Thursday, 29 January 2009

I am stupid..again

My level of stupidity fluctuate alot... on days that I can answer questions, i feel smart...
today is one of the days that i feel stupid..Partly because I cannot answer most of the question, n worse if it is simple questions..

"Smoking predispose you to?"

me: bowel problems?

Dr L: erm, thats last on the list

Extention to the story:

Dr. L:  so what other problems? 

me: cardiovascular risk? (which is correct, to show dat i am not that stupid first la)

Dr L: the most important 1, I wont let u go if u cant get this.

Patient: Lung Cancer

2day is my 2nd last day in GP, tomoro assessment the chao liao... My top ranking tutor in GP, Dr L ... has been taking care of me tru-out the 3 weeks, even more than my own tutor... One of those tutor that I can talk to without feeling weird.. (cos i alwiz do) ...

Reflecting session with him b4 I leave:

 I think you need to read more

You have alot of catching up to do

I feel there is a huge gap in your knowledge

There is no way of getting around it except reading...

He's not criticizing me, simply putting his concerns and opinions in the most thoughtful and sincere way...

and sad to say, what he says accurately describe me...

of course not forgetting the typical " I understand english is not ur first language" but he added: "but unless you can find a book in ur own language, u'll just have to do it...

He understand me well:

" I noticed that you freeze when you got asked questions. Its like a white cloth wrapping over your head... for instance I dont believe you dont know smoking predisposes u to lung cancer. mayb its confidence. or you are expected not to know, so your first reaction is I DONT KNOW, when actually, U KNOW... "

Similar with other consultations, he gave me some methods and strategies that I can use..

 "DO IT NOW, not next yearr.." 
hehe, taupun i'll procastinate

Second final words: "You are here to learn"... Damn right I am..

Final Words: Lets go for coffee...

Conclusion : I am Stuppiadd.. not a good diagnosis 3 days before exam.. antibiotics also take 1 week la.. 

Monday, 26 January 2009

Nice to have housemate...

Hehe... for abit of Chinese New Year mood... This is only sampleee, to taste b4 I go home...

Cant wait to go back Malaysia to sapu all at homeee..hopefully still got left for mee..
Huhuhu..since I reach home oredi Chap Goh Mei... 4 years no ang pow oredi...sob sob..

Better get some mandarin oren from here first... so dat once sampai can terus go throw at the nearest longkang...

Happy Chinese New Year again...

Happy Chinese New Yearr


Happy Chinese New Year to all..

May all ur wish come true..

Money come rolling-rolling...

Every year got fish...

10000 things all berjaya...

Every step rise high...

Monday, 19 January 2009

English is not my first language..

"English is not my first language."
advantage or disadvantage?

Dint do well in Exams?
English is not my first language.

Dint do well in portfolio? (writing with a standard 6 level english)
English is not my first language.

Spelling mistakes?
English is not my first language.

Want to escape from having zero knowledge?
Again, English is not my first language. 

"Its not that i dont know, just cant express what i know..
but in fact, I REALLY DONT KNOW!!" 

Cant understand patient?
English is not my first language.

Cant establish rapport with patient? (which by the way means being in "sync", being on the same "wavelength" as the person with whom you are talking to ) 
English is not my first language.

Want the other group members to call the tutor?
English is not my first language.

Being a weirdo?
English is not my first language.

"English is not my first language." what an easy way out of everything.. 

Just so convenient to blame it on language and culture isn't it?

but just because it is an understandable reason, doesnt mean its alright to stop trying... 

Language is not an excuse to just lay back n stop learning... its not an excuse to be inferior... not an excuse to be stupid... it is a disadvantage, but not a disability.

plus, being disabled doesn't mean you are handicapped...

If English is not my first language, then What is?
Hokkien? Mandarin? Malay? But I cant read or write in chinese... 

This was a diversion from my initial content of the post:

I was searching for the meaning of the word: 

Inextricably - in an inextricable manner
hmm, explains alot..

next search:
inextricable - not permitting extrication

next search:
extrication - the act of releasing from a snarled or tangled condition

Haih..can't even apply the general rule of dictionary: 
Search for the root word aka kata asas, extricate.. 

Its alright, English is not my first language...

Saturday, 17 January 2009


Oh NOOO...

My disease relapse again.. 

I first show some symptoms in November 2007... 
But the symptoms were masked by the reason that it was my birthday...

Half a year later, the symptoms became more prominent..
I start to go for rare stuffs.. and the frequency of occurance increase until i cant mask it with reasons anymore...

and then

People around me start to notice and raised concerns...
That was when I first got diagnosed with:

Pathological-online-buying due to stress 
(diagnostic criteria: purchase must be made online)


 pMs -  (Penyakit Membeli Masa Stress/Study)

The disease is very common and often associated with Pathological Blogging as well.

My pMs then progressed into this:

After a long course of treatment with: Broke therapy and Money-Getting-Lesser Therapy, 
my disease finally got under controlled and move into a remission phase of 5 months. 

This is when the trigger event flare up the disease again: B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y

First relapse...

and now...second relapsee:

And still on-going... 

Currently in a chronic condition.. Will need stronger medication to control.. thinking of opening computer shop so that can get supply of electronic gadgets anytime!!!..

if I dont stop now i might develop Pathological Blogging...

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tik Tok Tik Tok

Tik TOK Tik TOK....

Everynight I hear the ticking of the clock on the wall...

I sometimes can even hear the ticking of my watch when i sleep..

I can hear everytime a car drive pass...

Not just my nose as well..

2 days back when i eat, I had to change my chopstick twice because I kept paying attention to the smell of wood on the chopstick.. irritatingg.. I end up using a fork instead..

Hence, I'm the first to detect any poisonous gas released in the room...

or If there's any food nearby...

Am I becoming to alert?

Y isit that I can pay attention to everything else around except for the psychiatry book that I have infront of me? (which I dont even remember what is on the cover)

I suspect I am getting crazy... just as described in the book... dont be surprised if u see me doing this:
Talking to my NEW friends...

Who should I listen to?

SHHH..stop influencing meee..

Giraffe: study la...

Lion: Heh..heh... goplay just 1 game..u know u want to...

Giraffe: Fail oni u noe..

Lion: sleepy mah go sleep lo..u're tired dy...

Monday, 12 January 2009

Exam... Again...

Again, how do u know when exams are coming??

Hmm..when u see blogs grow like pimples on the face..

Argh... again we'll ask ourselves... Y?? Y?? Y must have exams?? Y dont study earlier??

And dreaming is almost as frequent as going to jamban..

After exam:

1) helen coming edin..
2) mayb goin for skiing the nx day..
3) going back msia the nx nx day..hoho..
4) Come back from Msia watching all-england in Birm..


As for now...

No more eating outt!!
No more gamesss...
No more everything...
My dinner Yesterday...

My dinner Today...

My dinner tomoro...

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Oslo Trip

I would like to blog about my oslo trip...
But smartly, i saved all the picture in my camera and sent my camera for repair..


Some preview for now..
For full report, click helen

Nobel Peace Museum

Bodo Munch Museet..

Buntut Patung

(hard 2 find picture of all 9 ppl..hard to even recall who is not in..haha)

My contribution to Gaza Crisis

To be continued...
Next on Flowermonster...
Oslo Trip (complete)
Stockholm (complete)
Istanbul (preview)
Bulgaria (complete)

Friday, 9 January 2009

7 Day

hehe..highlight of the day..

This is our breakfast when we were in Sofia.. We were disappointed when the hostel guy showed us this for breakfast..

Surprisingly, after eating, we wanted more!!MORE!! even after we reached airport, we bought to eat on the plane..haha...

Even with the delicious duck rice awaiting, we still finished it..

The yummy 7 Day Croissant with chocolate filling... can be found in Kedai X in UK..hoho..

Thursday, 8 January 2009

The return of the Hongkie

The Day we've all been waiting for... da da da dangg...

As expected, some1 will come out with some stupid idea:

Our Hongkie fren (MIA for 6 months) is finally back!! He is our most handsome guy in Edinburgh.. After he left, we have no more handsome guy... (except those who self-claim handsome )

His well established fan club of course have to pick him up from the airport..

No1 fan:

No2 fan: (act cool but actually very happpy)

No3 Fan

(warming up the seat in the car...huhu..cos no parking)

Anyway, finally got a picture with the 'Wanted"

Welcome back!!!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Home Sweet Home

Finally back in Edinburgh today..

Room abit the messy..

Dirty clothes still in the bag..

Room still cold..

Miss london's full blast heating..

Fridge empty..

whole stack of mails on the table...


Thats the thing about having a GREAT holiday... its gona end 1 day..

I left for trip on the dot my holiday starts.. n came back 1 day after it ends..

edin - oslo

oslo - norway

norway - london (Christmas!! yeahh)

London (para hibernate)

London - Turkey

Turkey - Bulgaria

Bulgaria - London (Hibernate)

London - Edin

now having withdrawal syndrome..

will blog bout the trip tomoro la..hehe..