???

Inside..macam haunted... la..after on light:

actually is i use flash not on light..hehe

Beside got nice study table, sink n almari baju. So, not too bad la..actually quite a nice room..
But the wall n floor all very thin, so next door fella korek hidung also i can hear ...

Group mates all very nice.. we got cooking rotation, shopping together, gossip together 20% less weirdo la.. but once a weirdo, always a weirdo..

Hospital..hmm..quite nice also..peaceful..we had 1 consultant each..mine at first macam sejuk sejuk 2 me.. dats y got depression 2 hari..haha, but afterdat she getting nicer, so ok la..


Get to watch deliveries, which female not happy 1..haha..

"Watch 1, do 1"

so hopefully can get to do the next delivery!!..yeaiii..

Conclusion: Not easy 2 become mother oo... guys out there, dont simply make ppl pregnant, girls, careful abit aa..

Hope: Pls dont fail exam...

thats it for this week.. to be continued next week...

Sunday, 17 August 2008


Hehe.. I was watching this drama Forensic Heroes II ...then 1 scene:

I din notice anything yet then..then i continue watching... cos its some detective movie.. so got some foot print evidence on the carpet.. familiar 1.. then i turn to the back n saw this:

Same like MINE!!! hehe.. n the house supposed 2 be a singer punya house in the movie..looks like my taste sama..hmm..hmm... any1 who is interested to beli, 20 pds Ikea..


H: I think they just want a white carpet la, so can see foot print..

Haih, true also..

end of story..

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Is it a good thing to be able to focus?

Don't you think sometimes if you focus too much on something u'll end up lose focus on other things around you?

Its just like a camera. If you zoom in too much, U can't get the whole picture.

If you focus on 1 object like a flower, the rest of the picture becomes blur. However, it is artistic in a way if you get it right..

What if the wind starts to blow n the flower moves? Then u'll lose focus of the flower n now your whole picture becomes blur n worthless.

Is it worth the risk? Can't you just take a picture of everything in it n not focus too much?

So what if the picture is worthless? Why not take another 1? How much memory have we got?

If only life is like a camera.
You can focus on 1 object at 1 moment, n zoom out whenever you want.

Or if we could just delete our memory and retake again without any impact.

Or just get a 2 Gb memory card, fit all in without deleting.

If only we have so many chances to take n retake n retake the picture till perfect. People normally just take once, if not nice, 2nd try, if not nice, suak liao..

How many ppl are willing to spend whole day at 1 spot to take picture till perfect? If so, which spot to choose? How to judge which spot is worth taking?

Haih, I guess we human brain are not as high-tech as digital camera. We're still on films. Every snap you take counts. Cant be deleted.

Dat's y we r more careful about taking shots. Cause u know you have limited films.

Haih, i want to be digital camera... then can store all the knowledge in, can view anytime.. Unlike old camera, u sometimes forget what you have taken till u develope them..

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Olympic fake singer?

Do ppl remember the cute little chinese girl singing at the olympics opening?

Lin Miaoke

While she sing herself to glory, another little girl with beautiful voice is sobbing in silence back stage.

The so called" voice of an angel" was actually fake, pretending to sing with the voice of another little girl - Yang Pei Yi (who is gigi rongak n is considered too ugly for show)

Haih, sure damn sedih... nx time wana tell ppl she perform in olympics b4 also proof.. sure she pressured 2 wear braces now...

Hmm..i was wondering, gigi rongak(crooked teeth) ppl can sing better ka? Like Paul Potts lidat..gigi rongak also..Or..another hypotesis..ppl with the name @pei@ is not that pretty? hmm.. I have two, mayb counter out oredi..wakaka..

This is human la..pretty can oredi, dono how 2 sing also nvm..reminds me of the movie "200pds beauty"... also lidat punya case.. sad sad sad... If dowan her 2 show face, then ask miaoke to sing herself least she got her own talent of "Lip-Singing" - not easy 1 lei..

how to explain to this 7 year old that u can sing, but u r ugly, so stay at the back.. n she is not even that ugly..average looking kid wad..normal la, if no teeth when u're young rite...

argh..ketakpuasan...paling benci "biao mian kong fu"...

Monday, 11 August 2008

Bola Cat

After years and years of training, the important day has finally arrived. We have given up everything just for this moment...No one knows where, when and how it is gonna happen...The contestants will receive a text message the night before:


and so, we prepared our selves the night b4...

we polished our weapons...
decorated our armors...
had our last meal with family members and...

bid our farewell incase we don't return...

"Are we prepared to compete in The Streets? Are We??? "... Many of us toss n turn in bed, noone speaks of what is our destiny tomorrow...

The next day...

Everyone reach at 12.00 +/- 0.5 PM...except for the ORGANIZER himself whom shall not be named...

Before the battle even start, the drops of rain started to put indentations onto our skin...

We got up the correct bus n safely...but: from my previous experience of bus rides:

NEVER TRUST THE bus driver!!! As expected, we were stopped at another paintball place..which is not in walking distance from our A1 paintball placeeee....

50% thx to the organizer for not bringing the map... but he redeemed himself by getting the marshall to pick us up by car, we had to make 3 trips, n some of us went by bus...


The contestants look skilled and well prepared...

Some even planning strategies:

They were then put into clans where they had to eat, sleep and fight together...
soon, they leart to trust their fellow brothers and look after their back in battle...

The RED DEVILS... (Red arm band)

(with intruder him)

The INVINCIBLE... (invisible arm band)

Look at their fighting spirit...Who do u think will win???

We were given afew terrains and senarios to test our ability and skills.... The battle ground was covered with blood from our men.. We crawl, we hide, we run, with only 1 mission in mind...

"We have to reach the Enemy's base.."

With the bullets flying everywhere at 200km/hr, non of us dare to be the HERO... THis is not like movies where the "HEROES NEVER DIES"..

In real battle ground, heroes die young...PAINFULLY and PAINTFULLY...

We had 6 battles... and finally toward the end, Only 1 can be the REAL DRAGON WARRIOR...
They turn our allies into Enemy..


No friend, no ally, trust no one... every1 is enemy... (jus wana finish the bullet oni...)
Even a familiar face Mr D. backstab me from the back.. (pain arrr)

And I... forced by the situation... to shoot my own housemate...

(sori sori, accidentally 1..haha)

Introducing the WINNING TEAM...


p/s: diadaptasi dari hikayat semata-mata... do not believe everything that u read..

After the battle,
everything forgotten...

Every1 friends again in the end..

Eat dinner sumore..haha

Who suffer? Wallet suffer... Skin suffer...

For wad?? for wad?? to fulfill our naluri kebinatangan to shoot ppl...hehe...

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Mysterious Parcel

Hmm... after much frustration from the rain and the running nose, this really made my day:

As soon as I reached home, i saw a mysterious parcel on the table:

Looks so official..letter from uni ka? or some insurance company policy??

Eh, what could it be?? I din buy anything from ebay... the parcel doesn't look like some free stuff that i ordered from internet... books??

Thinking hard..

Jus open la..

Tadaa...looks familiar...hmm

WHoaaa!!! My favourite Bak Hu n Bak Kuaa!!!...
I can kill for thiss...

Kam Siah Mr Postman and Mr Poster...hehe

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Hmm.. I've just made the decision to not take insurance cover for my new iphone 3G...

Should I? Should I not??

Just hope ti kong po pi, dont let anything happen 2 my fone la..hehe..

Pencuri-pencuri sekalian, wana steal also steal other ppl's 1 with insurance la, ok...

I promise 2 jaga my fone very well, so no more letting the history of

"throwing handphone into the sea"

repeat... I'm sure those around me have heard of that story b4... so whenever my iphone goes near sea, remind me, ok..


Monday, 4 August 2008

conditional reflex

I finally agree with Ivan Pavlov's theory of conditional reflex.

"His theories focused on observable behavior, because behavior can be measured and thought cannot. The human mind shoud be interpreted as a black box that cannot be opened.

He did his study on a dog: where he observe the salivation of the dog on the stimulus of food. Every time he brings food, the dog salivate..Then he bring food n ring the bell, the dog salivate..lama-lama, he ring bell oni also the dog salivate liao..."

haha..the dog so stupid rite... dono how 2 see 1..
mayb it is the other way round

Haih, but many times human also lidat.. Just like when you kept looking at your watch even when you are not wearing one.

Ever have your cup always on your right side, but one day some1 shift to the left side, but you still reach for the cup on your right side?

Hm.. lemme think..oh, everyday enter house take out shoes, got once i enter library also automatically take out shoes..

or when you change from manual car to automatic car, your left leg kept reaching for the clutch, vice versa...from auto to manual din press clutch wana masuk gear..

so many so many...

Haih, after i shifted house, automatically after i get off the bus, i walk towards my old house teviot place ...

how long does it take for this conditions to develop? hmm... i think 1 month also enuff oredi...
I have been goin to the same hosp for 1 month dy..then today supposed 2 go opposite direction, but following the pavlov's reflex, i waited for the wrong bus..keke...

luckily got kind senior give panduan...